Skapa effekt med tidningspapper! – Chalk paint effect using newspaper!

Skapa effekt med tidningspapper! – Chalk paint effect using newspaper!

Create effect using newspaper! Hello! Today I will show you how to create to make effect by using… NEWSPAPER! What I have done in advance is to paint a board with Autentico Nearly Black. And now I intend to apply one coat with Autentico Summer Sky it is a light blue, nice color. Then, When the paint has dried slightly, not completely, I’m going to use newspaper! Base coat. Top coat. I take a rather thick layer with this top coat it gives a little more effect One can of course have a thinner layer then you get a little less effect But I’ll take on pretty much paint. Now I will leave this board to dry for a little while. Then you will see what is happening next! Now it’s been about 20 minutes and the paint has started to dry What I do now is to crumple newspaper! And unfold it again. There you go … Then I press down the paper over my board over the paint. Press for a little bit … And now, just peel it off. And now I have a board that looks like this! Now this board has dried and on one side (I wrote it on the edge, too) I will seal the paint with white wax and the other side, I will apply clear wax Do not forget to click on the ‘Like Button’ down below! Thank you for watching my video!

6 thoughts on “Skapa effekt med tidningspapper! – Chalk paint effect using newspaper!

  1. What a quick, easy & most of all FUN looking project!! Can't wait to try this :o) I am amazed at your bountiful talent and endless supply of fabulous ideas. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. That is so neat!!! U have fanominal skills…not just this videobut also ur abilitiies to layer paints and shadow with waxes etc. I love ur videos🐵

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