Slope Life with Travel Blogger Kristen Bor (Van Life: 2/4)

Slope Life with Travel Blogger Kristen Bor (Van Life: 2/4)

Hey I’m Kristen, this is my Sprinter van,
we’re here in Utah, I’m gonna give you a tour. The Sprinter was the best
vehicle for me for a few different reasons- I wanted to be able to kind of
shut myself in here and close blinds and have no one know that I was in here by
myself and this vehicle provided that better than some other options. I have probably six inches more of head room above my head here, so it’s
really nice and open and with the Sprinter there’s room for me to live, work, plus have all my gear, cameras and all that stuff that I need to do my job, to fit in here.
I wanted to travel more, I just wanted a job that was going to provide me more
flexibility, and I started my website which is called Bearfoot Theory-
I just dove head-first into it so, I think that by helping people discover
the outdoors, maybe people who have never recreated on public lands before, never
gone hiking, once they do those things they start to see like, “wow this is so
cool, maybe I should get involved in making sure that we save these places
for the future.” So yeah, it just makes the outdoors really accessible, it makes the
places that I’m writing about really accessible, and everything is kind of at my fingertips in here. One other reason I decided to get the Sprinter is that they had a 4×4 option- there’s not many other camper vans out there that get the same
kind of gas mileage as the Sprinter, that also come in a 4×4, and sort of
my winter home base in Utah, so I’m driving in the snow a lot to go skiing, I
wanted to feel confident on icy roads. I can make a u-turn pretty much the same as I could in my Subaru which is what I was driving before. It can climb right up a
dirt hill without any issues as long as four-wheel drive is engaged.
Being able to wake up in the places that I’m photographing and writing about, and
wake up wherever I want and it’s just that freedom and not having bills
and rent and stuff to tie me down pretty much- like everything I need is right
here in this van, and at any, you know, snap of the fingers I
can be packed and ready to go to the next destination and that really makes
my job as a blogger a lot easier, it makes it more fun when I get there- it’s
less stressful, like I don’t have to pack and unpack all the time. And yeah that
freedom it provides is just such a nice perk of being in the van. I’ve never been happier and the fact that I can go and ski on a Wednesday or go on a midweek
backpacking trip makes it all worth it.

10 thoughts on “Slope Life with Travel Blogger Kristen Bor (Van Life: 2/4)

  1. Love it, what an awesome build
    Congrat's from Australia and a fellow Vaner
    Envious of the build quality and vehicle choice.

  2. I've heard that the Sprinter is a great vehicle, although several transport companies that use these vehicles extensively, 100k -400k miles, the required govnt required exhaust in the US amounts to atleast a 6k bill after 100k.

  3. have seen one or two vids from you before, and this is really refreshing. I would love to see some footage of the van tackling a steep, irregular dirt track! and if I may raise a second item: one of the things that bug me with fitted RVs is the absence of a kitchen-type extractor, with a filter? those big ventilators in the roof are all very well, but fat droplets will be dealt with much better, I think, by a cooker's extractor than a ventilator? how are things working out for you?

  4. Hi Kristen,I wanted to get your feedback on the Webasto Heater that you have installed. do you also have the hydronic system for heating you water which model? does it have any problem at altitudes? and where did you purchase it from?Thanks for your help.Max

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