Ten Terrible Reason to not Vote (and two good ones)

Ten Terrible Reason to not Vote (and two good ones)

Good morning John. This video is for young
people in America. You are not a young person in America, but you can still watch. In fact,
please do, and if you feel compelled to, send this video to young people you know in America. It’s time to talk about why we’re not voting.
Here are some of the reasons I hear. “I don’t want to get jury duty.” STOP. No.
NO. Nothin’ – no correlation between those two things. You get jury duty whether or not
you’re registered to vote. “I don’t want to vote for the lesser of two
evils.” Why – why not? It’s the lesser of two evils. Do you want to vote for the greater
of two evils? Because not voting is like half a vote for the greater of two evils. Also
I just did my absentee ballot and I felt a lot of times like I was voting for the greater
of two goods. It happens. “I don’t know who or what to vote for.” This
is a completely acceptable excuse. However, if you care about the world, it’s really easy
nowadays to do research on the ballot initiatives and candidates on your ballot. Just google
the place where you live and “voter information packet” or “candidates.” Do a little research.
It’ll take like a half hour. Also don’t feel bad for not voting on every single thing on
the ballot. Here’s something from mine: “To change the name of the State Auditor to Commissioner
of Securities and Insurance.'” I don’t care about that. “I don’t even know if I’m registered.” Allow
me to introduce you to canivote.org. It will tell you in like twelve seconds. “I’m not registered.” Eleven states including
California have same day voter registration, and even in places that don’t, there’s still
time to register. You can check out how in the links in the description. “I don’t really care.” This is completely
acceptable; if you don’t care don’t vote. It’s, like, one of the good excuses. “Big corporations and millionaires are the
only ones who actually decide the outcomes of elections.” Big corporations get fewer
votes than you do, and millionaires get the exact same number. However, millionaires do
disproportionately affect elections because 99% of them vote! If you want proof that millionaires
can’t buy elections, there it is for ya. They go to the polls and they vote because they
know that is the only way people get elected. “I can’t get to the poll on November 4th.”
Another completely legitimate reason, and I’m sorry to hear that, and look into absentee
boating next – boating? Absentee boating – is not something you want to do. “I’m just done with this, the gridlocks and
bickering and cynicism – I just don’t want to be a part of it.” I feel you. I absolutely
do. Campaigns these days seem to be more about energizing the base in the form of angering
and terrifying them than they are about actually talking about issues or providing information.
This tends to turn away more moderate voters – especially young people. But the more moderate
voters are the ones that we need to turn this country away from partisanship and gridlock. “It’s not even a democracy.” OH MY GOD, YES
IT IS. You know how many democracies there were in the world in 1900? ZERO. There was
no universal suffrage in the entire world. We could do better in America. It could be
more representative. In fact, there are ballot measures in lots of states designed to make
it less representative. The only way to make it more representative is to vote. And finally, the one that bugs me the most:
“You know my vote’s not going to matter.” The notion that your vote won’t matter because
it probably won’t be the individual deciding vote in a particular election is a magnificent
failure of imagination. If every young person who used this excuse got off their butt and
voted one Tuesday every two years, they would literally be the deciding vote in thousands
of elections. So maybe it’s time to do that. To recognize that the power lies with us.
That’s what democracies are. Make this country better because you can,
so you kinda have an obligation to. People born after the year 1980 make up like 30%
of the electorate now. But only 21% of people under the age of 24 are expected to vote this
election. If you aren’t voting, no one is hearing your voice, so they have no reason
to represent you. There’s only one way you can change that and it is a very easy thing:
vote. John, I’ll see you on Tuesday.

100 thoughts on “Ten Terrible Reason to not Vote (and two good ones)

  1. The problem with the mass vote is that many are not educated enough or deserve the right to pick a leader for the US Presidency or congress. . They are manipulated, leading to a comparable Prom king and Queen vote. "Who is giving me the welfare?" and other selfish and leaderless decisions. The vote should be limited to those that have at least a High School Diploma, be at least 21 and are a current year long taxpayer. All those rules are exempt if one is currently serving in the military or has completed such duty with honorable discharge. And of course be an American Citizen.The country suffers because of this. Voting a candidate in for selfish or silly NOT leader reasons is allowing polices as usual and are a ruining failure to every single American.

