Testing my favorite pens and markers (for bullet journal and traveler’s notebook) | @laurenfairwx

Testing my favorite pens and markers (for bullet journal and traveler’s notebook) | @laurenfairwx

Lately in the haul videos where I’ve
showed off my new journaling supplies, I’ve been getting more and more requests
to write out some test swatches in a separate video. So today, I thought I
would do that with some of my favorite pens, markers, and highlighters at the
moment. These have been my go-tos in my traveler’s notebooks and bullet journal
lately so if you’re looking to expand your collection of writing utensils, I
hope this is interesting and helpful to you! All right so the paper that I’m
using today is a Webster’s pages travelers notebook and it’s lined. I
don’t use the lined one super often so I figured that this would be a good
opportunity to use it. So I’m going to go through a bunch of the different pens
that I love and then I use most often and I’m going to test them out for you
and then maybe that’ll help you if you’re deciding which pens to buy! So
starting out right at the top, this is the pen that I use most often. It is the
uniball signo, it’s the 0.38 tip, it’s very very fine. I really like it. I use it
for bullet journaling and for travelers notebook journaling and any time I need
a really fine line, I always end up going back to this one. It’s lasted me a pretty
long time so far and I am really happy with it and I actually got it in a bunch
of different colors. I’m not sure what the colors are called because a lot of
this is in Japanese, but I will test them out for you anyway.
There’s this really lovely red burgundy wine color, also in the point 38 tip. I’m
just going to call it wine. And then I’ve got this blue one as well. Now even
though these are all the point three eight tip I feel like the red one is a
little bit thicke,r it ends up coming out a little thicker than the others, the
blue seems like the thinnest to me when I’m writing with it, I don’t know why
that is. I’ve also tested this juice up pen, it’s
the 04 tip, and I really like this one as well! I’ve been using the uniball
signo more often than I use the juice up, but I still like it. I feel like the ink
isn’t as black as it is in the Uni-Ball Signo but it’s pretty nice. As you can
see here, it blipped a little bit but I think it’s pretty okay! I think it’s a good
backup if my uniball signo runs out of ink and I have to wait for some new ones
to come in the mail. And if I don’t need a really fine tip just for regular
writing around the house, shopping lists, things like that, I
tend to go for the pilot g2 in the 07 tip and these are really easy to find
and they’re really inexpensive so I just have a lot of them around the house.
Maybe that’ll also give you an idea of just how thin those first three pens
were. So now I’m going to test out some of my felt tip pens. I tend to only
really use these for more artistic things like inking drawings and maybe
for my travel journals as well if I want it to look a little bit messier. I really
like the neat look of the gel pens but felt-tip pens can be really great for
other things as well. Before tombow sent me these, I actually was mostly using the
micron which is very popular, I see a lot of artists using them, but I found
that these kind of ran out of ink really quickly, they looked okay for a while, but
it’s just annoying for me to have to keep buying more pens. So I’ve been
really happy with the tombow mono drawing pens and I am going to test them
out for you. These came in a pack with three different sizes and I use them all
for different things really but I like them quite a bit. So this first one is
the 01 size, it’s really really nice and thin, the tip is super fine but it
also doesn’t feel like it’s gonna break off the end of the pen so I found that
it’s pretty sturdy in that regard and now I’m going to show you the 03 size
just for comparison. So as you can see that’s quite a bit thicker and then the
same thing happens when you go up to the 05, this is a bigger one and I think
I’ve had a pretty similar experience to a lot of people who write and draw with
pen on paper very often, which is that my handwriting looks a lot neater when the
pen is really fine and so I tend to write with the finer ones more often but
sometimes if I’m doing some lettering or something that requires me to have a
larger thicker line, I’ll go for that five. I don’t really use it very often
compared to the other two. And then this is a brush pen that I use pretty often,
it’s a prismacolor premier brush pen. It came in a pack of a bunch of different
felt tip pens and this was my first kind of foray into brush lettering. I tend to
do the fake brush lettering more than the real stuff but I’ve been enjoying
learning how to write with this and I’m not super great at it yet, but I’m
getting practice. I’ve been enjoying this like kind of
frilly looking capitals, but I do like the look of them and I like that you can
get a fair amount of line variation between the thin lines and the thick
lines and I hope to practice that more so that it looks better over time. It’s also really hard to write with this on such a small line, I feel like it looks
better when I write a little bit bigger. In case you want a comparison with the
pigma microns, these are great but like I said, I felt like they ran of ink a
lot quicker than the tombows. So now that I’m kind of comparing these side-by-side,
I feel like I like the look of the micron a little bit better than the
tombows. The tombow looks a little messier when I’m writing with it, so maybe I will
end up giving those microns a second chance. They look a lot cleaner and
crisper in their lines and even a little bit darker with the black ink and also
these were the ones that seemed like they were running out of ink so maybe
they weren’t. Maybe they’re just a little less consistent. But it’s turning out
that this is actually a helpful exercise for me as well!
So my next category is metallic and sparkly gel pens and I don’t have very
many of these I don’t use them super often, but it’s nice to have a little bit
of color and detail when I’m doing a more artistic journaling style. I picked
out this broad uniball signo in a metallic gold and I thought that it
would be kind of fun to add a little metallic gold element to some of my
journaling and so I’m going to test this out. And I really like the way that this
gold comes out, it’s nice and metallic, it’s got a little bit of shimmer, it’s
mostly just shiny and it’s not too yellow, it’s like a good gold, I feel like.
One problem that I do have with this pen is that if I don’t use it for a while, it
comes out orange and so I kind of have to scribble it onto a scrap piece of
