SPOT THE DIFFERENCE | Happy Wheels – Part 94

SPOT THE DIFFERENCE | Happy Wheels – Part 94

Top of the morning to ya laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome back to HAPPY WHEEEEEELS! Imma eat this lemon. Ah that was a terrible idea why’d I do that. *octopus sound* This is a slither ball throw. What am I throwing? Oh my god, It’s slither snakes! Uhm.. I- Oh click here to play Oh okay. *laughs* Ooooh! They’re all balls! Okay,I LOVE BALLS! Do not kill me! Awh I almost got the win! What was that? Who did I just kill? Hope fully a little billy bitch! There we go- Ugh. *Santa sounds* S-Santa? What are you doing here Santa?! You’re not supposed to be here.>;( Plus six..I GOT A POOP! 😀 Next level come on, come on! I need the win I need the- NOOO! GOD- JESUS FUCKING CHRIST- HE’S DEAD!!! I WILL WIN THIS FUCKIN- NO! No you son of a- Yes, yes, YES! I got the win without even trying! I mean I tried a little.. I died twice.. and then this is the third try.. so technically I tried a lot..SHUT UP!! It is possible! Death line okay, This is a harpoon dodge. Oh, oh shit. Oh shit I’m past the death line. You don’t wanna go past the death line! IT’S THERE FOR A REASON! OH, I FUCKING DID IT! Oh, I did it! First attempt Jack! Thats what I’m all about! Yes! Rate 5 and you are a boss. I’M ALREADY A BOSS! I don’t need to rate 5 look at that shit! Oh first try That feels good. Mower jump! Okay! *Grunt* Owww I had to get off the fuckin lawn mower. *Grunt* Go larry! Atleast your fucking legs made it close but no cigar I have plenty of cigars! You wanna see? Uh.. *smokes pen* Fuck you! *laughs* AAAHH God damnit! AAH YES! Thats the one! DID IT,WHATS UP YOU WANNA GO? I fucking didn’t think so! This is a bottle run Negative? You called it bottle run inverted before you’re called the bossmaster6, I can’t help but love you. Why is it inverted? The bottles are just inverted! I thought the entire bottle run was gonna be inverted not just the fucking bottles! The hell is a circle bounce? Oh god. Are you guys gonna vibrate me to death? Don’t do it, don’t do it! Oh god, oh god easy wheels. No its called Happy Wheels bro! You got it wrong! Okay. Billy! I’m going to have to leave you behind! I’m sorry son! But thats just the way it is! Okay keep flying, keep flying! And keep dancing! Keep on dancing there Bobby! Attaboy! You got this! You don’t need no child! Childs hold you back! (it is children) Just keep going! Keep, keep, keep going! Keep going, keep going! Oh god that could’ve been bad Now we’re coming up to the hard balls I know aah, I know a thing or to about hard balls! Or hard wheels. Oh yes! Oh yes! I figured out the secret! Attaboy! Attaboy Bobby! All the way! All the way to fuckin victory town! What the hell, what comes after ‘Epic Balls’? Oh jesus! Oh god. Impossible wheels. Whaaaaaa nothing is impossible! Colour blind wheels. I’m fuckin- I’m dead. Bike killed me right at the end FUCK IT! This ones called spot the difference. Spot the difference click on the error when you find it there are six errors. Okay! I- Oh! This, heres one. Uhhh is the tap different? The tap looks- Wait. There- The.. differences are the only things that highlight! Really? C’mon! The other things don’t highlight if they’re not a difference Oh wait, oh god, oh go- this are a difference! So its not just in this! 1, 2, 3, 4, Theres 2 more! Oh, oh, oh! Now you’re just confusing me! Cause this, and this are part of the same but not- What the fuck okay! Theres one more! Theres one more. I can do this! I’m spot the difference Jack! That’s what they used to call me back in college. Uhm, uhm where is it? Awh man I feel bad! I feel stupid! I’m not even looking for the differences anymore, I’m just figuring the mouse around until a difference pops up. No.. Are you a difference? Where the fuck is the last difference!? *x files theme song* I feel like I’m being trolled is it like off in the black somewhere? Does that even count as part of the level? I’m just flicking my mouse around now and I can’t even see it. My mouse is not changing. My mouse never