Video Blog: Life On Residence At Ryerson

[ Music ]>>Hey what’s going on Ryerson? My name’s Tianna and I’m your student life video blogger. We’re going to be covering a lot of topics this year. We’re going to a lot of events, but today’s topic is residence at Ryerson. Now I’m a…

Google’s Proposal for North Bayshore

Google’s Proposal for North Bayshore

(Bjarke) Silicon Valley has been the cradle of this series of innovations that over the last decades have propelled technology and world economy. But all of the resources, all of the intelligence, has been invested into the immaterial, the digital realm, the internet. It was…

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The Spectator: Hamilton’s Student-run Newspaper

The Spectator: Hamilton’s Student-run Newspaper

My name is Charles Dunst, I’m a member of the Class of 2018. I’m the current editor and chief of The Spectator. The Spectator is actually older than The New York Times, we’ve been published every year since 1847. The Spectator has actually covered everything…

Central Michigan Life named top college newspaper in Michigan, one of top in nation