started a new bullet journal bc i finished the old one too fast

started a new bullet journal bc i finished the old one too fast

hello! it’s seo from tbhstudying, and oops, i did it again! i churned through another bullet journal like a ravenous beast. honestly, i’m a little disappointed because i thought i would be able to wrap up my journal perfectly with graduation and just get that time perfectly right, but i guess we just can’t have nice things sometimes also, it is entirely my fault that i’m finishing my bullet journal this early this quick because i was the fool who forgot her notebooks at home and took notes in her bullet journal instea i’m just living my best life as an absolute clown oh that reminds me. i’m actually terrified of clowns i don’t know what it is about them but they genuinely give me the heebie-jeebies and yeah i must have had some sort of repressed traumatic experience with clowns when i was a kid or something or maybe it was ronald mcdonald. i don’t know but there’s that weird fact about me i’m scared of clowns and once again, i managed to completely derail a voiceover as i sail off towards a tangent in the distance. but um yeah, yes. okay. yes, bullet journal time looking back. i genuinely feel like i’ve improved in terms of composition calligraphy, etc, etc over the years. i know I’m not showing it in this video right now, but compared to my old bullet journals, i really like the way my bullet journal this time around looks. i know i usually just slap stuff on without thinking too much about it but i think i’ve gotten better at slapping things together with some sense of style i don’t know. it’s kind of hard to explain but i’ve developed a better sense about it maybe?? i’ve definitely remained predictable in terms of color choices, though. if anything, i’ve just transitioned from using an obscene amount of blues and greys to using light browns and pinks and sort of beige-y colors? so there’s that. i also started using actual monthly calendars because surprise, surprise i got busy with actual deadlines that i had to respect like a functional human being i’m doing the same for this month actually because ap exams are in the first two weeks and there are a whole bunch of other events that i as a high school senior have the explicit privilege (and when i say privilege, i mean burden) of doing!!!!
(note: i’m definitely very excited wowieeeeeee oh no) what fun! i will admit that these actual monthly calendars of the boxes are not particularly creative or artistic but they sure are functional! my apologies for the kinda boring video setup thingy i’ve got for you this time but i’ll try to cook up something spicier for june and considering that i’m starting a new bullet journal and that i’m reflecting back, i think i’m gonna talk about how i’ve changed over the years, sort of? i think i’ve talked about this before but um, yeah, i love reusing old topics i just love talking about useless things in the long run but um, i’d like to think i’ve grown more confident in both my personality and the content that i create i’m more comfortable with cracking jokes and inserting memes into my videos and just being more of myself i’ve also started live streaming more and i will entirely admit that i’m still super nervous when i livestream sometimes but i’m getting used to it i started a podcast to which i am horribly behind on. yes, i know, i read your comments and I see your dms telling me to start making a new podcast episode but i just don’t have much time nowadays and when i’m stuck choosing between making a new video or making a new podcast episod, i just generally choose a new video and also unrelated to any studyblr or a bullet journal thing, but i think i’ve gotten better at writing. i write sort of as a creative hobby and i’ve been doing some parallelism or some sort of like connection continuity stuff in my writing? i don’t really know how to describe it with the formal literary term which is a bad sign considering that i’m in ap lit and i’m supposed to know literary devices and i have a test on that like the actual ap exam but um i don’t know but i like what i’ve been writing recently it resonates more than it used to and i really like that not sure how to describe it, but i just really like what I’ve been writing recently. i don’t really know where i’m going with this. i’m not gonna try and go for the “oh, i’ve matured so much over the past couple of years” kind of voiceover because i’m still very much an immature giggly child at heart if anything, maybe i’ve mellowed out because i’m tired, or maybe i’m just jaded over a couple of things and maybe that’s what’s tricking me into thinking that I’ve “matured” and in actuality, that’s just me losing a bit of hope which is a little tragic in the grand scheme of things maybe it’s depression slapping me upside the head for round number god knows how many numbers i don’t know i really can’t say anything about the maturity part but i’ve definitely grown, i’ve definitely changed and time has definitely passed my journals are evidence of that at the very least. wow. it really does amaze me at how i’ve managed to talk in circles without saying anything really meaningful in the end so, um, i’ll leave you with a meaningful quote because quite frankly it is 3 a.m and i’m losing all sense of coherent thought. alright goes: “we do not grow absolutely, chronologically. we grow sometimes in one dimension, and not in another; unevenly. we grow partially. we are relative. we are mature in one realm, childish in another. the past, present, and future mingle and pull us backward, forward, or fix us in the present. we are made up of layers, cells, constellations.” and that quote is by anais nin. i don’t know if i pronounced her name right? but wow, that really hit me when i was reading it. some people just have a way with words, you know anyways, that’s pretty much it thank you so much for watching and i hope your may as lovely and helps you bloom and awesome in all the wonderful ways thank you for listening to me ramble at 3 am although i do hope that it is not 3 am where you are right now because sleep is important for your health and yes, that is very hypocritical for me to say. watch this video in the morning or the afternoon or something like that anyways, i’m gonna go to bed now, and i’ll see you in the next video. bye!

