Starting a K-Pop Journal! (BTS, NCT127, StrayKids & more!)

Starting a K-Pop Journal! (BTS, NCT127, StrayKids & more!)

(bouncy music) – Hey everyone, it’s Amanda. Welcome back to my channel. Guys, today is finally the day. I’m doing it. I’m doing a K-pop journaling video. This has probably been one
of the most requested things for me to do on my channel
for the longest time. I swear, in every single video and in my comments, and my DMs, I get hundreds of messages from you guys asking me to do this. I was putting it off for a while mostly because I honestly just didn’t know exactly what K-pop journaling was. I mean, obviously I’ve seen
some spreads on Instagram that were like K-pop related, but I didn’t know whether like K-pop journaling spreads had rules, or like certain things that
you had to do or incorporate. But, as I’ve seen more
and more on Instagram and on Pinterest and stuff, I’ve just realized that there’s no rules and it’s mostly just a fun thing to do, especially if you’re a K-pop fan like me. I’m sure you guys want to get right into all of the K-pop fun and we definitely will in just a second, but I have a very exciting
announcement to make for any of you L.A. little doodles. I am gonna be having my very
first ever official meet up slash meet in greet in L.A. So I’m so excited. It’s going to be on August 20th from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at Bopomofo Cafe. The theme is kind of like a bubble tea and doodle party. There’s gonna be free
stationary for you guys. We can take you pictures. We can doodle together and
there’s also going to be free bubble tea for the
first 50 people in line. So, if anything you can come
for the free bubble tea. But yeah, if you’re from
L.A. and you can come, I would love to see you guys and hang out. Please come. My worst nightmare is for me to show up and there’s like no one there. I’m actually going to be in L.A. for KCON L.A. as well. So, if you are going to
KCON, I will also be there. I’m going to be at both
days of the concert and I’ll probably be walking
around the convention as well. It’s my first time going to KCON. Some of my all time favorite
groups are performing. So it’ll be a lot of fun. If you see me around the convention, be sure to say, “Hi.” I can’t wait to meet you
guys whether it be at KCON or at my meet up, hopefully. So, yes that is my exciting announcement. I am looking forward to
giving you guys big hugs. But, without further ado lets
get right into this video. Let’s K-pop journal. I decided to start a brand
new notebook specifically for K-pop journaling and
the one that I’m using is by Midori. It has dark grids on the
inside and cream pages, but what I liked is that the
front is completely plain, so maybe in the future I can decorate it or add stickers to it and stuff. But, anyways for the very first spread, I thought I would start off with something that was within my wheelhouse
and my comfort zone. I’ve done these in my monthly
bullet journal videos before and it’s just a playlist spread. Except obviously this
one is K-pop specific. So I have all of my current
favorite K-pop songs and I decided to make the spread look like it’s playing on a phone. I’ve done this sort of lay out before, but again K-pop specific. Oh yeah, and I decided to add
the headphones all around it just to add a nice little touch. I did actually print out
all of the album covers for each song that I was
featuring on this playlist, and I made to print them out very small so that they would fit within the iPhone. And I was able to fit
around ten songs I believe, which, I think that’s pretty decent. Obviously, there’s a countless
number of songs that I love, but these are just my current favorites. And I stuck them on with
my glue tape adhesive. By the way all of the
materials that I used are as usual gonna be in
the description box below. But some of the songs on
this playlist include, Lights by BTS, Focus on Me by Jus2, Highway to Heaven by NCT 127, Boom by NCT Dream. What else to we have? Oh, Everglow, we also have Hays, Chonga, Snapping is the ultimate bop. We have Uh-Oh Itsy, their new song Icy as well as G-friend. Okay, so for the next spread, the very first group specific spread. I feel like its no surprise
that I have to start off with my one true love BTS. They are truly the ultimate group for me and they’re honestly the
group that started me on this whole K-pop stan life (laughs). In terms of the actually
spread, I wanted to make sure that this whole spread, both
pages complimented each other. So I made sure to keep
the right side of the page really pastel, and airy, and light. Just like the playlist spread