  2. 1. BS! But if you're correct, still, I'm NOT taking my chances. That's literally my main reason. So I don't even have to watch the rest of the video

  3. First thing is your choices(candidates) are contrived by big banking and corps. Second, the out come has been already decided in the halls of power. No one should vote. That would send a clearer message of disapproval. The problems in America are systemic. If you think this country was founded on Christian values you should restudy American history.

  4. Don't vote for politicians. It's simple politicians have destroyed a once great country, it is gone, face it! If you think politicians haven't destroyed it who do you think you have voted for previously. So try a change.

  5. ONLINE VOTER REGISTRATION IS NOW THE LAW IN 31 STATES IN THE USA. In past elections, thousands of honest citizens were denied the vote simply because they were not registered to vote. Online registration gives citizens another chance to register. You may also have a chance to do an address change. You usually have to have a state driver's license or a state ID card to register online. To obtain more information, and to receive online services, and to be linked up to your specific state, go to Google and google in "register to vote." Google is doing a terrific job of voter education and voter registration. Yes, we should vote for the lesser of two evils, we should certainly not vote for the greater of two evils! Let's everyone get registered to vote. THEN LET'S EVERYONE VOTE IN NOVEMBER!

  6. The point is to VOTE. Voting means you matter to politicians, think of this like natural selection. You are trying to create an environment where politicians are making decisions to stay in office and you are part of that environment. The 'lesser of two evils' is like "survival of the good enough" ("survival of the fittest"). Over the long run of consistent pressure there will be a selection for politicians who represent the people who vote. long term educate your self on how the govt works so you can be a better selection pressure. Just remember one step at a time. Register to vote.

  7. Have you all heard of Evan McMullin? Here's someone you can feel good about voting for! He's running for President so we can have a new generation of leadership. If everyone holding their nose voting for Trump and Hillary picked him instead we could have a good leader in office. Check him out at McMullinNews.con

  8. Way to miss represent the idea that rich people control elections. They do by contributing money to the candidate they want to win. Hence if they don't like you (potential candidate) then you get no funding and can't run a campaign properly. Meaning you don't win. They don't have to conspire together to get what they want. Why do you think these politicians have so much personal wealth? i am willing to bet along the way some of these politicians are corrupted by the money. They know what policy to have to get funding, even if it's a compromise with the best of intentions they can be influenced to doing exactly what some campaign contributor wants them to do.. People like you vlog brothers miss represent the evidence, maybe not on purpose but the situation of money in politics is not how you paint it. You know why you shouldn't vote, because it's meaningless. Popular vote doesn't count, it's done by state through the electoral college. Their vote counts not yours. And if you examine how the debates are run, they refuse to show the policies of third party candidates. Even the fact that I have to say third party candidate. You ever ask yourself why it's a two party system? This is suppose to be a free democracy but your forced to choose from two candidates who are funded by the wealthy because those wealthy people like their policies. How is that not control over who gets the chance to be elected? Now I say you have two choices because most people will vote for the two even thought there are other people on the ballot. Why is that? Because they are influenced by people like you and the media.

  9. i guess part of the resentment about voting comes from government manipulation. They redraw congressional districts to favor thier party (gerrymandering).
    they make voter eligibility harder for certain demographics, (it is SIGNIFICANTLY, harder to vote in the lower and working class) (Also by passing various ID laws. sidenote: did you know that Tennessee, and other states recognize a firearm permit as an eligible ID, but not a College Student ID? on the topic of voter ID fraud, the justification for many voter ID laws passed today, did you know that a person is more likely to be struck by lightning than to commit voter fraud?)

