Straight Arm Press In 4 Easy Steps

Straight Arm Press In 4 Easy Steps

(intense tech music) – What’s up ThenX athletes, I’m Zay Tiggs, and welcome back to another
video for Official ThenX. Today I’m gonna be showing you four steps on how to master your Straight Arm Press. (high intensity beat music) Now, before we begin, it’s important that you guys
know the difference between a Bend Arm Press and a Straight Arm Press. The Bend Arm Press is a
more strength-based skill focusing on your shoulders,
biceps, and triceps supporting the movement. The Straight Arm Press also requires a lot from these muscles, but focuses more on flexibility as well as
your upper back muscles. You wanna make sure you
build a solid foundation when it comes to balance and strength. So, for this movement, you
wanna be able to complete these requirements before
attempting the Straight Arm Press. You wanna be able to hold a handstand for at least thirty seconds, hold an L-sit for at
least fifteen seconds, and be able to do at least
five handstand push-ups against the wall comfortably,
and with good form. There are many different
variations to performing this exercise, and today we’ll be incorporating tips and progressions, to get you on your way to
mastering this movement. As I mentioned before, you wanna have good flexibility on your shoulders and wrists,
especially your hamstrings, as it will result in better compression, making this movement a lot easier, meaning your trying to get your hips as close to your belly button as possible. The more compression you have, the less you have to lean forward, and the less strength you have
to apply to this movement. What you notice if you lack flexibility, is compensating by leaning
forward way too much, and your hips way back from your stomach. So with that being said, let’s move on to these progressions, they’re gonna help
increase your flexibility, strength, and get you on your way to mastering your Straight Arm Press. All right, so this first progression is a Straight Leg Negative
Handstand against the wall. Let me show you what that looks like. (high energy music) All right guys. So this
progression right here is gonna take you through the
full Straight Arm Press by doing the essentials of it. It’s gonna help you
understand the movements, and motions of the press
by making our bodies go through the full range of
motion that this move requires. At first, you might find
yourselves coming down really quickly, but keep working on it. The slower and more controlled you’re able to perform this movement, the faster you can move on
to the other progressions. All right, lets move on
to the next progression, that’s gonna be Pike Walks. Let me show you what that looks like. (jazzy beat music) All right, there you have Pike Walks. A great move to practice
the feeling of shifting your weight and balance from
your feet, to your shoulders. You’ll also be working
that initial start to the Straight Arm Press by
engaging your scapulas and upper back muscles that
will get you closer to stacking your hips, over your shoulders. This move will also work on
increasing your compression, by using less strength, and more balance control, and flexibility All right, lets move on
to this next progression, we got the Tuck Handstand Hold. Let me show you what that looks like. (slow, heavy bass music) All right guys, there you guys have it, the Tuck Handstand Hold. This move is gonna help develop
that straight arm strength, as well as strengthen your
wrists and shoulders by transferring your weight onto them, by being in that position. If you find this move too difficult, you can alleviate some
weight by using your arms as support, while keeping them locked. Let me show you what that looks like. (playful, calm music) There you have it. Practice this move to
develop the strength in your wrists and shoulders, so
you can then nicely do an Unassisted Tuck Handstand Hold. All right, moving on the
last and final progression, we got Elevated Pike Pumps, let me show you what that looks like. You will need an elevated surface, so, find a chair, a box,
anything that’s gonna help elevate your feet from the ground. Let me show you what this looks like. (deep, intense bass music) All right, and there you
have Elevated Pike Pumps. In the beginning, as you just saw, you might start off with small pumps, but eventually, you’ll
wanna work your way to doing full pumps, into a full handstand. Once you feel comfortable pumping up into the full handstand, now you can start reducing the height of the elevated surface, eventually making your
way down to the floor. (intense music) All right, so once you’ve
reached this point, you’ve successfully unlocked
the Straight Arm Press, and for the full step-by-step Straight Arm Handstand
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