Superpowers, Confidence, Blogging and Visual Impairment Q&A | Fashioneyesta

Superpowers, Confidence, Blogging and Visual Impairment Q&A | Fashioneyesta

Hey folks, welcome back to my channel. So today I’m going to be doing a Q&A video
for you. Because today is Fashioneyesta’s 3rd birthday, and to celebrate it I thought I would
get you guys to send me in some questions, so that I could answer them. So basically
it would be like we’re having a good old chat about life and everything that you wanna know.
So that’s basically what I’m gonna be doing today. And I’ve got a few questions. A few of them
are to do with blogging actually. Because I was going to initially do a blogging Q&A,
but then I got such a mix of questions I thought, well, I’ll just make it a general Q&A. But
there are going to be quite a few questions that are about blogging, just to let you guys
know. Just so that you’re aware that that’s basically why I’m doing it. Because I did start my blog originally, before
I did my Youtube channel. I’ve had my Youtube channel for about 2½ years now. But I initially
began my blog about 3 years ago, and it was around this time, and it was in 2012. So I wanted to celebrate it and mark it, and
mark the occasion. So that’s what I’m going to be doing today. “Being visually impaired, what has challenged
you about making a blog?” I guess the most challenging thing is probably
the photographs and doing the photography. Which is obviously why I have my mummy, who
is behind the camera. Say hello Mum. [Mum] Hello! [Emily] That’s probably the most challenging thing,
and she helps me with that, because she’s really good with that sort of thing. So she’s
the one who sorts out all the photography, and I’m the one who just puts it all on the
blog and does the writing and everything. I don’t do the lighting or anything like that in
the videos. It’s always my mum who does it. So it’s a joint effort, it’s me and my mum doing
it. So she’s the one who helps me with that. But definitely I think that’s probably the
most difficult thing about doing a blog/vlog, is the camera stuff. Next question is – “Apps for a blind or visually
impaired person for blogging. Which is the most useful for you,
and which would you recommend?” Well, it depends really what sort of blog
you’re doing, and what sort of thing you’re trying to do of course. If you’re trying to
do a blog in general, probably the Twitter app would be really good, because it’s very
accessible and very easy to use. I would also recommend Instagram as well,
because again it’s very easy to use and quite accessible as well. I think, in terms of what I personally use to
help me, I use things like a QR code scanner, so I can scan in codes on certain things when
I’m in shops, to get more information about it. I also really like using my Camera app, and
I take a picture and I magnify it. And actually I got this tip from the girls from Blind Not
Bored – hi girls if you’re watching! And they said “Ooh, why don’t you just do that?
You take a picture and then zoom in to see something better.” I was thinking “I’ve actually never thought
about this. I’ve had this phone for however many years, but I’ve never thought
about doing it. Why am I so silly?” So the girls gave me a good tip-off about
that, so that’s now what I do. So I do use the Camera app as well. And I guess for other apps, I also use quite
a lot of shopping apps. I also use things like ShopStyle and that kind of thing,
and things to do with that. I’ve also got things like a virtual app closet,
which I basically use so I can organise my clothing. I think I’ve mentioned this before. And
I use that to help me with that sort of thing. Next question – “How would you best
recommend to start a blog off?” I think, starting a blog, is you’ve gotta know
what you wanna write about, you’ve gotta know what you’ve got a passion about. There’s
no point picking a subject that you’ve got absolutely zero passion about, and you don’t
even enjoy writing, and you think “Oh, I should just do this because everyone else likes it.” If you don’t like fashion, don’t do a fashion
blog obviously. If you don’t like technology, then don’t do a technology blog. Do the thing that you like. And if you don’t
really know what sort of thing you’d wanna blog about, think about the things that make
you happy, whether that be gardening, cookery, whether that be talking about culture, whether
you want to try and make some difference in the world, whether you want to talk about
animals in the wild. Something that makes you tick, something that
you love to talk about, is probably the most important place to start off, and then the
rest will follow. Because as long as you’ve got the passion there, everything
else comes into place. And then I think it’s a case of choosing where
you wanna start your platform. So whether you wanna do Blogger or WordPress. I personally
would recommend WordPress, because it’s honestly one of the best platforms to use, and I just
really like it. I’ve been on there for about 2½ years. Because I was originally on Blogger, and then