on the left side of the page. And on it I just included some pictures, there’s actually a Polaroid
from when I went to the MetLife concert of me and
my friend who I went with. I have a group picture of them as well as pictures of my biases. (laughs) Yes, I have two biases, don’t make choose between JK
and June because I refuse too. And I also included these cute stickers that I got from BT21. I actually have a lot of
fresh new BT21 stationary, so let me know if you guys want me to do an updated BT21 stationary video. I know I’ve done one in the past, but they’ve recently come
out with a lot of new stuff so I can definitely do that for you. Around it I just put some other fun stuff, like washi tapes, I even used stamps to jazz it up a little. And I also printed out some
cool aesthetic pictures like that pink picture behind the Polaroid is just some pink clouds. Pinterest is really great for that if you’re looking for any sort
of like background texture stuff to print out. And then, in terms of
like what I’m writing, I’m just writing like my
biases and my favorite songs. For the first spreads,
like for this first video, as I mentioned I’m just gonna
be getting the hang of it, seeing what my style is for
this whole K-pop journal thing. So the spreads are
pretty basic in terms of, I just wanted to have my favorite groups, boy groups specifically. This video is only my favorite boy groups, ’cause I had to narrow
it down a little bit. What was I saying (laughs)? But yeah, I was saying
that all of these spreads that you’re gonna see in this video are just general spreads for
my top favorite boy groups. And maybe in the future I
can do some other spreads for specific members, or specific songs, or my favorite girl groups,
or solo artists or what not. Just ’cause, there’s just too much. There’s too many people,
and groups, and artists that I love. So, I thought I would
start it off pretty basic, and I always get a lot of questions about which groups are my favorite, and who my biases are. So I thought this would be a good way to answer all of those questions. Anyway, moving onto the next spread. As you can see, this one is dedicated to another one of my
favorite groups, Stray Kids. I love them so much. My bias is Felix, but honestly I feel like I have four biases in Stray Kids, because they’re all just so, so talented. You can see the top three pictures there. I have Jae Seung, Chan and I.N. And then on the left side, I’m actually playing
around with some lettering. I really liked the
lettering that they used in, I am You, so I tried to mimic that. I also put a couple of my favorite songs. Oh, and I also recreated the
lettering for Miroh as well. So, yeah I just thought it was, the lettering that they use is pretty cool in terms of like the graphic design and it really inspired
me to kind of recreate it on the spread. But anyway, I mentioned at
the beginning of the video that I am going to KCON LA, and Stray Kids are
actually gonna be there. So, I am so excited to
see them perform live. I’ve heard they’re incredible performers. So, we shall see. Maybe I’ll be bias erect by someone. I don’t know what I’m
saying right now guys. It is currently 1:00 a.m., so if I sound like I’m saying
a whole lot of nonsense it’s because I probably am (laughs). I finished it off with some washi tape that matched the whole
blue theme I had going on, and we are done with Stray Kids. Now moving on to NCT 127. Now I definitely could have
done their current era, which I love. I love Super Human, it’s so good, but I honestly really
love all of the photos and the concepts from the Cherry Bomb era. I think the videos so cool, and the way they used
art within the video, and on the album covers
and stuff is so cool. So, I wanted to do that, especially because I loved
the bright pink color and obviously the neon green is their signature color. So I had to include that. I figured the pink and the green would go really well together. I didn’t realize this till now, but it does kind of look
like watermelon colors, but I’m not mad at that. In case anyone is wondering,
my bias is Jaehyun, and my favorite songs
are Highway to Heaven, Cherry Bomb, Regular, Comeback. Actually I wrote them all down so you can zoom in on the
video and check it out. But I also included a bunch of pictures of cherries that I found on Pinterest. I even found this neon
sign that literally says, “Cherry Bomb” which was perfect. But all in all, I really like
how this spread turned out. I feel like by this point, I kinda got the hang of
what I liked in spreads, and I was able to have
a little bit more fun with printing out pictures
and cutting them out, and I really like the whole graphic look. I feel like it just
