The 5 Pages You Need For Your Startup’s Marketing Website

The 5 Pages You Need For Your Startup’s Marketing Website

– Do I got a loud
shirt on? Can you hear it? Can you hear the
(shirt crinkles)? (upbeat music) The five critical
pages that you need to nail when building your
SaaS software website. Now, if you’ve ever tried to
design a new marketing site maybe you were
frustrated with just the fact that you need to
write all the copy and you’re like,
“I don’t really do this well “and what’s good copy
and how is it conferred.” And all these things or maybe
you’ve got your designer and he’s trying
to show you all these fancy parallax scroll, different
transitions, animations and you’re like is this really
going to help the customer? Or you just feel like you
don’t have enough information or there’s key
things missing to turn it into a high converting site. I’m going to show you today
the five pages that are must and the questions that need
to be answered on each page to really help
somebody that’s visiting become a prospect and
eventually a customer. And it works for 80% of
the time and it will create, trust me, a very
high converting site for your software product. Now, I’ve been
lucky that I get to analyze websites all the time. I coach
hundreds of entrepreneurs and I’ve looked
at probably at least 1500 different SaaS products. There’s the list, there’s the
Montclare 250 SaaS list and I’ve gone through
many and many other ones and I wanted to figure
out what do all the pages have in common and
how do they really dial in their messaging, the way
they display their product, their features, the way
they talk about their team. And I’ve really
built out a framework that helps
entrepreneurs get clear. The other day
I was on a coaching call with a entrepreneur
that had a video product and when I
asked them I said them I said okay well
who do you serve? And he’s like
enterprise companies. I was like Fortune 2000? Yep. Alright and what
problem do you solve for them? He explained make, creating
social media clipped videos. Alright, cool and
how do you do that? And he talks me through
his process and his software. Okay I got a clear understanding
of who the customer is. Then I said alright
let me go to the website and see what I find out. Soon as I open up the
positioning is way off. The language is not speaking
to the problem that they solve. Then I click the
pricing page and I went on there and I saw plans
starting at $20 a month. Well if I’m a
Fortune 2000 company I don’t expect to
buy software that anybody else can just
buy for $20 a month. So the positioning was way off. Every other page
on the site in regards to what they
wanted to attract versus what their site was
designed and communicating there were two different things. So what I want to share with
you guys are those five pages and the questions
you need to answer. The first page is the homepage. The homepage is
where 80% of your traffic are eventually
going to end up to. Everybody on that page are
looking to answer one question. It’s real simple,
do I need this? Do I need this? I’m on the page does it
speak to a product hook. Does it have a promise? Does it speak to me
as a potential customer? Do I need this?
If it’s not clear If you show it to 10 customers and ask them can you
give us some feedback on what you just saw
and they were like, “Well I don’t
really resonate with that. “I’m not even exactly sure
what you do or how you do it.” Then you’re not hitting
the mark on answering that simple question of
one, do I need this. The second page and it’s
pretty much like a process like page one,
two, three kind of this is the path that
most users go through. The second one is pricing. And the pricing page
is going to tell a story. Whether you know it or not your pricing page tells
a story to the prospect. And the question
they’re gonna ask themselves is, is this for me? The first
homepage says do I need this the second one
is is this for me? Is this design
by the names you use for describing your plans,
to the price you’re offering to the features
that you talk about. It’s going to answer
that question, is this for me? And if you do it wrong
you could actually have qualified, interested,
ready to go customers with a credit card
out and push them away because you’ve
misunderstood that page and the question it needs to
answer. That’s the second page. The third page is
the features page. The features page
is a longer list from just the pricing
page or maybe on your homepage you might
have three core benefits. The features page
really answers this big question of does
this solve my problem? If I’m in the market to buy
an email automation software and I know I use
certain products today and I wanna integrate them. On the features page
I should see some language or some information
around those integrations. I should see potentially
other customers like me featured in testimonials
talked about on each feature to know that people
like me buy that software. And to me if you
don’t put that there then they’re not
gonna get the answer to that question,
does this solve my problem in regards to where
I’m at as a company. So make sure that
on your features page which is a more
detailed, longer list of all the different
aspects of your product that it answers that
for your core customer. The fourth page
is your about page. And I gotta be honest with you I get entrepreneurs sending
their SaaS software marketing sites all the time and
I would say 80% of time, which is crazy to me,
they don’t have an about page. And I don’t know about you but
if I go to a marketing site if I go to any site for
any product, for any service, and I can’t find an about page that talks to me
about who’s behind this site then I just don’t
have a lot of trust in investing in the
solution because the last thing I want to have and anyone’s
that been using online services for awhile you know they go away if the team can’t make money. If the team
doesn’t care about it, if they get
acquired for whatever reason they shut down the service. So if they can’t answer this
one question can I trust them? Can I trust the people
that built this product? If there’s no
about page the answer is I don’t know who’s
there so I can’t trust them. The other day a friend
of mine showed me this site that allowed you
to encrypt information and send it to a friend and
they could open it up once and see it and copy it so that
way you could share via email or share via social media
an encrypted password or whatever it is.
