Slow Russian – Listening Lesson 2 – Newspaper

Slow Russian – Listening Lesson 2 – Newspaper

Hello everyone and welcome to lesson 2 of the Slow Russian language course. Today we’re going to talk about reading again. Last time we were talking about reading a book. This time we’re going to talk about reading a newspaper. You’ll find all the materials on my website, it’s Transcript, translation and vocabulary lists Now let’s get started. Today we’re talking about newspapers. Today people read newspapers much more rarely. And it’s understandable. First, it’s uncomfortable. One has to go to a kiosk to buy the newspaper. Then one has to unfold it. That’s not it. It’s huge! Very big. It’s very inconvenient to read it. Second, the text in the newspaper is tiny. Letters are small If you have poor vision, it’ll be very difficult for you to read. No wonder that people read on the Internet more and more. People of the elder generation, for example, my granny, still like newspapers. She reads “yellow journalism”. “Yellow journalism” is in the newspapers about Russian and foreign stars, celebrities. Scandals, stories, etc. Besides that, the schedule of TV programs is published there too. There are also serious newspapers, in which they print news. In Russian it’s “Rossiiskaya gazeta” (it’s its title – “Russian Newspaper”) and “Moskovskiy komsomolets”. In these newspapers they publish news, but nevertheless people tend to read news on the Internet. That was it for today. Thank you very much for watching. Don’t forget to visit my website – And please subscribe to my channel to see when the new lessons are uploaded.

24 thoughts on “Slow Russian – Listening Lesson 2 – Newspaper

  1. Thanks for all your work here and for your podcasts on iTunes. It's all really useful for those of us who have been struggling to find helpful resources for learning Russian!

  2. Thanks a lot for yr videos! they're really useful,. ochin paliesni, prada. Could you pls reccomend me some russian books to read? my level is b2. Poka, poka

  3. Joe,
    OMG, Back in 1966-67, one of these short would be worth at least a week at the Univ. of Maryland's Russian classes! They had us translating Pushkin while we could barely mumble a sentence! Wonderful teaching.

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  5. Большое вам спасибо … Ваша работа более чем замечательная

  6. Im from germany and I know english too, when I was young I know russian nearly fluent but I have not speak it often the last 10-12 years and now Im starting again greetings from germany

  7. Здравствуйте. Да, точно. Ваше крутое видео мне понравилось. Огроммное спасибо.

  8. Thank you! You are helping my Russian a lot and I really enjoy your material more than any others I've found online so far =)

    Thanks so much )))

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