Stop a Douchebag – The Blogger

Stop a Douchebag – The Blogger

Stop aux Douchebags – Le blogueur T’agis comme un blogueur! T’as pigé? -Je suis travailleur routier! Je connais la route!
-Vous êtes en plein centre de Moscou! T’es en train de me parler à propos du centre? Es-tu complètement drogué? J’ai étudié l’architecture! Salut les blogeurs. Je suis Sergei Antonov, né en 1986. Écrivez-ça dans vos blogs. Putain, les gars?! Est-ce que je suis invisible?! Restationnez votre voiture, s’il vous plait. On vous le demande gentiment. Est-ce que votre pression sanguine a montée? Nous allons demander à l’ambulance de vous aider. Cet homme est malade. Est-ce qu’il y a un docteur?
Pas de docteur? Est-ce une ambulance ou un taxi? -Où est-ce que tu vois une ambulance?
-Et ça, c’est quoi? -Qu’est-ce qui est quoi? Lis p*tain!
-C’est écrit “ambulance”. -Ambulance?
-Ouais? Ouais! Services ambulanciers d’urgence Ça ressemble beaucoup à une ambulance. J’espère que vous vous sentirez mieux quand la dame reviendra pour sa sacoche. Ce sera un remède miracle. -Vous croyez pas?
-Non. Parce que la sacoche n’est clairement pas la vôtre, n’est-ce pas? Merci. Espèce de p*tain de charogne!
T’es une charogne! Enfoiré! -Aucune cervelle, aucune imagination!
-T’es juste une charogne! T’es une charogne! T’es une charogne, t’es une charogne!
T’as compris? T’es une charogne! Taisez-vous tous les deux!
T’es une charogne! Désolé, lieutenant, c’est juste que…
T’es une charogne! Désolé, lieutenant, c’est juste que… T’es en train de me parler à propos du centre? Es-tu complètement drogué? J’ai étudié l’architecture! Et t’es de la merde!

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  1. Lot of crazy people in Russia! At least the drivers! I can't believe they keep going with someone standing in front of the car or threaten you guys with weapons! In the US if you are witnessed or on video threatening people with guns or knives, the police will go and find you and arrest you.

  2. Is Artem (the guy who wrestled a bully in one of their episodes) still a member of your group? Man, this "air guitarist" deserves some grapple from him

    Fan here from the Philippines

  3. The dude with the shaved head is either playing a very low slung air guitar, has Tourette's, or suffering from an extremely itchy STI 😳

  4. Can anybody tell me why its allowed for those punks to put stickers on private property of other people? why doesnt the police charge them for hooliganism ? pleeeaaase? anyboooody??? why????

    2nd question: why do they not have to blurr peoples faces who dont want to get filmed?

    3rd question: media in my country tells me all russians ar poor hobos… how comes every fuking guy drives a mercedes audi porsche and such luxoury cars? wtf?

    i'll paypal you 20$ if someone can answer legit

  5. sitting in an ambulance puffing a smoke and says, "wheres the ambulance"
    and you guys thought amerikkka was fucked up 😀

  6. As for the ambulance: Years ago I've read that there are fake ambulances in the big cities of Russia. They are actually Taxis, but by pretending to be in an emergency with lights and sirens they can drive pretty smoothly through even the thickest of traffic jams. This service is as illegal as it is expansive, but there are a lot of people in Russia with a lot of money who won't even think twice about the costs. Since police officers generally don't dare to touch rich people, they also don't dare to do anything against it, even if they suspect somethings fishy going on.

  7. 0:15 That bald guys must have thought that whatever he was doing was looking cool and  Beautiful girls mightl fall for him.

  8. Was that guy a dancer or ……………well I wont say what that looked like. Great job guys and great job Russia. Stay safe………………….peace

  9. Are Ambulance workers (presuming they aren't paramedics) really that useless in Russia? I mean I get that in all likelihood they need to inform dispatch they aren't in service if they have a potential patient approach them but that response was awful and so unprofessional.

  10. An American cop would take out 5 Russian copsall by himself. Russian cops are clearly pussies. SAD guys will less authority are more solid. Embarrassing.

  11. Why so short its dedicated to the guy. The guy should be ashamed of himself when his friends and family see the video he is 31 years old. Thats why the video has him. All of you douchebags coming her to see violence fuck off

  12. THAT MAN LOOKED LIKE THE BIGGEST FOOL OF THEM ALL!!! What a nasty disgusting pig!! I’m so happy he was forced to comply!!! 🤣

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  14. That road worker had very limited language, brain and gestures, i think he was asking one of you out HAHAHA or he might be a customer at a nearby asylum 😉

  15. Förutom fotbolls VM det bästa på länge från Ryssland. Bangkok-Jomppa CarSanook Media THAILAND

  16. roflmao!! absolutely crazy!! the excuses are infantile
    and the people entitled stupid morons!!
    The police is no help at all….lolol

  17. that guy shaved bald at the beginning of the video, is a pig. acting like that in a public place. no manners, no morals, no respect.

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