Stop those annoying Google Chrome notifications in Windows 10

Stop those annoying Google Chrome notifications in Windows 10

Is your computer bombarding you with notifications
like this? If you have Google Chrome and Windows 10,
this video will show you how to stop these alerts. This is Dave’s Tech Rescue, where I solve
your problems with computers, Internet and technology.
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my next video, where I might be answering your question. Today’s question – how do you stop website
notifications from Google Chrome? I’m talking about alerts like this that appear
in the lower right of your screen. In this video I’ll show you how you can control which
websites can give you these notifications, I’ll show you how you started getting them
in the first place, and I’ll show you how you can fully block them if you don’t want
to get any website notifications at all. So first, why are you getting these notifications?
Well at some point in the recent past, you would have been looking at a website, and
a notice like this will have appeared at the top – this website wants to show notifications,
Allow or Block. And it’s really easy to press Allow without thinking about it, and next
thing you’re getting these alerts all the time. Now let’s look at a few different ways you
can stop them. If you have Windows 10, you can silence all notifications – just click
the notifications icon in the lower right of your screen, and look at these icons. We’re
looking for Focus Assist – you might need to click Expand so you can see all the icons.
Now click on Focus Assist, and when it’s turned on, it should only show you Priority Notifications.
If you want to stop all notifications, click Focus Assist again to get Alarms only. So that’s turned off all notifications, but
now we want to take a look at how to control which notifications you get from Google Chrome. So In Google Chrome, you need to click on
the menu button in the top right – that’s the button with three dots.
Then click Settings. Now you need to click on Advanced, then click
on Privacy and Security. You need to click on Site Settings, and then
scroll down until you see Notifications. Click on Notifications.
You’ll see this page has two headings – Block and Allow, and if you look under Allow you
should see a list of websites. Scroll down, and you should see the website
that’s been giving you all the notifications. You can click on the 3 dots button to the
right for more actions, and then click Block. Now this website goes into the Block section,
and you shouldn’t see any more notifications from it.
While you’re looking at this page, you can block any other websites if you don’t want
notifications from them. But what if you want to fully block Chrome
from giving you any notifications? Well if you look at the top of this page,
there’s an option that says Ask Before Sending. If you turn this off, you won’t get any notifications
from Chrome. There we go, all notifications are blocked.
When you’ve finished on this page, you can just close it. So did that work for you? Let me know in the
comments below which website was annoying you. And please give this video the thumbs up if
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3 thoughts on “Stop those annoying Google Chrome notifications in Windows 10

  1. I wish to remove the login for win10. Have tried, but now I get "wrong password" when I start win10 and have to put in the correct password. Please show me the correct steps. Thank you in advance.

  2. Hi Dave. Can you do a video on blue screen of death? I know it's usually a graphics driver, but sometimes nothing else seems to work.

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