SSS Blossoms and Butterflies Blog Hop

SSS Blossoms and Butterflies Blog Hop

hi there everyone it’s amanda here welcome to my channel today’s video is part of a blog hop celebrating simon system newest released called blossoms and butterflies and i’m going to make a card using some of their products but I’m going to tell you upfront that I don’t like the result of what I did I had an idea in my mind it didn’t work and well this happened to me very often so I decided to just show it to you anyway and maybe you’ll like it or maybe you’ll learn something on the way either way here’s the card [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] to color the butterfly I’m going to be using Artesia watercolor pencils but I’m going to be using them without water so just try as regular color pencils and artists I send me this for free to try but I said I wouldn’t show it in my videos if I didn’t like it but I didn’t like it a lot these pencils are amazing they blend really nicely and the selection of colors is great I really really like it so they recommended I’m not paid to say this it’s really my honest opinion anyway I’m going to color the butterfly [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so here is where everything started going downhill I didn’t use the second butterfly because I changed my mind then I just felt something was missing I didn’t know what it was then I decided to put black dots in the butterfly and then at the end I’m going to change the sentiment for a darker one but you know I’m not saying this horrible is it it’s kind of nice but I the idea that I had in my mind was much better I am sure this happens to you too but I wanted to let you know that it also happens to me a lot [Music] [Music] and that’s the card for today I hope you enjoyed the video remember that this is a blob so there is a lot of inspiration from amazing designers that are going to make a much better job and also there is a giveaway so if you want to take a look you can go over to my blog the link is below the video together with the supplies and that’s it thank you so so much for watching and I will see you guys next time like [Music]

20 thoughts on “SSS Blossoms and Butterflies Blog Hop

  1. Hi Amanda, I’ve just recently got in to card making and found your channel on YouTube. I’ve watching quite a far bit of your videos and subscribed to your channel. I enjoy watching your videos and your voice is very soothing to listen to.
    I was just looking at the Arteza brand markers today so it’s good to see and hear good things about the pencils. I really want to try them. The colours you have used look gorgeous and have blended very well together. I really like your card with the black sentiment. The black dots on the butterfly really made it pop. 🙂

  2. Oh Amanda, you are so hard on yourself. Your cards always turn out beautiful. I couldn't believe how that butterfly popped when you used to black drops! I always forget about my drops. Ha ha. I loved when you changed to the black sentiment. Oh how such a little change brings out the colours in the butterfly! Beautiful card!

  3. I think this card is beautiful!! I do like the black sentiment strip better and the black dots are pretty. Thanks for sharing your thought process.

  4. Preciosa tarjeta, como siempre Amanda, felicidades. Quería consultarte sobre los lápices Arteza ¿Las minas son resistentes al sacarles punta o se rompen con facilidad? Gracias! 😉

  5. Aw, Amanda, the card is pretty! But, if the creative process weren't paved with, "That's not what I was picturing in my head" moments, how would people grow as artists? Nice to see another video from you, as it's been a while. Be well. :o)

  6. Amanda, the card is beautiful… the colours with the black dots really pull it all together. And, yes, the black sentiment strip really works well. I love your work!!

  7. It's a really pretty card, and I can't find any faults with it. I think you're being too hard on yourself – don't be! If you could see my efforts to create decent dots, you would laugh yourself silly…??

  8. Hola Amanda. Pues que quieres que te diga a mí me parece preciosa. PD: Espero que estés mejorcita. Un beso enorme.

  9. Hello Amanda.  Yes, I know exactly how you feel.  I thought it was just me, that I have an idea then can't get it onto the card or the layout just the way I see it in my head.  However, I did love your card until you put the black dots on the butterfly and I think the sentiment on black looked better, but it's all personal taste isn't it?  Someone will disagree with me I'm sure.  Thanks for sharing and letting us know that even people like you, who make fabulous cards, can mess up, even if it's only in their own minds.  The card is really very pretty and I loved your colouring of the butterfly.   TFS.

  10. I liked your card, it turned out lovely. I have those days where there's more card stock in the bin than on my desk, it's hard being creative some days …

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