  10. What an incredibly angry and naive man he is. One of the excusees he claims is reasonable, is the only one without any merit: I just don't care. And his rebuttal to the argument that an individual vote will never change the outcome of an election is poor at best. He argues that an individual vote CAN change an election if thousands of those non-voting individuals vote. First off, that's an amazing lapse in logic: Your individual vote does matter because thousands of them together could change the outcome. You cannot control how or if others vote. That's the point: You only have one vote, and it will never ever be the determining vote in a presidential election. Secondly, even if a huge chunk of the non-voting population voted, we don't know how they'll vote, most of them would likely cancel each other out, and we're left with the exact same predicament with a larger voter turnout. Your individual vote still has no chance of changing the outcome.

  11. "My vote doesn't matter"
    ONE vote
    -elected John Q. Adams to president
    -elected Thomas Jefferson to president
    -elected Rutherford B. Hayes to president
    -enacted military conscription in the US in 1941
    -made Texas, California, Washington, Oregon and Idaho states in the Union
    -elected governor Morton of Massachusetts
    -beheaded Charles I of England
    -elected Oliver Cromwell
    -made France a republic in 1875 and ended it in 1940
    Finally, twice Aaron Burr lacked one vote to become president.

  12. Large corporations control election outcomes because they finacially support the campaigns of beguiling candidates… not because they literally get to submit more votes… lmao

  13. vote Life! pan out! Ahimsa!!! transcending religion and politics…. stop the huge karmic debt you are incurring…. think….

  14. your vote doesn't matter… g
    Google gerrymandering and you'll see that your voting district is set up where it's red or blue, Donkey or elephant, right or left…. so your "vote" is either the HUGE majority or a tiny minority. so please explain to me how my vote counts???
    oh we're not a democracy… U.S is a republic!

  15. The need for showing this video for americans/yanks just as necessary in other western countries. I'm so sick of the quote "My vote doesn't matter" >_>

  16. I appreciate your video! Myself and fellow young people should be taking a more active role in the country they are set to inherit, and laziness is a bad excuse. We say politics sucks, and we're not wrong, but it won't stop being terrible by itself.
    Personally, I don't want to vote for the "lesser of two evils" because I literally cannot find one. Respectfully, I think both presidential candidates are equally terrible, just for different reasons, and can't in good conscience put my voice behind either (though I realize many other might, and I'm quite jealous of them, lol). HOWEVER!!!–I do think voting is extremely important, and I plan to vote in the future, as well as on the other issues this year.
    All that said…thank you for speaking your mind! 😁 I hope it keeps going around and that many others get the message. It truly needs to be heard.

  17. You truthfully believe there is a magic switch that you can flip that will change the future? You must have a lot of faith in the system.

  18. Im having troubles finding truely valid sources and non-biased ones that give me factual information on who I should vote for and why or why I should or shouldn't vote for them. I tried to look up the voting guide for my state ( NY ) but I wasnt able to find anything except for directions on where to go for voting and stuff like that, not WHO or WHY I should.

  19. if popular vote doesn't select the president…why do you idiots vote…I wouldn't even waste the gas money to vote

  20. This kinda cracks me up… when you think about it literally… It's just a nerd in front of a camera rambling crazily about why you should vote….. Heheh.

  21. Actually There were democracy's before 1900 , Greece was a democracy. U.S. Is not a true democracy, though it is considered one

  22. I have to disagree on the lesser of two evils argument. It's certainly subjective, but if I don't want someone to be president (or whatever) I won't vote for them, regardless of whether there are worse candidates. Of course, this is only in a genuine lesser of two evils scenario, where one candidate is bad and the other is just worse.

  23. New Zealand has had a representative democracy with universal suffrage since 1893. That would not have been hard for you to find out, so perhaps and errata on the comments.

  24. Actually it doesn't matter so much who you vote for, but where you vote. So next presidential election register to vote in a red or purple state because we can't afford to have another 4 years of Trump.

  25. To be fair, politics have been about flash and other such nonsense since forever. It's how dictators rise to power. Political fanatics are able to get people to do a lot through misinformation and false rhetoric and charisma. Politics and people are complicated, so manipulation can be easy to slip under people's noses.

