Starting a blog on Watch this FIRST.

Starting a blog on Watch this FIRST.

– Recently, I deleted 95
percent of my posts on Medium and I want to explain why. (upbeat rock music) Alright, so we are going
to get the good camera out here in a second and I have
something super important I want to talk to
you about something I spent a lot of time
on that is a massive waste. Alright, so new
camera not new audio, though it might be better,
though ’cause I talk too loud in my microphone in that last
video, which I’ll link below if you wanna hear
me yell unnecessarily. So, steppin’ up the
camera game, the video game, not the audio game yet.
We’re working on it. Today I want to talk to you about something
really important. Today I want to talk
to you about So, here’s what
I want to do today, I want to tell the story
of how I went from loving (loud bang)
publishing– Dude, a bird legit,
could you hear that? A bird legit just
flew into my window. I’m gonna go,
is he okay? Is he okay? I’m not gonna Logan Paul this,
or whatever that idiot is, that bird is not dead,
but he’s messed up. That’s bad. Maybe we shouldn’t
be makin’ this video. Alright, lets go
back to the good camera. That was crazy. Alright, that was
definitely enough excitement, like get to the
point already, Brendan. So, talking about Medium, like recently I deleted 95 percent
of my posts on Medium and I want to
explain why because it was the number one question. I told people on my
personal newsletter, links in the
description for that, but like, I told people that
I was deleting all my posts from Medium and overwhelmingly,
people were like, “Why? Why would you do that? “Everybody else is
saying go to Medium still. “Like why would you delete
all your posts from Medium?” If you’re not familiar, really cool publishing platform, a lot of big tech
writers are there, a lot of writing about writing, a lot of people
writing about crypto-currency. I don’t even know
what that stuff is, that’s sorcery to me so, there’s a lot of writing
there and it’s really good and it’s a really
cool publishing platform, it’s really beautiful, it’s
easy to consume and navigate. They’ve done a really good job. They’re not really sure how
to make money with it yet, so they’re trying a
lot of really stupid stuff like gating certain
content and all of this, it’s a mess, it’s not… The number one
reason that people tell you to go to Medium
is simply because they have a built-in audience. Similar to why you
would publish on YouTube, here instead of like
Vimeo, right? YouTube has a built-in audience. There’s a huge
difference though between Medium and YouTube, is that YouTube rewards quality. If you’re still watching
this video at this point, YouTube can tell that,
and they’re like, “Wow, they’re watching
farther into the video, “we want to show
this to more people. “It must be engaging, right?” And there’s way to
hack that and treat it like, “Oh, look at all the jump cuts!” Jump cut, jump cut, jump cut. Right, to try to like,
reset your attention and keep you watching and
all these different things, but the point is it rewards
quality, it’s very democratic. Medium is not. I have a bunch of articles, I love that Medium
gives you a stat of like, what percentage of the article
people are actually reading so you can kind of
get an idea of where, you know, you’re not
keeping their attention. Despite having a
bunch of articles with 100 percent read-rates, meaning people are
reading the whole article all the way through,
Medium’s still not showing that to anybody. They’re not promoting
it to their audiences. This whole idea of like, there
is a built-in audience on Medium that requires Medium
to promote your stuff and they’re just not. See, Medium does
not reward great work. In my experience and the
experience of my friends, who are much bigger publishers, they have much bigger audiences
that they brought to Medium ’cause they thought
it would be helpful, even hearing from these people, Medium doesn’t
promote their articles. They only amplify what
is already getting traction, which is kind of unfair. Number two, I’m an
analytics guy, I’m an SEO guy, so I looked at my stats. I wanted to see, “Hey man,
some of these articles, a thousand reads on Medium,
where are they coming from?” They’re all coming from Google. Here, I’ll show
you while I’m talking I’ll play the thing over, like if you look here,
everything’s coming from search. Everybody’s coming
to Medium from search, so if people are
coming from Google to Medium, why not just have
them come to my website? It’s a huge reason I
deleted so many of my posts, fixed them up, updated them,
set ’em up really, really nicely, and then put them on my site instead. I’d rather have
that search traffic go to my site than to Medium. So that’s number one, number
one is their built-in audience it kind of
doesn’t work unless you already have a huge audience. Tim Ferris could probably
kill it on Medium, right? Because he’s got
a built-in audience. The guys at Basecamp
would kill it on Medium. Speaking of Basecamp,
this is point number two, is from so many people, Medium
does not help their business. It’s just not worth it for them. You know, I was talking
to my buddy Paul Jarvis, he said he had over a million
views on some of his stuff, I’ll put his website
in the link below, probably one of the best
writers I’ve ever had the chance to talk to and interact with. I think the world of Paul, so it’s not that