paper first. So here’s kind of an example of that; this is what I had to scribble
before I tested it out just now. It came out kind of a very dark orange and then
slowly changed into the gold that I know and love. So I feel like it’s kind
of annoying that this pen does that, but it may just be that it needs to be mixed
up and you kind of have to work with it to get it to look the way you want it to.
You can even see a little bit inside the pen that it’s starting to turn orange in
some places, so hopefully the whole thing won’t turn orange over time. It may just
be something that is worth buying if you use it a lot, but if you only use
every once in a while, it’s just more annoying than it’s worth. I’m not sure if
I’m the only one who’s having this problem with this pen but it’s kind of
unfortunate because I really really like it when it does work. I also have this
exact pen in white, obviously it won’t show up on the white paper so I’m going
to test it on a scrap piece of kraft paper instead. So if you are looking for
a white gel pen, this is kind of the one that I researched the most and that
people seemed to like the most! And I like it too. Sometimes I have to write
over something a couple times to get it to be completely opaque, but once you do
get it going, it really does look quite nice. I especially like the way it looks
on this Kraft paper, I have a traveler’s notebook that has paper like this and it
looks really cool to have a couple little white details mixed in with the
black and the gold. And then I have one gelly roll pen. I had so many of these
when I was a kid, they were really popular in the 90s. I don’t actually know the
name of this color but it has a little shooting star on it and so I think you
can probably match that up with their different lines of different kinds of
metallics and brights and pastels and they have so many of these, so that’s why
I’m kind of surprised that it’s the only one I’ve managed to acquire so far, but it’s
a really beautiful shimmery blue, it’s kind of subtle, it’s a nice thick line,
and as you can see there, it’s a really pretty color. Now right at the bottom
of the page here, I’m going to test out some of these tombow dual brush pens.
These are super popular, but honestly I’m not very good at using them yet. I
haven’t practiced them a ton, but I hope that eventually, I’ll get better at using
them. They look so cool when brush letterers and other artists are using
them on Instagram and I was kind of jealous, so I bought some but I think
there’s a bit of a learning curve with them. As named, they each have two tips,
there’s this big thick brush pen on one end and then the other end is a fine tip.
Maybe it’s that I just picked some really light colors so, oh that is not an
“i”, that’s a “u”. Silly Lauren. Now it looks like it says dial. Okay. Here we go.
Nobody’s perfect, right? And then it’s 243 is that number. And then with your brush pen
you can get a a thick line or a really thin line. And I
have this nice lavender as well. that is number 620. Until I get better at
using the brush end, I’ve been using the fine tip end more often, but it’s quite
nice that it has both. So now, I’m going to turn the page and test out probably
my favorite markers that I’ve ever bought.
They are the zebra mildliners and I probably will keep buying these because
I love them so much. I think the color choices are just so beautiful. These are
not your average fluorescent yellow highlighters and they’re really nice to
write with. They have two different tips. The regular end is a chisel tip so it’s
like your traditional highlighter, you can highlight, but this is the end of
that I use and I love these. This is just a regular pointy marker tip and I use
that one the most. I use it for writing, I use it for drawing lines, I use it to
fill in little boxes on my bullet journal, I just, I love these so much and
I love all the colors I have and I’m probably gonna get some more.
Unfortunately I do not know the names of the specific colors that I have, but you
can look online and I’m going to link to all of these pens in the video
description below and they come in all kinds of different sets, so just choose
the colors that speak to you the most. I really love that they’re not super
bright, I just think they’re beautiful. So these are not a fine tip. These are more
for drawing, filling in blocks of color, but as you can see it’s like a really
nice sheer wash of color and I just think it’s so beautiful. So this is just
kind of a really lovely purple. That’s the finer end and then you have the
chisel tip highlighter end. This is one of the two blues that I have and it
actually comes out pretty dark once you write with it; it’s a bit darker than the
cap. Here’s the other blue that I use pretty often and I think this one is
quite lovely, it has a little tint of green in it which I love, and then
there’s this lovely light green. Green is my favorite color and I really like this.
It’s like a grassy lime green which I enjoy. This is a really pretty yellow.
It’s just so warm and nice and so different from your traditional yellow
fluorescent highlighter. There’s this beautiful reddish pink, I really really
like this. I usually prefer cool colors but I really like this particular pink.
And then this one, I didn’t think I would love this gray as much as I do, but I
end up using it more than the colors sometimes. It’s just such a nice gray. I
just think it’s really lovely. And as you can see, you have to keep the highlighter
moving or you get these little lines but they don’t really bother me that much, I
think they have some nice texture and they almost have this kind of watercolor
quality to them when they’re dried and I just think that they’re super lovely. And
there you have it! Those are all of the pens that I find myself using most often.
I really like a lot of these and I hope that this information was helpful to you.
Out of all of them, the ones that I would recommend the most are the zebra mild
liners and I pretty much exclusively use that black uniball signo in my
daily traveler’s notebook. I love the way that they make my handwriting look and
I’m just a big fan of this pen. I hope that you enjoyed this and that it was
interesting or helpful to you and let me know if you’d like me to test out any
more of my art supplies for you! So those are the tools I’ve been writing with in
my journals lately. What are your go-to brands and tools for
writing and drawing? The funny thing about this kind of stuff is I feel like
I’m always excited to try out new ones even when I’m reasonably happy with what
I’ve got. There’s just something about new office supplies that makes me
excited to work and create! Anyway, thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon!

