Switch your blog to a new Blogger Theme – and customize it!

Switch your blog to a new Blogger Theme – and customize it!

Hi I’m Peggy K. Today I’m going to show you how to switch your Blogger blog to one of the new modern mobile-friendly Themes. There are four new Blogger themes: Contempo, Soho, Emporio and Notable. You can check out the new Blogger themes by signing in to your Blogger account and clicking “Theme” on the left menu. To see how your blog would look with one of the new Themes, scroll down to the Theme you want to try, and click the magnifying glass to see a preview. You can scroll through different preset options for that Theme. When you find a Theme you want to try for your blog, click the orange “Apply to blog” button. Be sure to download a copy of your current Theme as a backup, then click “Apply”. You can customize your theme by clicking the orange “Customize” button to open the Blogger Theme Designer. The blogger theme designer lets you change the theme, set a background and color theme, and choose which Gadget. display. The Advanced settings let you configure all the other visual aspects of your blog, including the background color, fonts and text size, and much more. And if you are an advanced designer you can add custom CSS to override the existing theme style. Once you’re happy with the way your blog looks, click the “Apply to blog” button at the top right corner. And I’m speaking from experience because I just updated the theme for my blog PeggyKTC.com – I switched from the old “Simple” Theme to the new “Notable” Theme and updated my blog’s title abd header as well. One of the advantages of the new Themes is that they automatically adjust to any window size. And remember if you’re not happy with the way the Theme looks, you can always change it again. If you found this video helpful click my channel icon to subscribe for more creator tips!

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  1. Peggy you have SUCH great voice-over and instructional voice. I look forward to making some changes to oir work here in Hollywood. Pleas setay in touch.

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