I moved to WordPress, because I was finding it was not as accessible as WordPress was.
So I’ve used both, and I’ve now made the transition. I think also making sure that you have good
connections with things as well, and making sure that you stay up to date with the latest
news on whatever the topic you’re talking about. Because obviously blogs are supposed to be
current and quick and in on what’s new and everything. No matter what you’re talking
about, whether that be fashion, beauty, whether that be current news, it’s always fast-ticking,
because it’s a media form essentially. So you need to make sure that you’re keeping
on track, and that you also are able to present yourself, and write eloquently, and articulate
yourself, and not offend anybody as well. That’s really important when you’re doing
a blog, to make sure that you’re trying to be as diplomatic and least offensive as you
possibly can. That is very important. Next question is – “What everyday struggles
do you have with sight loss? Do people assume things?” I think daily struggles for me being visually
impaired would have to be, not so much me as a person. I get along just fine, I’m able
to get on transport easily enough, I’m able to mobilise very well, I’ve got apps that
are really great to help me with things, like travel apps and stuff.
So I’m fine on my own. But it’s people’s misconceptions. So it could
be like I go to a café and someone says “You’ve gotta get out because you’ve got your guide
dog, and they’re not allowed”, and they’re not really understanding about what
the protocol is for assistance dogs. It could be that I go to a supermarket and
someone says a comment like “Oh, you don’t look visually impaired” or, you know, “Your
dog looks a bit tired. Are you working her too hard?” And actually it’s not,
it’s just because she lays down and goes to sleep quite a lot. Or just general things like that. It’s more
the fact that people have these misconceptions about me and what I can do and what I can’t
do. I mean, I’m not generalising, because there are some lovely people that I meet on
my travels as well. But a lot of the time, you get people who are quite negative towards
disability, or they’re not as understanding, or they say things that are really uncalled for,
or a bit uncouth. And that really annoys me. So it would definitely have to be that that is
something that really bugs me about everyday life, and some of the struggles I have. So as for “Do people assume things?” Yes,
I do occasionally get this. So people will assume that I’m completely blind, because I’ve
got a guide dog. People will assume sometimes equally that I’m a trainer, because I’ve got
the guide dog, and apparently I don’t “look blind”, according to some people. People always assume that apparently, because
I’m visually impaired, I can’t have a life, that I can’t get shopping on my own, or that
I shouldn’t be in a place because I’ve got a guide dog. Lots of things really. They assume it, and not in a malicious way.
It’s just because they haven’t got an understanding of it, or they’re just a bit…
not ignorant, but just unknowing. But sometimes the things they say, and they
kind of assume things, and I think they could be a bit more aware, and they shouldn’t really
say that, because it’s not entirely fair to visually impaired people. So I do get people
who assume things quite a lot, and it’s just a case of trying to culture them I guess. So the next question is –
“Are you at mainstream college?” I’m at university, and I’ve just finished
my degree, and I’m just about to start my Masters degree. But yes, I’m in mainstream
college/university. I went to a mainstream school all my life, I’ve never been to a specialist
college for anything to do with sight loss or disability. So I’ve always been in
the mainstream environment. “What, In your opinion, is the best way to
gain followers/readers for your blog?” I guess the best way to get more readers and
followers is to make sure that you promote what you do well. I mean, it’s all good and
well having amazing quality blogs, and taking hours and hours and hours writing them. But
if you don’t promote it well, so if you don’t say “Hey @YankeeCandles, I did a blog about
some of my favourite candles by you!”, then they’re not gonna see it, and they might not
retweet it or share it. Equally if you do a blog and you mention people
that you like, or you do a blog about something relevant, like if you do a blog about, say
for instance, it’s disability related, make sure you tweet it to all the relevant
people who are gonna see it, so they can share it for you. Make sure that you’re connected to everything
like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook page if you’ve got one. Obviously not everyone’s gonna
wanna have one of those. And make sure that you promote it on the media, and make sure
that you try and get the word across about what you’re doing. It’s not a case of writing more blogs, it’s
a case of promoting the ones you’ve got. It’s all about making sure that you are getting
your voice heard, and that you’re promoting what you do. And that’s probably, like I say,
