Who Reads Blogs, Anymore?! The 3 Types of People Reading Your Blog – Awkward Marketing
An Easy Way to Monetize Your Blog Posts

An Easy Way to Monetize Your Blog Posts

Hello. Amber Vilhauer here, your online business growth expert. And during today’s 4-minute fast-track video, I’m going to give you a pretty awesome tip on how you can monetize in your business and start generating sales very very easily. How does that sound? And this…

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Blogger Outreach: Everything You Need to Know (2019)

Let’s face it. You’re not going to be successful in blogger outreach by half-assing e-mails and asking people to share your content. If you want the quality backlinks and organic traffic that blogger outreach can provide, You’ve really got to step up your game. And…

Personal Branding and Why You Need a Website VS. Social Media

Hey everyone, this is Roberto Blake of robertoblake.com helping you create something awesome today. Today we’re going to talk a little bit more about personal branding. Growing and developing your personal brand has never been more important and today I want to talk to you…

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