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I am Katharina Berlet. I live in Berlin, together with my husband Henryk. Our blog “Out of Office“ chronicles our travels. Sometimes, it takes us to distant destinations. But sometimes, we come across little adventures right in front of our door. What we do is: We get in the car, we cross city limits, put on our boots and start hiking. We explore forests, check out a near-by lake, and enjoy the view. Living in the city was a conscious decision for me. But sometimes I have to consciously decide to get away from the urban environment. When that happens, I switch my screen for a view of the lake, my sneakers for hiking boots, and head out for an after-work microadventure. An adventure doesn’t require you to fly thousands of kilometers. The adventure starts where your comfort zone ends. During a microadventure out in the wild, your day starts differently than at home. It’s peaceful and quiet, the air is crisp, the leaves rustle. My mind is clear. What do I take home with me from out here? Tranquility, but also energy and new impressions. I return to the city feeling enriched.

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