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  1. How can you write so much and have beautiful handwriting?? Can you give me tips I got sloppy handwriting. Sorry you don’t have to reply back 😅 but nice video 😁👍

  2. Seo, I was about to go to sleep since it’s 3:20 AM where I live, but you posted a video and I really just had to watch it. 😆 I have to be up early later but here we are. I HAVE NO REGRETS. 💪

  3. 3:13 did I just see mExIcAn HiStOrY? omg, it feels so nice to see a bit of my history in someone's notes 🙂 greetings from Mexico TwT

  4. This video is cracking me up lol, you made my day. I love your comments and jokes and your voice is so happy and calming. Also love your journal . And also pt 2 is it is 10:38 pm here in Croatia and I love your title.

  5. There’s a tornado warning in my area so I’m going to binge Seos videos for comfort and to ease my anxiety ❤️👍🏻

    Update: my area and my family is safe. Seo saved the day and my anxieties

  6. Omg i love this style!!! Can I be your friend?!? Haha. I've never seen a bullet journal like this but its so cool! Is it me or she sounds like Lara Jean?!?! ❤️❤️❤️

  7. 0:42 I’m sorry but:


  8. Hi Seo, i just wanted to say that i actually really enjoy when you ramble on and include little memes throughout your videos! I feel like it adds more personality and gives us a closer insight into you as a person, which i think sets you apart from other study channels!! 🙂

  9. Is the title suppose to be 'started a new bullet journal bc i finished the old one too fast' ? Or did you purposefully did it 'one old' ? XD

  10. I literally finished my bullet journal too! Haha now I'm buying a new notebook lol! And YES CLOWNS ARE F**KING CREEPY

  11. seo: i'm starting a new bullet journal because i finished the old one too fast 🙂
    me: i'm watching videos on youtube about bullet journalling even though i completely gave up on mine after a few weeks :/

  12. Omg why does she sound so wise??? Also her handwriting and calligraphy is sooooo gooddd!! And also how come I only found her now?!!!

  13. For some reason I can't stop laughing at your notes where you wrote "nihilism" super pretty 😂

  14. What do you mean too fast?? I mean I don't do bulletjournaling, but I draw, and never end any of my sketchbook, ever

  15. This is the first time I'm watching your videos, but this is so cute and you are really funny. You're doing great so I hope you don't worry about letting your personality shine through

  16. between the sappho, the hozier and mitski my gaydar is going off the railsss. colour scheme in the first few pages says pan to me, am i right or am i wrong?

  17. Omg this is my first time seeing your bullet journal and I loooove the style!!! It’s inspiring to me to push myself out of the box in terms of what a bullet journal is “supposed” to be!

  18. girlll drop your imessage, i been looking for the type of friend i can just send memes to without being judged 😂

  19. UwU your personality jumped out! Honestly this was so refreshing to watch. Im glad you are able to express your own personality in the videos. I can totally see you as a bubbly person

  20. This is the first vid of yours that I've watched and I'm subscribing bc I, too, am a dumbass with no sense of time.

  21. hi seo!! i am in LOVE with your bullet journal (and have been for quite a long time hahah) – any tips?? on improving lettering, drawing, composition, etc

  22. Hi Seo! I've always been interested in bullet journaling and have always wanted to try it out myself, but I'm not sure where to start. Do you think you could make a video for beginners on how to start bullet journaling?

  23. OMG i should've used my BuJo as my notebook (and sketchbook! ! Loved the tarot cards💕) 😍 😅 Lol save some paper and if I could stop worrying about where all my notes were that would be great. Lol fyi I'm a horrible note taker just writing is enough usually. Maybe if it were in my bujo they would at least be pretty. And omg i would finally finish my bujo. I don't hate it but it's my first. I chose it because I didn't want to Jack up a perfectly beautiful and securely bound one since i didn't really know what I was doing. It's a little everywhere but i actually love its busted and stained self. It's a trooper just like it's owner.

    I love that you put a weekly spread at the top and then put whatever you wanted at the bottom. I started doing that a month ago or more cause I really needed to see what was coming up for school and I hated flipping back and forth all the time to my monthly and still needed a place for all my tasks and notes. Now my weekly spread is my top 3 to do's and events aka exams and quizzes every hot dang day. I changed my monthly layout too for my study schedule it's all evolving rather nicely. Loved that quote at the end.

    Btw, The juxtaposition of your sweet soft voice and beautiful bujo mixed in with your self deprecating sarcastic wit and a splash of memes is brilliant. Keep it up. And get some sleep. If you don't that's ok cause that'd make me a hypocrite too. Lol Just continue being awesome and goodluck with school. 😁💜

  24. I like your style very much, your notebook is so pleasing to look at 🙂 How do you mark if you complete a task or migrate it to another day?

  25. I'm a freshman finishing up my finals and EOCs and I just want to say THANK YOU! you've made my high school life sooooo much easier! ♡

  26. hi seo I loved this vid and I wish u luck and love during APs!! I know you’ve done vids on ur calligraphy, but I was wondering if you could do a tutorial on how to write letters with a brush pen?? I often have trouble with writing numbers well and I was wondering if you had tips

  27. Hey! I know self promo isn’t a great thing but I just started YouTube! I love stationary and wanted to share that love with others. If you wouldn’t mind could you check out my account? Thank you! 💕

  28. I suscribed after 10 seconds of watching this video, you're so funny. And love your handwriting. And I hate clowns. Yikes!

  29. You said that you need to record a new podcast episode? I didn’t know you had a podcast and that’s really cool! Where is it available? I checked your links and faq but it wasn’t there

  30. Awkward moment when it's 3 am where you are and she said "hopefully you're not watching this at 3 am" 😅😅

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