Stoned Moms: The Marijuana Industry’s Greatest Untapped Market

Stoned Moms: The Marijuana Industry’s Greatest Untapped Market

very good So how do you feel now after that? Very conscious right now of the animals. Like, very in tune with the animals. And I may have stepped like, quickly. Into? Into… two stoned. Jessica Roake is a mother of two from the suburbs of Washington D.C. In college she used to smoke pot but gave it up when she became a mom. Now, with legalization happening in states across America making the consumption of cannabis more socially acceptable, Jessica is interested in picking it up again as a safe recreational drug she can use when her kids go to bed. Cool story right? But here’s why Jessica’s story matters way more than you might think. She is the kind of consumer the industry needs more of. The new legitimate business of marijuana is at a crossroads. Legalisation in the state of Colorado and the possibility that more states might follow suit, has set off what some observers have dubbed a “green avalanche”. I’m Troy Daton. I’m CEO and Co-Founder of the Arcview Group. We’re an investment and market research firm for the cannabis industry. In 2013, we estimated the market at 1.4 billion dollars and we are predicting that it grows 64 percent to 2.34 billion dollars in 2014 which makes it the fastest growing industry in America. Over a 5 year horizon the total market potiential is 10.2 billion dollars. I think you’re gonna see a variety of different companies emerge and a lot of different approaches. I have never in my life seen such an explosion of entrepreneurial energy. Entrepreneurs may be lining up But who’s actually buying legal weed? According to a study by the Colorado Department of Revenue, nearly 70 percent of the demand for weed comes from heavy marijuana users. People who smoke everyday. – That’s all you need! Marjiuana, and some donuts. Even though people who smoke less than once a month are more numerous than their heavy smoking
cohorts, they account for less than one percent of the demand, leaving part-time
stoners a relatively untapped market. The math it seems is simple for
marijuana to truly be the economic juggernaut that many in the industry
hope it will. People who don’t smoke that much, need to start smoking more. People, like Jessica. Peter Johnson is an entrepreneur who runs a weed tour
company among other marijuana businesses he agreed to show Jessica what
Colorado’s weed industry has to offer. When I bought the pot that i
bought in DC when I first opened it was, it was so pungent that I was terrified
driving back to my house even after I got it out of my car, the next
day when i pick my kids up I was like, what if the kids could
smell it? What if the kids got high in the back seat just from the smell of the weed?
I mean it was really this is like a whole new level of
pungency and i had not remembered from decades ago – yes Here we are. Loading docks and the facility is right
next door to an innocent building. For our first stop Peter took us to
Colorado’s best, a commercial grow house so Jessica could see the scale of wheat
production in Denver. Hohoho! At first there’s like that feeling that you are
doing something, like, deeply illegal it was a real surreal break there for me My adult self I can’t believe I’m taking
such a respectable kind of tour of this… kind of place. It’s all on the up-and-up, it’s totally
respectable, it’s all legal. And in my 20 year old self it’s like I’m surrounded by these hugh lush
marijuana plants that are incredibly potent and every
part of me just wants to like, grab them! Ooh. – Some pretty stuff isn’t it? – Yeah, it’s fantastic. This is the clone room. Each one of the little
cuttings is called a clone. There’s a lot of them aren’t there?
– Haha it’s crazy! I’m really curious about the Kong Tang Stomper. Sour D? Sour D? – Sour Diesel.
– Sour Diesel?
– Yeah. There’s a Jedi D star?
– Dust Star.
– Dust Star?
– Jedi Dust Star. Really? but the Death Star is not… it’s
not… for the Jedi’s. I think it’s the Dust Star because it’s
so fuckin powerful. It’ll just blow your brain out. I mean I would say that if you’re kind of wading in it’s hard to imagine like you go to the
wine store and you get like a… you know, Pinot Grigio, Right? -Sure. -It’s hard to
imagine getting comfortably high. like I’m just gonna smoke a little bit
of the Death Star. The trick is to have a little, and see how it
affects you. Have a little, and see how it affects you. It’s just about taking a puffer to it, It’s
about moderation, about your dosage. – So I should not be intimidated by the names?