changes. Where is it?! *x files theme song* I have scrubbed every tiny little bit of this fucking map! And I can’t see it. Look at that! oh! I won! :I Ooh mini golf! Press space and up arrow to move your arrow up your arm.. what? There, I did it! What?! What?! Go through the fuckin- Oh god what did I do? The ball is gone. Its not its still there I was just about to restart! go in the hole! Yeaaaaahhhh! That’s how you’re supposed to do it, Is that actually how you’re supposed to do it? You’re supposed to just keep spinning it around until you get it through the thing. I don’t think- Oh! you can do it normally! Oh okay (Laughs) That was cool! I like the inventive levels. Longest bottle run! I’ve probably played longer I’ma judge you very harshly for this! If its a very long bottle run, you’re gonna have to give me a boost in the middle, because Bobby.. is not gonna make it all the way, just in the power of his legs alone. Maybe he fucking will! Oh Bobby! Nevermind did you see those skills?! All the way to the end on the first try that’s what the- I told ya, First try- first try Jack that’s what they call- I wish they called me that. Jetpack challenge! I fuckin love these! I don’t know why theres something so fun about them. Yes. Harpoon bottle run! What- Oh jesus fuckin christ! Oh god! Go! Go! NOOO! Okay, We need a run-up for this. Goooo Billy & Bobby! SPEEEEED IS KEEEEEEY All the way, all the way! That was scary! Try and find the easter egg! The easter egg is that I won YAAAAY! Great easter egg bro. I need to pee. We had slither ball throw, and now we have slither swing! Oh god. Oh god, Grab! Yes! Yeeaah! All the way! GRAB IT! Good god fuckin frame rate! Its running at 13 fps. That is a nice frame rate when you want frame rate 13 of them is enough. Enough to fuckin drive you crazy! This is cool though! Oh god, Oh thats actually a path! And you’re actually a path! Yes! Okay, Oh shit, Oh shit, I’m not facing the right direction! No, No! Get it! FUCK IT STEVE! All the way around the snakes slither round about! Oh thank god your still alive! Here we go! Yes! Face first Steve, Fuck sake how many times I have to say it? No, no. Ughhh well now you don’t even have any arms! How are you supposed to grab glory greatest country now?! I’m gonna cheat! I’m gonna cheat! Yes! It won’t let me cheat.. Fine. Fine. I’ll play the fucking level the way you want me to play. I’ll play it the way you’re setting it up for me okay? Are you fucking happy? Are you happy? Now I have to land on this thing and wait half a century To be able to fall down the other thing, Just to be able to fail again! I’m not going to fail this time victory is assured, victory is Stevie, victory is good, victory is niceness Oh what did I fucking do? Ohh shit! Steve! You hairy fucking asshole! Yes, Yes fall forward! Fall forward Let those balls massage your butt! Ther- FUCK IT STEVE! Oh look! Its a Deadpool sword throw! I love me. Okay, lets do this! I’m still fucking steve underneath! This is not, This is not the same. You think you’re doing, You think this is different? But its all th- Good fucking Jesus! Okay, she didn’t explode and turn into a little blended piece of negasonic teenage warhead. Freeze block run! These are usually fun, As long as they don’t freeze, super fast. Those ones didn’t really freeze at all! Are they really freeze blocks if they didn’t freeze at all? Okay, That was easy. Get them all out of the way, Get them all out of the way! Nicenesss! Keep it going.. Keep it going.. Was that good? Was that good? T- These are one second delay! So we’re starting to get into the hard ones Get over it! Oh god! Cmon! I think the end is right there! BILLY! (Cussing uncontrollably, Pissed off as fuck) Billy, you little hairy fucker, get off my bike. Ass- fucking Bobby! God damn- Okay We’ll just do it again then.. If thats what you really want me to do. Fucking.. asshole! Who even gave you the bike? You don’t deserve this bike! Aaah! Thats how we do it! Thats how we get through the fuckin freeze walls! Get out over that, Get out over that or there will