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The Data Explosion | The History of the Internet, Part 3

The Data Explosion | The History of the Internet, Part 3

Giant companies like Google and Facebook and Amazon dominate today’s internet, with hands in just about everything you can do online — from search, to advertising, to storage. And love them or hate them, those companies’ websites get more than six hundred million visitors a…

The early internet is breaking – here’s how the World Wide Web from the 90s on will be saved


(man) Hey guys, tell me what the frick WTF means. (Ian) Shut up! Was this just uploaded? Yeah. Dude, come on, type “thumbs up if you’re the 306th viewer.” Why? Uh, because people thumbs it up and we can brag to our friends when it…

Como poner una imagen en el fondo de tu blog en blogger – TUTORIAL

12 Year Old Dan’s Website

hello internet so today I would like to show you something pretty special. an ancient relic lost to the past of the internet which I had completely forgotten about for years until one day I got a random email from some stalker that said on…