  26. Magical solution to the problem of "voting for the lesser of two evils": Vote for a candidate who is not the Democratic or Republican nominee; vote third party, vote independent.

  27. vote third party, people.
    "but they'll never win!"
    If even half of the people who didn't vote this election voted for a third party, that third party would have won.

  28. 'if you don't vote you can't complain about the results '
    – my social studies teacher on election day

  29. The "not wanting to vote for the lesser of two evils" is usually a combination of hating both candidates and not being able to accurately ascertain which one is the lesser. Anyone who takes Melee seriously knows that two things that are not inherently identical cannot be truly equal, so obviously one candidate would be "better" than the other (in terms of who you should vote for, and not necessarily in terms of the quality of their presidency), depending on who you are and what your values are. And I'm sure that if most people who know exactly which one they hate more, they voted for the other one. Part of the problem is that breaking down complex issues and weighting each one accurately to determine precisely which candidate is the "lesser" when both suck for a multitude of different reasons is quite challenging if not just as impossible as the two candidates being equally bad. It's like you, someone without a deep intricate knowledge of everything, trying to determine who is mathematically superior, Kirby or Bowser. They both suck, Kirby for having absolutely no good options whatsoever and being really slow and getting killed if someone sneezes in the wrong direction, and Bowser for having a completely different set of useless options as well as being slow and having a horrible combination of large hitbox with fast fall speed and high weight making it so that every character in the game can combo them into oblivion, including Kirby, the character that is mathematically incapable of comboing basically any other character in the game. Unless you have "solved" the game or at the very least have a very high level of knowledge about how the game is played at a high level, you can't really make any prediction to any reasonable level of accuracy and it doesn't matter anyway because they both get bopped by basically every other character in the game So the combination of not knowing which one gives you a higher chance of winning along with the knowledge that either way you can't win makes choosing seem like an extraordinary waste of time. And when both presidential candidates suck for different but equally valid reasons, voting for one over the other can be very difficult because it's hard to decide which one is worse when they both feel horrible. It's like trying to decide whether you should go Kirby against Marth or Bowser against Marth. Both are mathematically unwinnable and you have basically no idea which one will be slightly easier but still mathematically unwinnable. The question does technically have an answer, but it isn't one that you are likely to know nor is it one that you should concern yourself with because the end result is still the same. You getting JV5ed.

  30. I've never voted in an election because I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils. You're still voting for an evil if you do.

  31. 3:18: Maybe that's the reason why children are so often neglected in these elections? We talk about other people, we talk about homophobia, we talk about racism, we actively engage, in racism, we engage in assaulting the other side with mud, we waste time on pointless slandering, but "WILL SOMEONE PLEASE REMEMBER THE CHILDREN??" is never heard. (Outside of that very phrase being used to justified said racism and homophobia)

  32. There are actually cases when your vote won't matter. If you are a Democrat in a state that votes 80% Republican and you are voting for a Democratic candidate, your vote isn't going to matter.

  33. I'm not old enough yet, but I won't vote because it's not up to me, it's up to the delegates. This past election was a great example. A majority of americans voted for Clinton but the delegates voted Trump, making him President.

  34. Real reason on votes not mattering can be explained by the disportionate & unrepresentative rules of the electoral college, the conflict of interest of gerrymandering, the two party system born out of the math of first past the post, & the undemocratic leverage the wealthy can have on potential canidates exchanging support for favors in shaping policy.

  35. Billionaires: 1 vote. Average Joe: 1 vote. Money: influences things between votes. Advocacy groups: influences things between votes.

    I think it's important to keep in mind that the influence from voting is well enough, but there's a lot more to politics than picking representatives every 2 years and voting on issues whenever your district, city, county, or state has issues to vote on. A lot of political action is lobbying. That's where money talks–corporation, individual, or nonprofit. That's also another opportunity to be active if you can stomach it.

  36. Wishful thinking never seemed like a viable solution to any problem. "If everyone thought like me the world would be a better place." Is what I imagine runs through most people's minds even my own I'm willing to admit.

  37. I know I'm late but technically we live in a republic, it isn't based of the 2 parties if it was a democracy it would be majority vote and majority is silencing the minority.