be hell to pay. There will be absolute hell to pay! Yes! Its easier to get over this time! Hooah! And a.. Hooah! And a.. GET OUT OVER IT! Oh god I might have fucked myself up royally. Did I just dick-a-dack? Oh! Billy dying is fine, and I can fucking handle that wait whats the button to get rid of billy? Is it shift or z? Ah shift is both of them! Why? It was z! Z is both aswell?! What?? Oh shift is just Dad.. CTRL is Billy! Aah shit! Get through there billy! Attaboy! Like father like son except I’m better than you! Fuck off! I wish you could get rid of the child seat on the back aswell its just a pain in my ass now! Ohh fuck! That was bad! Oh that could’ve been way worse! The child seat is gone, child seat is gone. I am fucking librated I am free. YES! That was a good! Hooah! Hooah! HARDCORE PARKOUR BIKING! Is there more, is there more? Oh shit.. Oh balls this is good this is good.. Yeesss!!! Bobby, ALL THE WAY TO THE END BOBBY! Use those fuckin legs! YEAAAH! Thats how you do! Jacksepticeye Special then we have a JSE Bottle Boss Right after that oh I have to fuckin do these. Awh! Thats a really well drawn eyeball! Hello players, Hopefully The Bossinator JSE, tis I! hope you enjoy this level save replays and if you are jackaboy please but this in one of your vids don’t give up and rate fairly Haha, Oh crap I kinda messed it up. I will put it in the vid Ohh shit God damni- AHA! Oh fuck it I almost had it! Okay, Okay, Oookay.. Auh! Fuck! Aah! Yes.. Yes D- Yes, yes, go go go go go! How do I even.. OH!!! FUUUUCK!! Oh that was loud.. Hi player hopefully, Jacksepticeye, if this is Jack I just wanted to thank you for everything you’ve done on YouTube thats why I still go on it, Oh thats so nice thank you! Please put this in your next vid and remember.. Is speed key? Is speed key bro? I wanna hear you say it.. I wanna hear you say.. SPEEEEED IS KEEEEEEEY Aaah Steve! I shouldn’t pick steve for this.. Oh I should be picking Billy & Bobby! Go you sexy mother fuckers! Do it, Do it, Do it! Yes! You got a face full of spikes sandwich at the end that’s nice that’s good that’s fair. Oh, Oh! This ones called Lets See Jacksepticeye.. Is that, is that the end of the level? Oh christ fuck! I died! Okay I can do it I can do it properly I can do it Ahh shit I might’ve actually fucked it up. By ma- Aah hahaha, My poor head! okay, If we just stay still this flies us out over, Okay now stay going that way, stay going that way flips flips flips flips! That’s the sound I like to hear! Oh shit, I probably shouldn’t have picked pete for this! Oh, Oh, Oh Stay going! Aah shit! No! No! Don’t kill me! Ahgh.. God. Okay, Hooah! Oh, Right into the fuckin hornets nest. EEESHHH.. Oh.. is that going to get worse? Don’t get worse please! *Whispers* Am I okay? Billy and Bobby are The only men for the job, The only men for the job! Da.. fucking dead! Billy..?! Son…?! Taste bike! taste bike bitch! Oh my god I almost did it! Am I dead?.. No! Come on! I was doing so fucking well! Oh god.. Oh god..! Thats bad! Thats bad! GAAAAAH!! Thats bad aswell! I’m fucking doing it, Yes! Billy, Bobby go! Billy, Bobby go! Oh fuck.. Oh shit.. Why? Why?? WHY??!! Fuck it its too hard! Well that does it for this episode of Happy Wheels that was a good one! That was episode 94! Actually, its probably episode 4,786. Cause theres a lot of Happy Wheels episodes on the channel. But man, Happy Wheels is still a fun game. Its a fun time to just get in, Not think about anything, Just scream at a video game and be happy for a day, Just go out there… Go out there, and do a thing! Of that you wanted to do yeeaaaahhh! But thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it, Punch that like button in the face, LIKE A BOSS! And, High fives all around.. *high five* But thank you guys and I will see all you dudes, *high pitched yelling* IN THE NEXT VIDEO!!! It is hotter than a badger’s butthole in here. I imagine those are quite hot. Those guys are furry, they stay on the ground a lot.. they are nocturnal.. They get warm!

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