Sketchbook / Art Journal Tour! Flip Through My Full Journals!

Sketchbook / Art Journal Tour! Flip Through My Full Journals!

100 thoughts on “Sketchbook / Art Journal Tour! Flip Through My Full Journals!

  1. Hey guys! I'm sorry for the delay! I'm currently super busy filming & editing for future because I will be travelling to Berlin and America very soon! Super difficult to manage time at this time! But I really hope you like this little video where I show you my 2 full art journals that we filled together <3

  2. Hi makoccino.. can you please also do tutorial for poster paint? I'm really having a hard time blending it. Maybe you can help me/us some techniques.thank you

  3. I’m watching this and I realize I didn’t watch your videos in order. The Mona Lisa looks amazing! I would have thought you painted it with acrylics if I didn’t watch the video

  4. Wiw such good drawings mako but i was wondering if you😃😁can tell me the brand of your art journal

  5. I am really excited to know the results of the month's giveaway winners ………….. Congratulations to the lucky subscribers in advance ✳️💐

  6. 3:19 what are those fancy letters called? I know they have a special name for it.Pls answer quick. thanks😉

  7. OMG! yaaasss!! I always wanted to see your sketchbook tour!!! I'm soo happy! I looooved Itt! it's soo amazing😍😍 you're so inspiring😍😍😍 Every page of your sketchbook is super beautiful😍😍 Ilysm mako❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  8. Your paintings are amazing. Your voice is so calming too lol. I just bought my first watercolor set and I'm so excited to try it ot. I'll be using your videos to help me out because I get so hard on myself sometimes. I want to be able to paint and have fun without the pressure.

  9. Your videos are always a source of inspiration and motivation for me especially on the days I feel the least creative. Thanks for all you do! Love from the Philippines. ❤ #makoficationsquad

  10. So beautiful mako😍😍😍😍All I do is once I paint something really well I cut it off and ruin my book😥and my fav thing to paint are ice creams, deserts and different outfits in watercolors!

  11. Can you please tell this art journal book works…I mean a painting can be exhibited and we can sell it ..but how this book benefit in form of earning money.?

  12. Mako, you're so sweet and talented, this tour of your sketchbook is so beautiful that makes me wanna start drawing right now!!

  13. 1:29 what is that? a wave or what?
    dear makkocino,i have a problem. i want to paint and i can paint. i have been going to art classes for more than 8 years but i have been using the art class's art supplies. now that I have stopped going to the art class,i dont have any paint at all. When i searched online to buy some, it was so expensive. it was 50euro (i converted to your currency❤) are above. the cheapest ones are the low quality ones that can make me frustrated.I am a teenager so i still live with my parents. I am afraid to ask my parents money and I have kept money as savings but the cost is just too much. Any advice? please😭😭

  14. Your channel is just amazing. Sooo much inspiration and ideas! Now I'm really motivated to improve my drawing skills :3

  15. I'm in love with you mako ❤ u have really inspired me to take up watercoloring. Thank you for sharing ur wisdom. I'm now #makoficationsquad

  16. I like your style and I get a lot of motivation from you. 😊 You are so amazing. Keep it up. #makoficationsquad ☺️😊

  17. I like to paint ,no one encourage me to paint,instead of finding mistakes in my painting,recently I saw your channel ,I learned so many techniques from you .Thank you very much.I will become an artist soon

  18. Hey..!!!!
    i am new to your vlog and i am really impressed and inspired by your art work…
    i had also tried some of them…and it turned out to be awesome…
    thanks a lot … #makoificationsquad <3

  19. I love watching art journal flip throughs. Thank you for sharing! what are your favorite types of watercolor journals to paint in? What are some of your favorite watercolor technique/instructional books? Thanks so much.

  20. I like painting since my school days .Since my favourite art teacher passed away when I was in 7th grade..I havent given much time to it , other subjects caught up my time. When I started working I once bought watercolour paints and brush set..but I go blank when i hold them ..I just stare on blank paper . Your videos have inspired me among other youtube videos on painting a great deal.

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