suits NCT 127 perfectly. Moving on to another one
of my favorite groups. I mean their technically a band, but their actually the
band that I got into the most recently, and it is Day 6. And I don’t know what I’ve
been doing sleeping on Day 6, because they are so, so talented. Their most recent comeback was so good. If you guys haven’t listened
to Book of Us, Gravity, I highly recommend it. There’s truly not a bad song on the album. I love every single track, which is not typical for me. Usually there will be a
couple songs on an album that I will not be a fan of, but with every single Day 6 song I just love all of it. So, yes, highly recommend. They deserve way more recognition I think. In terms of my spread, I decided to go for an
earthier more rustic feel, because the concept photos did
have a lot of browns in it, especially the one of Young K, who is my bias by the way. So I did include a lot of craft paper, and ripped out pages of books. I didn’t actually rip out pages, I printed out (laughs) pictures of text, and I ripped them out. Which I thought was perfect, because in the title
track, Time of Our Life, they always say, “This is our page.” And the whole album’s
concept is books and stuff. So, I thought it was a nice
little nod to the album concept. I feel like I’m not able to talk about each individual group, and
what I love about them as much, but yes stan Day 6, Jay is hilarious, such a meme, and their great. Moving onto the last spread, This is one that is dedicated to The Boys. I love The Boys. I feel like it’s no surprise
that my bias from The Boys is Kevin Moon. First of all, he is Canadian. Second of all, we’re
the same age I believe. And third of all, he
is actually an artist, and in the past he’s posted
videos of him doing calligraphy, and lettering and stuff, and their called his moon scribbles, which you know, sounds a little familiar. You know, moon scribbles, little doodles, I think it’s just perfect
that he is my bias. So anyways, I decided to go
for the No Air concept photos, because this era was my
favorite for The Boys. No Air is still a bop, and I listen to it almost daily. And since the No Air photos
were really light and airy, there’s a lot of light colors, and light gray, and light blue. I decided to print out a
bunch of photos of the clouds, and the sky just to go with the vibe, and I did use a lot of
my light blue markers and washi tapes. Actually this, the whole
K-pop journaling thing was a great way for me
to use the washi tapes that I wouldn’t normally
use in my bullet journal. So, I will have to you
know keep experimenting so that I can use up all
of my excess stationary. Finally, I finished it off with a couple little
doodles all around it, and this spread is complete. Actually, all of the spreads are complete. But anyway, here is the flip
through of my K-pop journal. Again, this is the very, very beginning. If you guys do want to
see more videos like this, I can definitely do so. I was kind of experimenting and
still figuring out my style, and how I wanted this to end up, but I’m really happy with the spreads. And again, these are only
a couple of the groups that I love. There are so, so many, and honestly it was really
hard for me to narrow down and to choose which ones
to make a spread for. So in the future we can definitely do a lot of other artists. Don’t you guys worry. All right everyone, so that was it for my very first venture into the world of K-pop journaling. I hope you guys enjoyed it. I mean, it was a long time coming, and you guys have been
asking for this for awhile. Hopefully it lived up
to your expectations. If you guys do want to
see more videos like this, be sure to let me know. I mean, there is definitely
no shortage of K-pop songs, and artists, and groups that I love. So, I’m sure we can
figure out other things to fill up my little K-pop journal with. Again, all the details for my L.A. meetup are gonna be the description box below. I hope to see some of your faces there, and we can drink bubble tea and doodle. It’ll be a lot of fun. Otherwise, if you’re
gonna be at KCON L.A., be sure to say, “Hi” if you see my around. But I think that’s pretty much it for me. The question of the day actually is in the comments below. Leave your all time favorite K-pop group, your bias from that group, as well as your favorite song. I’m gonna look through them all, and I’m sure I’ll find
some new people to stan. And while you’re down there, be sure to click that
bell button down below so you never miss when I post a new video. I hope you guys have an awesome day. Keep doodling, and I will
talk to you in the next one. Bye everyone. (bouncy music)

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