30 thoughts on “Testing my favorite pens and markers (for bullet journal and traveler’s notebook) | @laurenfairwx

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  2. I have a bunch of the Zebra mildliners and I love them too! I also really like Staedtler fineliners for writing and filling in my bullet journal 😊

  3. Loved the video! I find it really satisfying to watch people swatch pens and markers! And it’s nice to know I’m not the only one, haha. I recently bought my first pack of 5 mildliners and I love them, they are great! It came with most of the colours you showed except the yellow and the greenish blue. I hope you enjoyed making this video and keep them coming! 🙂

  4. I recently went through my old pens at my mom's place and found a gold uni-ball signo pen… it must be like over 10 years old… and it did not turn orange! The color comes out unevenly for me but stayed the same over the years

  5. I really liked this video and learned about a few new pens that i never heard of.

    Just a tip if you want to learn brush lettering. Your pen does make a huge difference! The best for beginners are the pentel touch sign pen and the tombow fudenosuke brush pen. 😊

  6. Ah I love bullet journaling videos! I kept a bullet journal meticulously throughout 2016 but some mental health stuff meant I had to stop (other things became more of a priority over keeping a pretty planner), but I reordered my favorite kind of notebook and I’m starting again when it gets in the mail! I love using gel pens too, but I’ve noticed that they smear really easily. Do you have this problem too? How do you combat it? I absolutely adored this video btw-it was informative but also incredibly relaxing 😎

  7. Tbh from the title I didn't think this would be particularly of interest to me because I don't have a bullet journal but I actually loved watching this so much!! it was really helpful. Oh, and to answer your question, my favorite pen is the pilot varsity fountain pen! So nice for the price and they make me feel fancy 😄

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    I might start doing this myself with my own collection. I feel like testing this way every now and then might be a good way to rediscover some underused favorites and kind of take inventory of what exactly I have and love using.

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  13. My favorite every day pen is paper mate inkjoy. For more artistic stuff I like the Faber Castillo Pitt pens. I love the look of those zebra mildliners! I gotta try those. I have the same Brown travelers notebook. Except my daughter broke the elastic and I had to replace it with a pink one. Gives it more character I suppose!

  14. I don't do anything interesting or artsy with them anymore, but I've been using the Pilot G2 07 almost exclusively for years. I used to write out first drafts by hand, and I always had to have a nice inky pen for that. Now that I type my first drafts, I mainly just use the pens for taking quick notes or making lists. (Way too many lists.) But I still can't stand regular (non-inky) pens. I need that smooth writing feeling. Haha.

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