100 thoughts on “The 50 Billion Dollar Man: The Speech That Broke The Internet

  1. Wish me luck everyone 🙌🏻 I know most of us live the life for own self and family but my Ahem is to do something for others and can do something for the world and they remamber me even after I left this world 🌍 ❤️ peace and love everyone✌🏻❤️🇬🇧🇵🇰
    27.7.2019 🌘

  2. When I buying BTC years ago people laughed today those same people want to know how much BTC I have and all I do is laugh.

  3. There is this one indian company I think, that will keep your wealth and your stuff safe and give it to you once you are reborn. The price is only 50 bil.

  4. There are certainly good points and we do need money to remain happy and healthy but i think primary focus of this video is on opportunities to make money.
    Elon musk made spacex,tesla,solar city to move humanity a step forward and to control pollution
    Musk said in an interview when i started these companies chances to succeed were only 10% but if smt is important enough you should do it .
    The man in the video talks about afforestation but i am sure these people will never invest in spacex and tesla but they is no surity of profit
    You should not be obsessed with money to such extent that it makes you a cruel person and you are not be able to enjoy life and live because after 100 years no one is going to remember you

  5. 3:48 I have a problem with that affirmation. If I don't have friends, I am on the right pathway? To be a successful person doesn't take only having no friends, but I am just saying. What do you think, it is good to be lonely?

  6. why did you cut the end? It says "you'd be stunned how much those people have nothing to do with your goals and ambitions."

  7. I went from the dole to millions of dollars starting capital for my project in Tourism, after reading, re-reading and over ten days re-writing main paragraphs and headlines of Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich. (don't watch their money maker 'the legacy'…and to think I almost paid to watch that but there was nothing new but just story lines from that book, told by somebody who got paid to glorify a plain truth.) Just read the book…(the PDF is free, via google, but give me a book any day)….plus I have the cassette that I used to listen to in my car. (reason for repeat listening is explained in the book).

    Last night was the first time I heard of Dan Pena. So, I'm gonna listen to him some more today. CYA …waves from New Zealand

  8. Who the f*ck is this guy? Another con Artist like that guy with his Lambo and knaaaawledge?
    He is not a billionaire. He is just an actor.

  9. Who says money can't buy happiness ?
    It's better to cry in a BMW rather than a bicycle. So get up and work you sick piece of shit !

  10. I feel like whoever edited this video was trying to be nice by editing out all Dan's cuss words lol normally he would've used the work "f*ck" or "cunt" at least a handful of times by now

  11. Nice video I must say, at first I was scared to trade forex market but I took the risk and it paid off, all thanks to Mr Cory Clinton for his effort which helped to become very successful in forex trading.

  12. உன் நண்பன் யார் என்று சொல் நீ யார் என்று சொல்கிறேன்

    தனி ஒருவன் 🔥🔥

  13. Show me your friend and I will show your future(can say about your character)
    But if u show ur enemy I will show your capacity (it depends on how big ur enemy was)

  14. I look myself in the mirror and saiy everday:,, What can i change about my self?". And think what i have, and what can i archive with my ability.

  15. MATERIALISTIC. GO GET MONEY NO MATTER WHAT. Hahaha I laugh at money face and people who loves it. You will end up poorly sad cause the more you make more you want and never stops.

  16. Calm down… You can't make money? It's okay! You gonna die poor or probably unhappy!

    You have job and a good life? You gonna die um… happily? Idk if there is something like dying happily but anyways!

    The thing is, you do something productive or just in your house doing absolutely nothing! We all going to die one day and after death nobody gonna ask "Oii what did you do while living on that blue dying planet?"

  17. Everybody has fear. The ones who tell you they have none, are best at suppressing it. And have therefore the most fear.

  18. Though cleverly used as a metafor, the part in the beginning was really an actual hunting strategy that lions use by averting all the wildebeests attention to one lion, so the other one can attack unexpectedly. But still very true and inspiring video. Teamwork is a great tool to success as well, as the lions just demonstrated

  19. Money is everything ,the people who think that money doesn't matter they are not telling truth , if u have money then people will give u respect if u don't have then no respect ….. Actually money is everything in my sense ……….

  20. Dislike
    "You can`t do anything – if you have no money!"
    That total nonsense! If you give love and trust to another human und heal their fears, they can change thier lives forever. And perhaps can change th world. Money is a hoax, a controlsystem and a global slavery, we are born into. Of course you can do most things with money much easier, but their are more than enough things you can`t do with money!
    health, knowledge, wisdom, grattidue, love, trust —————————- if you don`t have anything no matter how much money you have!

  21. It is RIDICULOUS how FAST your life turns around once you’ve done the work to become the Lion King. Several weeks and so fast, you have your mind blown constantly about WHAT’S NEXT?!?

  22. What the heck.. Heading is this? 50 billion dollars. If is this true! He is the no 1 richest man in the world.are u joking?

  23. Is there any one on this planet to help me with a job, I'm jobless since 8 months. A salary to accommodate my families daily bread is sufficient for me. Please be kind to offer support.

  24. Dan: if money can’t buy you happiness you don’t know where to shop


    Me: someone spelled shekels wrong for some reason they put shackles

  25. Umm fear of legal repercussions? Because the country we live in is pursuing their own financial agenda which in turn might clash with yours? And when something doesn’t fit in line with their plans laws are made to butt fck us. But overall yes you can make it if your fearless which includes some recklessness and not giving a fck to fck someone over or something. 👍🏼

  26. First they say things like "show me your friends and i will show you
    your future" and then they say "there are no friends in the world". What
    these people call friends are not friends, they are business partner.

  27. First they say things like "show me your friends and i will show you
    your future" and then they say "there are no friends in the world". What
    these people call friends are not friends, they are business partner.

  28. I am 15 years old I have allways heard that money can't buy you happiness this person has the best point ever that everything is bullshit tbh if you don't have money neither you will be happy or neither anyone who lives with you If you have money you can get anything you wish support your family and even help others in need

  29. We are all scared of something that locks us into a position we don't like to be. He is right about that one, for the rest of the video idk..you could count billioners by using your hand so that's clearly not motivation but LUCK. Also friends and business will be two separated things for most of the prople, don't feel bad about it folks.

  30. You talk about being scared or fearful, but I guarantee you, you do not understand your own fears.

    I think you're more fearful then the rabbit could ever be..
    When life throws you a real fear test, you will know exactly how It feels .

  31. If you don't have money you cannt do a thing. Fucking true in today's world. Want to help somebody need money, wants to do charity need money, wants to gift your gf need money, wants to buy something for your brother need money, wants to do something for your parents in their old age need money, wants to build.home need money.. money money money you need fucking money don't you understand? Hell yeah I was talking to myself.

  32. The reason we waste our lives paying bills is because we live in capitalism. It matters very little how motivated you are, how fearless you are when the entire system we in effectively makes us all free range economic slaves. What we need is RBE.

  33. I don't understand what he means by "put a number by every person that you've emailed, skyped, tweeted, linkedin" ?? What's the number for ??

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