Sydney’s Love For Nicole Backfires 😱Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love

Sydney’s Love For Nicole Backfires 😱Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love

– [Narrator] Nicole and Sydney
were on the sexiest date you’ve ever imagined in your life and it turned into a nightmare
with unexpected visitor. See what I did there. – Oh (beep). That’s Ashley. – Surprise. ♪ No, you can’t get away ♪ ♪ You know I got it ♪ My name is Ashley Ceasar. I’m from Oakland, California. My ex is Nicole. People may recognize me from
Real World Explosion Season 29. Hi. – How was work? – Good. – Good.
– Crazy long. I’m super tired right now. And now I’m here ready to
make this peak explode. ♪ Let’s put it plain and simple ♪ ♪ You hear my voice it trembles ♪ Nicole and I met because it
basically went down in the DMs. After that it was just like non-stop. She’s not like any girl
I’ve ever dated before. Our relationship has been very wild. Nicole and I dated for six months, but Nicole and I should be divorced with two kids at this point. As good as the highs were, the lows were just equally as low. Like we fought about the fact
that Nicole’s a huge player and we would really get into it sometimes. That definitely was a big
factor in our break up for sure. I just really want a second chance to try to figure things out because I do feel that she
could end up being the one. So if you wanna be with
me, then be real with me and give up all those other girls. Just so guys know I
listened to the whole date and I saw it on screen so. – I’m not even okay with this right now. I’m at a lost of words because I don’t know
what to say with Ashley. Hey. – Whoa! We’re not going actually that fast yet. – Oh. – (beep) Just made out in
front of the fireplace. – This (beep) sucks. – I mean I get it, like
get to know each other, hit it off, but whoa, talking
about spending the rest of your lives together. – No, it wasn’t like it.
– That’s a lot. – We’re not saying that that wasn’t even, that wasn’t even an option, right? Is this a dream? – You would consider this a dream? I would maybe a nightmare – No, no, I lived my nightmare. This is definitely a dream. I’m (beep) sorry (mumbles). Do you have more wine or no? – Why are you so nervous right now? Are you tripping because you did (mumbles) you probably shouldn’t have done? Or like why are you nervous right now? – The story doesn’t have,
roll out and not Sydney. I don’t know what to say. – The crazy thing is we were really good. I get it. We’re broken up. She’s gonna move on and
she’s a total player, but three people that’s a
little excessive honestly. It’s definitely hard hearing that you’ve hooked up
with that many girls. I mean I just can’t move on that quickly. (mumbles) I’m glad that you could. – Are you kidding me? Babe, it’s not even like that. The way that Ashley’s taking the fact that I made out with three girls is she’s bottled inside
the way that she feels. I know she’s hurting ridiculously and I’m feeling like I can’t take it back. I can’t do anything about it. And at this moment when
I’m looking at Ashley, I wish I could take everything back because I never want to
disrespect her in a million years. – I’m just really confused right now. I get it. I get it. It’s easy to get caught up. – The thing that stung me the most was definitely how much she
still is in love with Ashley. It’s like she looks at Ashley and she’s (beep) in love with her and it’s kind of like (beep) man, that’s deep, and that kind of suck.

8 thoughts on “Sydney’s Love For Nicole Backfires 😱Ex on the Beach: Peak of Love

  1. That so fuck up Nicole so many away . Cozying up Sydney's right. But when she goes in the jacuzzi like she does not paid attention to Sydney's start flirting right away with Ashley front of her face Sydney's. For me you both are off better with out Nicole in your life. Players will always be players they never going to change .

  2. Can Nicole stick with only ONE woman while in a relationship? She leaves Allie to be with Laurel, then leaves Laurel to be with Allie Sydney, and Ashley who she's been wanting to be with ALL season; then leaves Sydney to be with Ashley.

  3. Nicole is such a peace of shit, like seriously stop fucking with other peoples emotions because it’s not okay.

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