– You’re not going to pound a bottle of pinot grigio? – I kinda do pound a bottle of pinot grigio. Peter took us upstairs to the mothers,
the master plants for each string. So this is the mother room up here, so we
can go up and take a look. See you know these are much much bigger. If you look closely, you can see
there’s a couple of branches that have been snipped off. and that’s where they take them and they put them in the conga room so we can have some more
you keep this another like healthy absolutely you just keep her keep her
reproducing that’s right exactly she just has to keep reproducing forever
that’s right haha dad and you can see each one as is named
LG stomper that’s right that is an impressive
mother name I bet that is probably part of your content content stompers right
OG stomper and see but like green crack that’s a
real branding problem you want to try to be able to this
stigma for tom green crack is not going to help I’ll see the black sugar rose that’s
like totally like a shark named that’s accessible you know you like just come over I was
looking for my party you would totally like just get a little black sugar road yeah yeah so just go one thing it seemed
to give you positive these Wizards still the names of these strings yeah you always you already have the
kind of like young people who want to like do that kind of scary sounding name
but when you get older and if you like kind of waiting back into marijuana like
back in the pot there is that branding issue right like you need to think
that’s accessible that’s like not going to scare you like that it’s not green
crack another booming market for weed is edibles chocolates candies and
confections loaded with marijuana oil our next stop was the biggest
manufacturer of marijuana chocolates in Colorado a company called incredibles all right honestly my last experience vegetables
was over a decade ago we’re talking homemade brownies that
were not you too stoned and then the cycle where you’re like to stone and
then you’re hungry and you’re to stone and then you’re like yeah things have
definitely changed since the last time I you’ve tried an edible then we made the
decision early on to test all of oil and that allowed us to perfect these recipes
make sure that we’ve got consistent product so you don’t over medications
our ultimate goal is for you to have a good time yes right if you do not have a good time
down the way i’m not doing marine doubt yeah one thing that makes me nervous about
edible doesn’t have to get so like having chocolate in the house it freaks
me out all part of the things that were working
on here in Colorado you know that it doesn’t leave a dispensary unless it is
in a child proof container we’ve got everything labeled like its
supposed to all the warnings are on there but just like anything else you
need to keep it out of the reach of children a lot of the stigma is disappearing you
know in your perfect example that you can come here now and legally consume
cannabis a large portion of of the market is people just like us for the most part it’s just the average
American who wants to come in and consume cannabis and that’s okay spell anything yes now that Jessica had seen cannabis
cultivated and even turned into chocolate it was time to buy some legal weed Jerry road yet Boston Maryland’s yes how much cash you I get out I’m going to
withdraw some cash to buy some weed which is something I’ve not done in a long time hi I’m good how are you good you know I don’t really know the Death
Star ok so I’m wondering does it in fact like
explode your mind no actually it’s going to be more of
like a cdata VAR it doesn’t have a little bit of a mix its ncstar have
across with sour diesel it is more of a stony not you out by you
recommend this for someone who needs the maximum along ok said this isn’t very strong and see
how they got it arranged her again because over here hybrids in the middle
and steve is over here yeah so think of it as like a big spectrum so
if i wanted something that was kind of a mellow hi not like a deep in my couch totally
stone like can’t talk but not like super anxious high-energy kind of thing what would you
i would recommend probably the juicy fruit and that I mean this juicy fruit
is a perfect 50:50 hybrid between a half-game cushion tight Hayes is a super high and tipsy so it
does give it a little bit of cycle act on this really nice uplifting positive aspect but the indica
and there is going to mellow it out a little bit about it and i think i’m
going to get some of the GC Jessica decided on a pre-rolled joints since she
was only in town for the day here you go you take this and you bring
it up to the counter danger your old story the car great maybe no so what you got in the bag they’re just
this is my first legally purchase marijuana ever the pre-rolled joints
definitely good marketing strategies are you a little afraid maybe smoke the
whole thing a little intimidating yes Peter had a special place in mind to
spark up Jessica’s join so where we headed now we’re headin up
into the mountains to be some private property that i have access to we’re going to see an outdoor greenhouse
grow or we more we plant more so how long have you been here how long
have you been doing this how long have you had this business well
i started growing Oh for myself about four years ago and
I’ve decided to make it my full time job I’m not currently a caregiver for five
other patients so I’m growing a variety of strains and
welcome to my girls so these are a variety of plants there’s 25 in here by the time they’re