There was no about page. And I don’t know about you but
I think it’s just hilarious that somebody was probably
encrypting all these passwords and folks were using
it to send all this along and I bet they were
logging it somewheres. Again I don’t know but if
I don’t know who’s behind it and I can’t answer the
question can I trust them then why would I use it? And I think your customers
that are visiting your site are asking
themselves that question. And then the fifth page
is the blog and here’s why. A lot of you guys are
thinking well it’s because of inbound marketing
and I create content and that’s how I create SEO and I publish it on Facebook and different
things and I get traffic. It’s actually not for that. The blog and
that’s why it’s important if there’s a
timestamp that you don’t have the last post being
posted nine months ago. ‘Cause if I go to
the blog and I see that you haven’t
updated it in nine months then I’m gonna ask myself are
they even in business still? But this is the
question that the blog answers is are they innovators?
That is the ultimate question. If I’m gonna
invest in a software and I trust that you
know how to solve that problem and you’ve built a list
of features that resonate with helping me
overcome that challenge the next question
I’m gonna ask myself is can I trust that over the
period of me using this product that you’re going to innovate
and build a better product. And if I don’t
trust by the content that you guys are
subject matter experts you’re deep in the trenches that you think about the
edges of this problem space and I can see that the
way you think is aligned with what I would hope
to see in the product. If I can’t find that answer and somebody else can give
to me all things being equal. I’m gonna go
with their solution. I’m gonna go with
your competitors solution because I want to
invest in a product where I feel the team
are progressive innovators and their gonna
bring me the future without me having to ask for it. So that I don’t have to be
switching off their platform in three years because they
didn’t keep up with the times. And that is the
question the blog answers. So, real quick and I
know that one of the myths that people have is
that well, I need to act big and I need to
add all this content and our site has to
be super involved in all these different case studies. And that’s true over
time but in the early days when you’re still
trying to get to the million, two million annual reoccurring
revenue for your SaaS product you just need to
dial in those five pages and make sure that they deliver. And truthfully, I think
the world is moving to more of an artistry and a
craft type of mentality and they would rather
see a team of five dedicated, focused people on the
about page with the team and beautifully made
in the country your in and a blog that shows
your thought leadership and your expertise.
That is more interesting than the perception of you
being a big corporation that if I call support
I’m gonna get some person that just got
hired two weeks ago and doesn’t even know how to
support the software properly. So that is what I would say
is one, dial in your homepage make sure they can answer
the question do I need this. The second is make
sure the pricing page answers is this for me. Third is your features page just answering the questions
does this solve my problem. Four make sure that
you get your about page answering the
question can I trust them. And then finally five
the blog. Being a rockstar. Being a thought leader.
Being an expert. And really answering the
question are they innovators? If you do those five
pages extremely well you will have a high converting
SaaS software marketing site. I hope this video
finds you extremely well and I challenge you
to live a bigger life and a bigger business.
I’ll see you next Monday. If you liked this video be
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