Social Media Tips #1 | How to Post-Share Blog Posts On Twitter | For Small Business Marketing

Social Media Tips #1 | How to Post-Share Blog Posts On Twitter | For Small Business Marketing

How to Get people to share your posts on twitter.
Thatís what weíll answer in todayís video. Hi, Iím Dillon with Social Media Top Team. We help business owners grow their business
to the next level by leveraging social media, internet and high performance marketing strategies. Before we get started, if youíre interested
in using social media marketing to grow your small business, we just launched a great FREE
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social media marketing. This includes facebook, linkedin, twitter and more. A $600 value!
All you do is simply click on the link below this video to get if for FREE! Letís get right to todayís social media
tips for small business marketing. Youíve written an awesome article. Oh itís amazing!
A Pulitzer prize worthy piece. Oh and itís a thing of beauty. When people read this article
thing, they are going to freak! Theyíll be so impressed, they’ll share it with their
entire network. And 1,000s of people will come flooding to your website. It could even
go viral! Oh you can see it now. Your phone is ringing off the hook, people are buying
your products and services as fast as you can sell them. Then you can just sit back
and let the millions come rolling in. Yep. If only there’s some way you could make
it easy for people to share your great article or blog post with the massesÖon twitter. Well thatís exactly what weíre going to
show you how to do. Alright, youíre gonna to go the site is one of the easiest ways to promote your content on Twitter, by letting
others spread the word for you. They donít need to think about or write anything ñ just
click on a link and your message is shared by them on Twitter quickly and easily. And
you get another 3rd party endorsement. Which is key and social media marketing, the effective
social media marketing. There are other tools out there as well yet
this is one that we like and use. So first you login to click to tweet with your twitter
account. And you see this page, sign in with twitter to get started. Then you go ahead,
you log in with your same twitter info. And thats how you use it.So no need to set up
an account or anything, you just use your standard twitter log in information. Next, you write your tweet, you know we’re
gonna promote your article, webinar, your latest product, etc. like this one here. It
says ‘Behold the world’s most AWESOME article @SMTopTeam’ then the link. So, that’s how
you do it. So, now, let’s go back here..and let’s do, let’s put this thing..i guess it
would help if i just grab the message. Now, here’s one cool things. You notice there is
a URL. This URL to the blogpost that we are gonna be promoting. Watch what clicktotweet
does. So, we paste it in here, paste the message in there and…we wanna check the box that
says ‘Track click stats’ and ‘Track links in this tweet’Because what will happen is
it will actually track all the clicks on this link. So for the people who share it, the
people who click on the link here, it’ll actually track it and show it in your analytics. So
we have it in there, we’re gonna click on ‘Generate New Link’. And it works as magic,
it does what it does, and then when it finishes, generating the new link. It looks like this.
The first you see is the tweet preview here, and right here you see it shorten the url.
Now underneath of it, is the embed code, so if you don’t want an image, this is what you’re
gonna paste into your website or your blog post,..the code. If you don’t want an image,
you just want to link and the link will then say, it’ll say with the words ‘Tweet: Behold
the world’s most AWESOME article’ and you’ll have the link..they won’t see can
use that. If you want an image, you see you get the embed code for that. So we can just
scroll across we can choose from this. Let’s go for this one, little cute birdie. And you
see it has the embed code. So we’re gonna click here it says ‘copy code’ bam!! the code
has been copied. Now before we go on pasted, let’s take a look
down here. You see, remember before we clicked on that link that said to track the links.
Were here actually it tracks it. You see, everyday, when people are sharing, also you’re
posting now, even 30 days from now, people are reading your great article, your video,
your webinar and your sharing and other people are clicking on it. Clicking on the link to
go, and read on the blog from selves, it will register here. And you will be able to come
back and track the links, and how many daily clicks that you get. This is all for FREE! Ok so we have the code, so let’s go inside
and let’s paste this now into the blog post. And this is the blog post we’re gonna paste..this
is what we do awhile page and link juice what is it and how to check it.
And you see right now. There is nothing at the end of the post. So, we’re gonna go in
here to the editor, this is the same post and we’re gonna click in here. At the bottom,
go to where it says HTML…don’t freak out! Don’t let this startled you…So, just go
down here and we’re gonna click paste. That’s all paste. We’re gonna go back here where
it says ‘Compose’. And all is well…Ok so look at that! Look at the cute little birdie.
Right there, that says tweet this,.and all we do now is to click ‘Update’. And it’s updated.
And let’s now refresh the article of the post and let’s see how this looks. And look at
that, that cute little bird. They come out here, and they say ‘oh it’s awesome article,
i have to share it with hundreds and thousands of people’ And all they do, you see that?
hyperlink, all they do is click on the image now and another window opens up, and that
window looks just like this. So you click on it and BAM! and inside your tweet auto-populate
in this field. Now they can go in it and change it, they can put their name, they can do somethign
where you know, they could re-tweetand put it whatever there or put their name, with