one of the most important things about blogging, and definitely blogging if you’ve got
a sight impairment, because you need to get your voice heard. “Do you feel like being visually impaired and
doing blogs help you with your self confidence?” Oh absolutely, I would totally agree. I think
that being a blogger, it’s really enhanced my self confidence. Because I’m trying to
look nice for my blogs, I have gained a really amazing sense of community. There’s so many
people here on Youtube that follow me, as on Twitter and Facebook, who are
lovely, lovely, LOVELY people. I have gained such an amazing extended family,
I guess, on Youtube and on my blog and everything. And it’s amazing, because
you meet so many people. And they really help to
boost your confidence. Whether that be “Oh my god, that lipstick
looks lovely on you”, or saying that “You’ve really changed my life”, or “You’ve really
changed my outlook on life”, or “You’ve really helped me see that my disability doesn’t
define me”, or something to do with that. It’s really boosted my confidence, and I am
a completely different person to what I was 3 years ago. Partly because I’ve got a guide
dog, but also because I’ve got my blog, and amazing people who have been able to boost
me up, and to make me feel like I’m doing some good for people. And
I think I absolutely love that. So I definitely would agree that being visually
impaired and having a blog has helped my self confidence. Because I’m getting my voice heard,
and getting my point across, and finally having my own say, and having some amazing
opportunities because of it. “What one thing would you
change about the world?” The one thing that really strikes a chord
with me is endangered animals. If I could stop one thing in the world, I would love to
stop endangered animals being hunted and killed. Because they’re endangered enough
as it is. And if they vanish, then the children of the future are not gonna be able
to see them, and not gonna be able to know what they were like. This is getting really deep, I’m really sorry.
But you know what I mean. If they’re not here, what’s a picture to having seen the real thing?
If there aren’t gonna be any more in the wild, the world’s gonna be a pretty poor place. So if I could stop one thing, it would be
to stop animals in the wild, endangered animals in particular, from being hunted. Because
that’s something that really matters to me. “If you could have one superpower,
what would it be?” Oh, you know what? I probably would say, if
I could have one superpower, it would be the power of teleportation. Because you’d get
so much done so much quicker. You could pop to the shops, you could go and
see a mate, you could get to work easy enough, you probably would save a lot of time in bed,
you could teleport to Mars. And teleportation is such a cool thing to
have. And I’ve loved the idea of it ever since I read the Skulduggery Pleasant series, and
I got into them, and read about the guy called Fletcher Renn. I think that would be a pretty
cool skill to have. Because he says it’s… in the book, it’s just made
to look so interesting. So that or the ability to fly. But I don’t
know. I’d probably have to get my guide dog to be able to fly with me. Because they
wouldn’t let me fly, because I’d be like “Wooo, I’m flying!” BOOF! into a plane. Or
“Wooo, I’m flying!” [Claps] into a tree. So I probably would have to say that if I was
gonna have that power, Unity would have to be able to come up with me. And it would
be like Snowman & The Snowdog! It’d be like “Weeee! We’re up in the air! We’re flying!
Woooo!” [Mum laughs] [Mum] Oh my god. That’s actually
one of your favourite films ever! [Emily] Yeah. I’m not gonna lie. I do have
fantasies that me and my guide dog are flying above the air. And she’s like “Mum, look!
We’re flying over St Pauls Cathedral!” Definitely that or to teleport.
I think one of those two. So that was my Q&A for today guys. I really
hope you enjoyed it, and you found this interesting. If you at all have any questions to ask me,
you can comment below and let me know. Or you can tag me on Twitter under @DavisonEm
and ask me the questions, under the hashtag #AskFashioneyesta. Or my Facebook page, which
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Buh-bye everybody! [Outro music]

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  1. Happy birthday Fashioneyesta!! You are doing soooo well Emily! I can't believe how far you've come! You are a true inspiration and you should be very proud of yourself! Your videos and blog posts are always amazing and i always take somethjng away from what you do, you truly inspire me and i'm so glad i found you! You are the one who inspired me to start my own blog and i can't thank you enough for that! Keep up with the amazing work that you are doing ? You are doing incredible ? Lovely video as always ?xx

  2. I admire you I have nystagmus as well and my visual perception is slanted I wanna share my beautiful voice and I'm so scared you are my hero!

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