almost ready to harvest help you bending them over but they’ve all been
organically grown going to grow them as tall as they’ll get before they start to
flower and they just choose what to do that when the when the time is right this is a new addition this is the first
time I’m doing outdoor grow and they seem to love it out here these are a lot of sativas here so
that’s me i must the TV girl yeah I don’t want to sit on the couch I
want to clean my house it looks like we might be getting some
rain so if you like we can carry things inside and have a little party inside of
if you did you see the turkeys are baby turkeys this feels a lot different we’re not in like grow central
capitalist kind of you know trying to turn out customers sort of write neat
experience feels much more personal right less commodified former feeling
yeah after moving inside we settled on to the
couch Peter walk us through some of this preferred methods of getting blazedd
including his favorite vaping this is really one of the hottest
technologies that people are using it’s just it’s incredibly convenient it’s much healthier because you’re not
smoking and it’s what a lot of people are moving towards i can tell you when I
do a lot of tumors people will sample these and they become converse very very
quickly because it’s just so so easy now does this come in the the cartridges
come in all the different strains they do Gendron never general in because and
general sativas and general hybrid so and which one is that’s a sativa is it
well I make you have to give with you I would like to smoke a joint all right I think that seems sounds
great ok yeah we get your juices through here I
do you can be popping champion squeezing just under the weather like juicy very
own a cat all right keep trying to think let’s split yeah delicious it is Drake conscious right now the animals
huh like you’re in tune with the animals so how do you feel now after that I may
have stepped like quickly into into to stone feeling right now just like a little like was very sad him
and then my entire body just kind of went I don’t know if I can have this
conversation right now yeah I hear you sorry I just I can’t
like talking about at this moment do I guess it didn’t figure it out yes yeah first domino has fallen and you
know there’s a whole bunch more that that are ready and i think we’re going
to be there when they fall as well when’s the next illicit substance going
to be legalized that has never killed anybody I mean answer i don’t i don’t know when
that’s going to happen if it ever will yeah oh my god hi yeah all the camels in the world all started from a single ancestor in
Nebraska and then that one across the land bridge and down into asian girls
there so I think they do they look like there’s out of labyrinth I feel like I connect to them because
they’re like living fantastic baby beings on this earth and it’s amazing to
connect to any of feel like I really do and you’re all of you that connect with
all of you you feel connected to everyone here is
really like the present on a deeper level because I’m a mom and I know what
it’s about deep lab the it’s a special place the mountains there’s just some
kind of different energy air is much much sweet right so much demand for cannabis from the
accommodations are looking to expand the supply and look at pieces of property
such as this to build some cannabis friendly accommodations so people can
come on enjoy because it’s just so cool building
over here I don’t buy years but state you’re in could we never become sort of like a
glass of wine for you where it’s like you can use it to get to it reliably
comfortable state state adopted thank you have you to the president of
your foot but yes no it totally was I could be
like you’ll be like wine if if I figured out it’s all about like
the dosages right if for whatever reason I got this high
off of like three hits that is something i could not do it
takes a lot from me in a good way it’s like but it’s an experience so i
would need to figure out the right amount to have the right kind of like
intensity and mhm this would definitely be an awesome
place to come with friends and hang out for a weekend would be great sort of like going to Vegas much better
much better much better but just remember what happens in
Colorado stays in your system for 30 days if federal prohibition has ever appealed
and more states make weed legal pot could become as mainstream as wine but
only if marijuana marketers can figure out how to pitch their product and it feels like there’s still a lot of
work to be done we look at the market from an aggregate
standpoint and we also segment the market college students Spring Breakers young
professionals newlyweds women and mothers in particular make a lot of
buying decisions and we want them to decide for the next vacation to come to
Colorado and there’s an awful lot of cannabis friendly moms this is a country club atmosphere but
they can’t do it openly their country club so we want to give them a place
where they can come into it I really would not want to be in a
country club atmosphere that that’s gross what made this special was that you
could not packaged it you couldn’t control you can’t just put on a CD of like a
stoner music and my spa package or throw out a couple things that are going to be
the same for everybody and give them an experience this is going to work for an entire
demographic it’s like hugely personal it should be

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