their name is, right there it could do the same thing. And they can customize, it’s the
whole point, thats why it does that. And all they do is type in their username and their
password. And click on sign in and tweet. And once they do that they automatically logs
in and tweet and then bamm!!!! hundreds or thousands of people now have this tweet in
your twitter feed. And your clicking on that link, checkin out your aticle, your blog post,
your video, your webinar, your new product or your new service. And that’s it . It’s FREE. It’s awesome, and
it’s a great tool to use when you are starting out. Remember a few last small business social
media marketing tips to get the most out of this social media strategy. One. Put your share links at the end of your
post or WITHIN the article or special offer itself. We see here, we put the share link
at the end of this post yet you could also put it within the post in various places,
sometimes you may have 3 to 10 page article. You think you just want to wait to the every
end of the post with your share link there? You wanna have those MTA’s, somebody call
them CTA’s,’call the acts’.. we actually call them MTA’s..motivate to act..we can’t call
someone to act, we can motivate then to you think put MTA’s at various places throughout
the article. So if they are reading your article, reads your pages and they’re loving it, they
may not wait til the end and share, They may not read your article all the way to the end.
So throughout the article, you may have, your share links there! So they’ll read through
they’ll click boomm! and they’ll share. They don’t need to read your whole article, know
that its good,. and know that they wanted to share it with people. Number two.Include a link within your tweet
where people can find out more information about what youíre marketing. That’s what
you see we do it here. So in the tweet itself. There’s a link. So when they see the tweet
in your twitter feed, they can click on it and go back and see more either read the article,
after video, your webinar, your new services or product. Also remember to include your @ name in the
tweet so you know who used it, and this also makes it easier for you to think and track
it. Oftentimes, when people tweet your @ name on twitter, twitter lets you know that someone
mentions you on twitter. That say, hey you’re mentioned on twitter and you’ll go an look
and see the people you mentioned your @name. And this way, you wanna always reply ‘Thank
you’ and again this is how you form those relation or connections online. In addition,
with regards of what analytic software you are using, this is how the analytics are able
to track that is you. And also gives you a social signal as well. When you do it this
way. Lastly, remember to send your link around
to your contacts to tweet it for you. So, that’s same share link that we embedded in
the blog. You wanna send it around to your inter circle, you know, your colleagues, your
buddies your friends, and have them tweet it for you to get the ball rolling. Now here is a very important tip to know if
you are serious about making money from this social media stuff. A lot of small businesses
want to leverage social media marketing to get more customers for their business yet
what happens is they really donít know how to do it. You know they do articles online,
and different videos and nobody tells them how to make money with it. So they contact
some social media marketing company or coach who has them posting all of this content,
investing a lot of time and ultimately they still donít make any more money. The reason
why is most social media marketing companies donít know how to generate ACTUAL leads from
social media marketing. What they specialize in is social media management. You’ll see
it in your website and you listen to the measures talking Which is posting your content, replying
to posts, tracking your analytics, etc. Whenever you actually ask them directly how they are
going to get you more customers with their services, they stammer and stutter and then
almost always answer ìWe use search engine optimization and Pay per click along with
your social media campaign.î Well if thatís the case, then what do you
need a social media marketing agency for? If youíre just going to do seo and pay per
click? Weíve been in business since 1999 and specialize
in large volume social media LEAD GENERATION and CONVERSION. There is a world of difference
between social media LEAD GENERATION and CONVERSION and mere social media management. We do both
yet our clients obviously want us generating actual customers for them not merely telling
them how many likes and shares their posts are getting. And we use both inbound and outbound
social media strategies. Whether you want to learn social media lead
generation to do it yourself, or have us do it for you, we have packages starting at just
160 bucks. At these prices, EVERYONE can afford it. If you Enjoyed this social media tips for
small business marketing video? Then do us a HUGE favor and share it with 2 or 3 of your
closest friends or colleaguesÖor more. Theyíll definitely thank you for it. Plus, make sure
you subscribe to our channel RIGHT NOW so you donít miss out on our WEEKLY videosÖwhere
you learn innovative ways to get more customers and grow your business to the next level. Also, if you’re serious about using social
media marketing to grow your small business, we just launched a great 3 day social media
marketing eCourse that teaches you how to REALLY make money with social media marketing.
This includes facebook, linkedin, twitter and more. A $600 value! Yours FREE. Simply
click on the link below this video to get yours. Also, if youíd like to learn more about getting
more customers for your business with our ësocial media LEAD GENERATION or coaching
services, go to or simply click on the link below this video. Iím Dillon with Social Media Top Team. Donít
miss our next video when we cover another social media tips for small business marketing
ëHow to Get people to share your posts on Facebookí. See you next video!

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