teaching u my bullet journal ways | not really studying with nina 8

teaching u my bullet journal ways | not really studying with nina 8

hello my frens it’s nina and for this video i am back with a not really studying with nina hold on let me just clean up my desk a little bit no actually i kinda need it on there we go i’ll just leave it, a tiny bit there we go i’m actually doing a video that was very highly requested but it looks like a not really studying with nina episode so i just had to add it to the series this might be shocking but for this episode i’m not studying at all i’m actually going to study tomorrow on my own because i’m actually going to be suffering tomorrow and i don’t want you to see that so we’re going to just chill out today i wanted to just chill out with you guys and just show you my bullet journal setup so go get a refreshment go get a snacc and let’s do this i have seen a lot of bullet journal videos and they all look amazing and my bullet journal is definitely not like that i don’t have the time or the mental capacity to do what a lot of people do with their bullet journals so that’s why i kind of avoided making this video just because my bullet journal is really the simplest thing you could ever look at but you know what this is my bullet journal this is my life this is how i do things and this has helped me for the last 3 months so it’s not useless and if you wanna make it more complicated then go ahead this is all my 2 brain cells can do right now ok so we’re gonna just get started now i’m just gonna go find my pencil case so i’m going to just to show you what my bullet journal is i’ve talked about it before it’s this black bullet journal that you see it’s dotted inside so it’s not gridded, it’s just literal dots as you can see, i’ll bring it closer for you guys so the bullet journal has these dots it allows for a lot of freedom for your creativity if you have any and the brand is right here this is the brand and i’m not going to pronounce it because it is something that i can’t pronounce so along with the bullet journal i only use a few pens i use muji pens just because they feel the best to me i’ve talked about muji way too many times muji if you’re watching this hit me up but personally i only use a few pens just because that’s all i need i can’t find the pen that i need so for my bullet journal i just use a black pen and then i use a blue pen and then i use a red pen and then i also use a highlighter but i also have another highlighter here she is i don’t really use this but i have another highlighter and then i also use a ruler oh and then i also use white-out because i make a lot of mistakes because i’m writing with pen here are my tools i have a lot of stuff due this month for some reason even though it’s my birth month all my classes should be canceled it’s my birth month so the way that my bullet journal works is i do a monthly set up at the beginning of the month and then i do a weekly setup every saturday or sunday it’s mostly been sunday but every weekend when i have time i will dedicate a full 1-2 hours to plan out my entire week so i first write with highlighter just because i don’t want the pen to smudge but i do write with highlighter i’m just gonna spell out november i’m doing it in pink i could’ve done it with orange but you know what who cares then after that i just go over it with black just so i could see it better i feel like the monthly setup is probably the most work but you know what it’s calming each box for each day is 6×6 also i am filming as the sun’s going down so if the lighting changes at all during this video that’s why i highkey need a napkin this is literally toilet paper now i have to count a little bit okay and then ummm i lost my place there it is okay dang it i was off by one i need one more that’s gonna look a little odd but that’s okay there we go and then i’m just gonna close that off i am honestly amazed at people who can do those themes and drawings all the time i’m amazed by that and i wish i could do that but your bullet journal is still a bullet journal if it just helps you you don’t have to have every single thing i used to have a habit tracker but i would never keep track of it and i used to have all those things but i found that in my life i don’t really need it i don’t really keep track of my habits just because that stresses me out you don’t have to have all that in your bullet journal if you don’t want to but if you do want it then go for it but everyone’s bullet journal is different so don’t feel pressured to have to do less or more i lost count there we go look at it guys look at that these are all the pen marks alright so now i’m done with that as you can see i drew all the lines it really isn’t that complicated and then next i’m just going to be placing the highlighter part as you can see in my october layout i have the highlighter and then i put the numbers over it so that’s what i’m going to be doing for november and then where do we start wow it’s already saturday oh yea it is saturday daylight savings time?? this is why i like november so daylight savings is ending cool that’s great thank you that’s just what i needed ugh that was such hard work and then next i also do put a goals and future section just because everyone does that and you know what it’s nice to have some goals and it’s nice to have a future so i’m going to add lines for my goals and for my future even though i don’t really fill it out just because i really didn’t fill out my goals section for october huh maybe i’ll have some goals for this month let’s try it and now i’m going to add the numbers i’m going in with black and i’m going to fill out the numbers i think for this part i will bring you guys in wow this is the first time the camera’s moving in a not really studying with nina anyway i’m gonna bring you guys in a little closer i’m gonna just flatten you guys a little i’m gonna bring you guys down that didn’t work either gosh this is the worst this is why i don’t do a study channel because i suck hold on y’all i’ll figure this out i’m sorry dang it dang it alright so now that i’ve brought you guys in closer wow this looks really good now that i’ve brought you guys closer you can see my hand in HD now so i’m just gonna continue on boop how many days are there and then i’m just going to write 1 for december this is the finished month now i’m just gonna write the actual dates this is just weird without me in the video how did i do october so i did do it in red so moving on i’m going to write the important stuff in black no i’m not i’m gonna write in red no wait but then you know what it doesn’t really matter ok if you can see it i’m just adding aw dang it that’s the wrong colored pen if you can see i’m just adding some hearts to make it a little cute it looks like washi tape and then this is future and this is goals and then my birthday is right here i do have a paper due the day after my birthday you know what this is probably good enough but this is all i do for november it’s very simple i could put a sticker right here but that’s for