his writing isn’t good, it’s not that he doesn’t
already have a huge audience that he brought to Medium,
but he was saying like my stuff got a
million views on Medium, did not help
his business at all. And I heard that echoed from
three or four other people. And if you look,
there’s a bunch of other brands, there’s Baremetrics,
and I forget them now, but I’ll put a bunch of logos, all the logos here of
everybody who’s left Medium. They came to Medium,
they thought this is a really good
place to have my blog, and if these big
companies are leaving ’cause they’re
not seeing the ROI, they’d rather keep the
traffic on their own website, then that’s a big deal to me. If me, as a smaller creator,
as a smaller kind of, if you’re a
freelancer or a writer, or even an agency like, if the big companies
aren’t getting traction with all their resources,
are you? Are you gonna get
traction on Medium by starting a blog there? Josh says, “I realized
Medium is great about “surfacing content,
but it removes the face of it. “It neutralizes all content to
basically be author-agnostic. “It’s kind of like
Walmart or Amazon in that “you can buy
thousands of different brands, “but you rarely actually know
what brand you’re buying. “You just know I got
it from Amazon, right?” He goes, “The same
with content on Medium. “Sure, you can
see who the author is “or what the publication is,
but ultimately your takeaway is, “‘I read this article on Medium’ “and that’s not what I wanted. “I wanted to get
back to people saying, “‘I read this
article on Baremetrics’. “On top of that.” So, that’s one thing
is it killed his brand. His personal brand
and his company brand by making it a Medium article
and not a Baremetrics article. Josh continues by saying, “On top of that, the
amount of views a given article “would get ultimately
weren’t that impressive. “At least not much or
any more than our own blog, “given we’d already
built up a nice readership. “As an example, our top posts
on Medium has total views “in the eight to
ten thousand range, “with our best ever
getting around 40,000, “but that’s kind of,
like an outlier. “After those top fives,
the views dropped off “to about 500 per article.” Which is not that, like
some of my stuff gets 500. They’re huge company,
I just write things that are in my brain. And Josh, it says,
on top of that, on his own blog
before he moved to Medium, every article was getting
5 to 50,000 views. That’s a huge drop off. That’s a lot less readership. So, for someplace
with a built-in audience, and he’s bringing
his audience there, if he can’t get traction, again how are you and I
gonna get traction there? And he kind of rounds
this out by making the point I’ve been making
this whole time by saying, “The numbers just
didn’t make sense. “Yes, I could
put more into Medium “and try to build up
readership even more. “The guys at Basecamp
regularly get 250,000 plus “views on their content,
but doing that helps “Medium the most in the long run. “They’ve been
fumbling left and right “trying to figure out how
to make Medium sustainable, “I’m not convinced
they’ll always do “what’s best for
us and our business.” Couldn’t agree more, Josh. I really could not agree more. I will never build something in somebody else’s
playground again. It’s your email list,
your website, you make the rules. You should be
publishing on your own website and that’s why I decided to
delete everything off of Medium as much as I could and bring
it over to my own website. I believe in one
thing that Dave Chesson of Kindlepreneur
told me one time, which is, it’s kind of
like a three prong thing. Number one, one product. Have one product you’re
selling, at least at first. Only sell one thing. Have one platform. For me, that platform
is my website, I think for everybody
else it should be, too, even if you’re
building a YouTube audience, you should still be
building an email list, you should still be
building up your website, building up your
following somewhere else. Think about it, if something
happened to YouTube and something
happened to Instagram, all these great
creators that we see, they would just be
shit out of luck, right? Like, what are you gonna do
if your two main platforms that you don’t control at all or they change the algorithm? I’ve heard that from
tons of YouTubers like, “Oh, I took a hit
’cause of the algorithm.” Well, you should be figuring out some way to publish content
where you control the narrative. Sorry, got a little ranty there. So, it’s one product, one
platform, one traffic source. For me, that traffic
source is search. I’m a beast at SEO. I’m really, really good
at ranking things in search. I’m really good at
writing content that solves people’s problems, so
they’ll find it in search and that’s what it is for me. And yes, I’m doing YouTube, too but it’s just because
I freakin’ love talking at a camera in my living
room I guess, I don’t know. I don’t know. But if you’re thinking about
starting a blog on Medium, I hope you’ve
watched this first. I’m gonna be publishing a lot
more on digital marketing. I think it’ll be
really helpful for you if you’re a writer,
you’re a creator, you’re any kind of
just creative entrepreneur. There’s gonna be a lot on
this channel to help you out. Until the next video,
don’t forget to work hard, be nice to people,
and don’t get too lost trying to create
something that matters.

