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8 SEO Tips for Your Website

8 SEO Tips for Your Website

– Welcome to The Journey. I’m Nealey. – And I’m Morgan. – And today we’re gonna give you eight quick tips to improve your local SEO. All right Morgan before we dive into the tips, it’s probably a good idea to really understand what is…

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WordPress SEO: Advanced Technical SEO Made Easy

WordPress SEO: Advanced Technical SEO Made Easy

WordPress is much more than just another blogging platform. In fact, popular websites like TechCrunch and BBC America use WordPress to attract and host millions of search visitors every single month. But using WordPress out of the box won’t cut it if you want to…

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How to add Hreflang tag in blogger

To add the hreflang tags There are actually different ways the way google says it you have to copy and paste these tags the title blow the title tags but they are not actually working for blogger i found a different way which is actually…