another time so this was october, i put a nice sticker right there but these are my monthly setups they are pretty identical actually i really just like how simple it is moving on i am going to do my weekly setup i do this weekly so i don’t do 4 weeks or 5 weeks all at once that’s too much and won’t give me anything to do on the sunday of that week so i’m just going to do this week’s setup actually i do have to bring you guys in for this because it’s kind of a lot so this is what a full week looks like this was from october this is every single day but this is just a typical week as you can see these are my bullets i crossed this out because my class got canceled so it didn’t really apply anymore so i crossed it out when i finish an assignment i don’t cross it out like this i just put a simple boing x right there if i have to move things because i didn’t do it i’m gonna put a little carrot thing right there and then if i eventually finish it maybe i’ll change it like that but then i also finished this so i don’t know why i didn’t cross it out i also like having a check-off system just after every reading and after every assignment i like to make a tiny little box and just check off the box when i finished it so very quickly aw dang it usually when i do these things i can see the last week so i can just copy it but i can’t really do that now because this is a month but i can kind of line it up like this so i’m just gonna dot it a little bit so we can kinda see where each line is and then now with the flick of the wrist i’m just gonna go for it this can go right or this can go wrong let’s see one, two, *makes sound effect* ahhhhh noooooo it’s not long enough *makes sound effect* there we go *makes another sound effect* and it doesn’t have to be perfect ok yes yes i split my friday and my saturday just because i don’t do a whole lot on my fridays and saturdays except for youtube related stuff so i’m just gonna put them both on one little section here the dotted grid is 38×26 so i just divide this in two so it’s gonna be 13 and 13 so it’s like something around here it doesn’t really matter we are not aiming for perfection we are aiming for practicality dang it these were so much shorter i made that really long it’s ok so today what is this day so this is november 4 it’s a sunday it’s important for me to write the actual day as well november 5, monday i like to write in italics for the days just so it separates from the regular font of my handwriting what the heck is that ok november 6 tuesday and then the last day so right now i am looking through each of my classes to see what readings and things are due i forgot where the syllabus is for this class actually it’s online i have to find that this actually takes so much frickin time ok so it’s not too bad actually it’s bad i’m looking at the page numbers right now that’s terrible wow so i’m just gonna download all of these and then i’m gonna write them down i guess i do make folders for all of my readings just so i’m a little bit more organized sorry my posture looks like it’s really bad but i’m bending down to fit in the frame and then now i’m moving on to my next class and then i am finding the syllabus i actually do have the syllabus downloaded i’m not going to download the syllabus again here we go it’s right there perfect this is why it’s very important to have folders on your desktop so the next one aw dang it he updated the syllabus never mind i have to look at it again but then i already downloaded it so now i have to find it in my finder um the digital age is very confusing i downloaded the syllabus 3 times already i’m just gonna move it into my folder now so it’s there forever i honestly do the most oh god that’s a mess okay what is this no that’s not the right date ok hold on and then what where i have so many things opened wait i am malfunctioning hold on there we go why are there so many readings i’m downloading so many readings this is honestly i’d rather no i wouldn’t have a textbook actually this is fine i can suffer a little bit god why do i have so many classes this is too much brain this is exactly why i can’t study right now what week are we on and then what day is that okay done with that now i can get into the actual bullet journal part ok so tomorrow i have a lot of stuff i need to do i need to upload a video oh i literally wrote “upload a video” then i also have to do my laundry i haven’t done my laundry in a while i also have to do my readings wrong class there we go and then i put a little box so when i finish i can just check it off later and then when actual classes start i do write my schedule at this point i know my schedule well it’s just it’s a habit and also i did it wrong first i put the time just gonna white that out there we go ugh that kind of messed up that it’s okay i won’t really notice then i put little boxes for when i complete those then next i’m going to do my readings for this day so now everyone’s schedule is pretty different so you might not even have to do this kind of stuff this is literally just what i do so i just do the same thing for each day now ok you know what i thought something was off because i was like wait i don’t do anything after i come back home on thursday but then i realized i already put these over here, because that’s the appropriate date this is wrong well time for more white-out so now i’m just going to fix that and then now one more class if there’s anything ever important i just put an exclamation point and then i’ll write important things i feel like there was also something else due around here umm that’s fine and then this is my week so far and if i have anything to add there’s plenty of space for me to add it so this is my month and this is my week and then another week will come but this is what my bullet journal has been looking like for the last few months it gets more intense sometimes if i have anything i need to add i will write it with red and then i always mark it off with red now everyone’s bullet journal is different so just do what you need to do now this week was a mess because this was the week of my concert as you can see right here so i kinda had to move everything around but this is how messy the week can be and that’s why i have a bullet journal this was the first time i ever used this bullet journal style so i did do little doodles i especially like doing these now this was my month layout for august it was really cute i put stickers on it so it doesn’t hurt to do doodles sometimes i even drew that it’s based off of my stickers that concludes this not really studying with nina i didn’t study at all but i am now a little bit more prepared for what i have to do tomorrow with your bullet journal don’t stress out about what it looks like and just have a method that is useful for you whether that is very detailed or very minimal it’s up to you but that is it for this video and i will see your lovely face next time bring it in for a hug goodnight or good morning and i will see you next time goodbye my frens 🙂

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