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  4. Well, I think there are plenty ways to direct readers to your website through medium, similar to how you would direct YT audience to your personal website. Publishing snippets of your work for instance and not the whole? I personally think medium is a great platform for publications and the reason I'm more biased (If I am), is because I find myself reading from the website quite frequently while I do research on topics that amuse me. So it helps me casually understand and see the bigger picture of a subject, if that makes any sense. Also, I see much potential in the IDEA of Medium because it is like a youtube for readers. I'm not much of a reader myself but I'd rather spend time on medium than rummaging through facebook or instagram feeds 'hoping' for something interesting, when of course, YT gets too overwhelming. So yeah, for individualswho wants exposure, I guess it would be better to exploit internet platforms to suit yourself. You can't monetize through instagram/twitter/snapchat (other than sponserships) but you can with Medium.

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  7. I appreciate this video. I was one who became very excited about Medium a couple of years ago. It was like an organised version of Blogspot! It was a bit of a pain to set up your own Publications at Medium (versus your own default personal Medium profile, Tumblr-like roll of full postings and everything else). Then Medium teased us with a prospect of monetising our Publications. But you had to go to a waiting list — I was never chosen 🙁 Then they changed their minds and said "forget that", we're going to suck in major publishers. I took it on the chin; the tradeoff was reading content from The Economist and Financial Times, for example. But no matter how much of that content I read, it was never prioritised. Just kept getting articles on Bitcoin, technology, and entrepreneurship thrown at me (topics I had not chosen). And paucity of content from the UK/Ireland/Europe (I location I have chosen).

    So Medium isn't working for me either as a writer (content not promoted, never earned a penny with their Partner programme) or as a reader (articles that I clap for don't generate more similar/related content). So what's the point? As President Trump would say, sometimes you have to walk away. Thanks for letting me rant!

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  9. Medium has higher authority on Google, so it’s easier for people to find you in search on Medium instead of your site unless your site gets good traffic. I actually found Paul Jarvis on Medium and ended up buying his courses later so there’s that. Medium has changed their structure a lot. I personally just write about pop culture topics on there, stuff I would not write about on my own blog (which I’m currently redesigning).

  10. THANK YOU! After getting royally screwed by the algorithm changes on Etsy and Amazon, where I was a merchant selling my art and related goods FOR YEARS, I had some funny feelings about posting my blog pieces on Medium, but as everyone seems to be doing it, I thought there might be a benefit. Oh praise the Lord I found your video! 🙂 I'm so glad this is coming from a tech guy like yourself.

    I'm subscribing and hope to learn more from you as I try to build my art business. You're a totally engaging speaker, and fun! Many thanks for this video.

    BTW, I once posted on Salon's blog for a few years, and then they shut the damn thing down! Thank God my posts were all saved on blogger, but I'm sure a lot of people lost all their work! General rule: No third party sites! As you say, devote your efforts strictly to your own site.

  11. I wish I'd watched this video 1 week ago. That was when, as a frustrated writer, I decided to resubscribe to medium. Previously I had let my subscription end, simply because I was getting only a few readers and I had started to think that Medium only favoured certain writers. But because I have no other platform, I decided to give it another go. I week in and my one article since rejoining has had just 9 views, (and I'm sure they are mostly me and my partner!!). So, thank you for this video. I now realise I might have been correct all the time about how dire medium was. Oh well, I won't renew next spring. PS: In the first year of membership I coined in a massive £1.14!

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