  38. I was an election judge for two elections and get sooo dumbfounded when people say they dont vote bc "it doesnt count" (particularly for presidential) or some other thing so I love that you made this video !!!!!!!!!!!

  39. It amazes me that young people could have so much power if they would all vote. They are one of the lowest voting demographics. Rate of voting increases as age increases. This is one reason why there is not much inter-generational justice in the budget (and the huge debt, which the younger generations will be forced to deal with if we Baby Boomers don't deal with it).

  40. What if you live in a state whose political views as a whole don't line up with your own? I am a liberal living in an extremely conservative state. My state has only voted for a Democrat six times, four of which were for FDR. That doesn't really help in the whole "My Vote Matters" department…

  41. not voting allows poor politicians to rise is incorrect. I don´t vote in Finland, because it would make them think that I believe I live in a democracy. The more people don´t vote, the quicker there will be democracy.

  42. How about not voting because none of the candidates represent me? Take the CT governors race. The 2 candidates likely to be standing in the end are both bought and paid for by their donors. Which means they will only represent them donors and not me or any other normal, non-millionaire citizen. Single payer healthcare? Nope. Livable minimum wage? Nope. Take money out of politics? Nope.
    So why should I help them get elected?

  43. It doesn't matter who you choose because you choose based on promises and lip services delivered to you by biased people. These people also know that there isn't much that can be done after these people take power and don't follow through on any of their promises. Yeah they are puppets on a string when they need your vote but once in office they are a real boy.
    Here's what gets me, even if you are working a minimum wage job you still have to meet the terms and conditions of your hiring or you will be fired for not meeting up to what you said you would. Why is politics the opposite? I think if you were elected because of a promise you made you should be impeached for failing to deliver on that promise.

  44. People love to whine about candidates “spoiling” elections, but those same people don’t want to reform our system to be more inclusive of other candidates and points of view. They just want their candidate to win, to hell with anyone else.

  45. “The US is a republic, not a democracy,” seems to be a longwinded way of saying, “I flunked Poli-Sci.”

  46. I don't vote and the reason I don't vote is because my vote won't matter. The counter argument that people make of "oh but if everyone had that attitude no one would get elected" (or something else about other people not voting) us the most incorrect argument ever. While it is true that if everyone who had my point of view decided to vote it would change the elections however if I suddenly changed my decision to vote to a yes that would affect exactly 0 other people who held that point of view on not voting. My choice or not to vote and my reasoning behind it does not affect other peoples choice on whether or not to vote it's as simple as that. Whoever gets elected will get elected regardless of my choice to vote or not and that's a fact of life. We are not a hive mind of people who are choosing not to vote all together we are individuals who recognize the reality of the situation.

  47. 1: I agree the idea of avoiding jury duty is not a good one

    2: the idea of not understanding the politics is a good one

    3: the idea of not voting because you can't get there is a good argument

    4: now the argument that your vote won't matter is a difficult one

    Honestly your vote doesn't matter, the electoral college is what matters and that's a huge problem it takes away rights of the normal american as even if the person has the popular vote, the other guy can still win

    We as a community dont get a real say In The matter

    The best thing we can do now is to stand against the government that excersizing are right to not vote

  48. Your vote doesn't matter, and your counterargument is a delusional knee-jerk response which completely ignores the point. I am neither arrogant nor delusional enough to believe every other person is going to act the same way I do. I don't control all of those other people. If every young person except for me "got off their butt and voted" my vote would still be irrelevant. Likewise, if I vote and none of them do, my vote is still irrelevant. This type of collectivist "here's what we should do" thinking does nothing but demonstrate a complete failure to comprehend basic principals of economics.

  49. I'm disabled and have no way to get there.that's why i'm not voting.plus i have got other personal reasons why i'm not voting.

  50. It's much easier to improve your quality of life by changing yourself instead of begging society to change for you. Don't like a law? break it then get the charges dropped by playing the courts like a fiddle. I have thirteen dropped charges so I know what I'm talking about

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