TATTOOS & MAGIC – A Journal in my Skin

TATTOOS & MAGIC – A Journal in my Skin

100 thoughts on “TATTOOS & MAGIC – A Journal in my Skin

  1. As someone who has always loved magic and is currently curating a collection of tattoos it is very cool to see someone who has some serious thought and stories behind their tattoos, great video!

  2. i love music and i love buying and reselling clothes , especially street wear clothing . but i have no creativity to come up with a tattoo that deals with those two things

  3. The best type of tattoos I've ever seen do u mind sharing with us the tattoo artist information ty.

  4. dude wtf i always tought that the moth was a reference to ,,cicada,, the world most hard internet puzzle.

  5. Tattoos don’t always need a story, it’s ok to get one just because you like it. The words “tattoo” and “regret” end up together a lot even though I could never see myself ever regretting a tattoo. Even if you don’t like it in 10 years, it still represents a part of your life. Remember, you only live once.

  6. Never heard anyone else in my life say the same as me about the knight on a chess board. I got a huge buzz from Chris saying that in this video I can't lie. Big smile and a nice little moment in my day today cheers mate 👍🏻.
    Love the vids btw the editing is always sweet in literally ALL of your content and u can't say that much nowadays about many youtubers at all, it doesn't go unnoticed bro.

  7. I know this video is old. I know you probably won't see my comment. But what's a girl gotta do to see some live magic, play some chess, and talk Harry Potter Potter all things magic? 😊♠️♦️♣️♥️

  8. I wonder why he didn't mention the skull and swords symbol that's on the monarchs tuck case. I was actually thinking about getting it, but the fact that he doesn't even want to mention it put me off. Is there something I didn't know?

  9. Your tattoos are amazing! Like all of them! Love the meaning behined every tattoo,not just every day tattoo! So ,excelent! Love it!!

  10. Honestly this kind of style really suits who you are right now, fits your beard tho, lots of beard man wanna have those big arm sleeves but i love your tattoos, it's really like, traditional and Neotraditional mixed, i wanna have this kind of tattoos but my body is not like yours haha im not a fashion guy so i just got the whole arm sleeve

  11. In China, you'll typically see 520. wu ar ling. which kind of sounds like wo ai nI (我爱你), meaning I love you. So I'm assuming the 52 Just means: I love

  12. The keys tat is just for the Crossed Keys Society. Big fan Chris, but even if you don't talk about it, people can still look up it's meaning and learn about it.

  13. the tatoo he dont want to talk about is called society of the crossed keys and its secret membership company wich still stands. one key is silver and one gold.

  14. “Mimento Mori” story is actually untrue. Unfortunately. If I remember this correctly, it was supposedly Julius Caesar who hired a man to follow him around, and whisper in his ear “you’re only a man”. Or “Mimento Mori”. One of my FAVORITE quotes from those times is “Η ΤΑΝ Η ΕΠΙ ΤΑΣ”. Which translates to “Come back with your shield, or on it.” It was said by mothers and wives to their Spartan husbands and sons going to war. There was no option for coming back home defeated. You either won, or died. The Spartans had some great quotes when it came to being a warrior.

  15. I AM SO STOKED THIS CAME UP ON MY FEED. I know its an old vid but ive been waiting for this for months

  16. Nice to hear your tattoo story, I’m 21 and just started I got my knuckles top and bottom ones done and will continue to get more.

  17. Hey!! Still here 2019 also…
    I want some tatts but I'm not sure if I want a sleeve, or smaller bunched up tatts kinda like Chris's. I have so many ideas and so little space (cause I'm short and small :v)

  18. I have been watching your puzzle videos for a while. I love the way you present them and the calming way you talk. I cannot believe you have a tattoo done in Blackpool, that's where I was born! 🙂 Interesting video, I love the stories behind ink.

  19. I don't know why every tattooed youtuber come at a time where he feels the need to explain his tattoo to everybody…

  20. Yeah Love tattoo and a all seeing eye in a pyramide tattoo. CR Logo has the snake in it. And the pedo and crowly dress whit owls and NASA !!! Lol poor Freemansons crap.

  21. Bro, you have inspired me…Your story, or stories for that matter are told in such an iconic and artistic way. Your tattoos are so simple yet complex but their meaning are so clear because you really don't have to think too much into how to express yourself. I just recently got my first tattoo and seeing your video has really inspired me to look more into myself on how I can visualize my personality through this art. Thank you for this!

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