The 9 Best Bullet Journal Pens & Markers

The 9 Best Bullet Journal Pens & Markers

– Hey everybody, today
I’m gonna show you all of my favorite bullet
journaling pens and markers, and where you can find them. My primary form of writing is this. This is a Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Pen. I have it in every
size, you can get a pack of these for super cheap,
under 10 dollars for, like, pretty much all the basic sizes. And honestly, you could
survive with nothing but this pack of pens
and just be totally fine. I am a huge fan of these pens, I’ve been writing with them for months and they are great, though
I have also recently started using these, which are the Pigma Micron Archival Ink Pens. These are also super nice, they come in a huge pack of every size you could possibly think of,
and I really like these because they don’t bleed
through the pages at all. They write really smoothly
and I just love writing with them and drawing
with them, it’s great. Next, I have these pens. These are the Copic Multiliner Pens. I have them in four different sizes, in the color Cool Gray. This is just kind of an aesthetic choice, but I like writing
things in gray sometimes, I like highlighting things in gray, it’s just a nice little accent color that I like to add, and
they write really smoothly, and I just really love the brand Copic. They have a lot of great stuff. Another pen that I would
recommend are these three gems. I love these. Honestly, you could
probably get any brand, I see these all over the place at, like, basic craft stores,
but these in particular are Uni-Ball Signo, is
what these are called, and I have one in gold, white, and silver. They’re just really nice accent colors and they’re also great if you have, like, a piece of paper that’s black or a dark color that you
need to write on top of. These show up great,
they’re super pigmented, and I love them. Next, one of my favorite
items is this guy. This is a Zig Memory System
Writer double-sided marker in Pure Black, that’s a mouthful. This is great for titles. I love this for headers, anything that needs to be bold and bright, this is fantastic. It’s just a black marker, double-sided, this side is kind of a pen, a
little bit thicker than a pen. Sort of like a merge between
a pen and a brush pen, and this is side is just
thick and ready to rock, great for awesome, big, bold headers. It’s just one of my go-to’s,
I use this everyday. Next, I have these guys. These are just solid
black Tombow Brush Pens. I would love to tell you
what each of these are, but they’re written in another language and I cannot read it to you. But, what I love about
these is that they write in, like, a brush ’cause they’re a brush pen, so they kind of allow you to create this sort of calligraphy
effect, which is very pretty. I love using it for all of my headers. Speaking of Tombow, I
have a whole collection of Tombow markers. These are absolutely
fantastic, I love them so much. I have not every color,
they have a lot of colors, but I have most of the colors. They are double-sided brush pens, so you get the nice
brush side that’s like, basically like a paint brush. It’s great for calligraphy
or coloring in big projects. It doesn’t really take up a lot of time to color something in because it’s so big, or you can get the same color
in a tiny, little marker, on the other side. I love these so much, they
have such great quality, they don’t bleed through the
pages, which is fantastic. They come in so many colors. I love these, I love them,
I recommend them so much. But, if you don’t wanna spend
that much money on markers, I would also recommend Crayola Super Tips. Believe it or not, Crayola Super Tips are actually amazing
for bullet journaling. They have every color you could think of, they are incredibly cheap, like, five dollars for every color, and they don’t bleed through the pages, which is honestly one of
the most important things because the pages in bullet
journals are not the thickest and you don’t wanna have any bleed through because it just looks gross, and these don’t bleed
through the pages at all and I love them, they’re fantastic and I
highly recommend them. And my last writing utensil, which is honestly one of my favorites. I use it literally everyday,
not just in bullet journaling, but in everything that I do. These. These are Zebra Mildliner Highlighters. They’re a double-sided highlighter, they come in all of these
beautiful pastel colors, they’re so cute. I hate when highlighters are just, like, bright and fluorescent,
and they just blind you when you look at them, like, I know sometimes that’s the point of them, but it’s just not very
aesthetically pleasing for me. But these, I love. They come in every color,
they’re all so cute, and they’re double-sided, so
you have the highlighter side, which is like, this
nice, sharp, square edge. Or, if you don’t want that and
you wanna just write with it, you have this nice, soft,
little marker-tip side. They’re super versatile,
they have great colors, they don’t bleed through,
they’re really soft and subtle, and they’re not really in your face, and I am a huge fan. But, that is it for my favorite
bullet journaling supplies. Once again, all the links to
find everything I talked about in this video are in the description, and if you’re really into the
idea of bullet journaling, but don’t really wanna commit to, like, drawing out everything
’cause it is kind of an intimidating task, I would
highly recommend getting our new Nifty journal. If you haven’t heard about this yet, we just released a
brand-new Nifty journal. It is a great way to organize your life, it is full of life hacks, ways of adulting ’cause I know we all don’t
really know how to adult. We pretend that we do, but we don’t. But, this will help you adult and there’s all sorts of
great, awesome, wonderful, beautiful things that will
help you in your life, and I just love it. Thank you guys so much
for watching this video. I am Steph Cozza and I will see you guys in my next bullet journaling
video, whenever that is. Happy bullet journaling, bye. (upbeat music)

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  1. I write usually how many issues in life we have and I like to write about fun things and how to enjoy life and self love, sometimes I write poems and advise and drawing nature

  2. lol are there any ones you don’t have? love them all, just don’t wanna know how much it costs to get every single one in the video

  3. I just use 3 fountain pens. And 2 in a Japanese Fine nib so theyre super thin for writing. One of them is inked with light coloured ink. And another with a dark, basic writing ink. And i have one in a western Broad that I use for headers. And because I can just change out the inks, I can just plan 3 inks that pair well together for my theme that month. Just write with mostly those three pens. And the ink color possibilities are endless. I also have a flex pen that I can use for on the go calligraphy. But really no plastic, disposable pen can beat sheening and shading inks for me. Ugh. So pretty.
    You can also use a waterbrush to use it to shade it out like watercolor. Very versatile.

    Speaking of plastic, disposable pens. It's a great way and ultimately much cheaper to just keep a couple of entry level pens rather than to collect 30 pens of different colors of each type and brand (tombows for brush pens and zebra mildliners for highlights) even though you only typically use 3-5 pens at a time because of the theme of your monthly spread. So it's a great way to cut down on plastic.

    I still do use mildliners and brush pens and archival fine liners but i dont need that many.

  4. I love love love bullet journal videos with Steph! She’s such a great person and I love her videos! Can you please do a video about how you do your lettering fonts!?

  5. The Tombow brush calligraphy pens are not the same as the dual brush markers*** they’re very different products just for anYONE who may read this

  6. I just got the super tips yesterday!! I’ve been wanting to learn calligraphy and this is a great way to get started!!!!

  7. Faber Castell Pitt Artist Pens and Pigma Microns suck. Don't waste your money on them! A better and cheaper alternative to them are the Staedtler Pigment Liners.

  8. I have a couple tombow pens but I don’t really like them?? They’re water based so they eat away at the paper

  9. The pen that she says are in "a different language" is the FUDENOSUKE BRUSH PEN and it comes in two tips (hard and soft). The soft one has a blue square, the hard tip has the green square

  10. Yall are being overly critical simply because its buzzfeed. Like chill, they might not be your favorite youtubers but there is still a team of content creators behind each video who unlike your favorites have to answer to a higher up and compromise to upload videos. Give feedback but don’t be unnecessary with the hate

  11. "ho hum, you're not telling me about anything I don't already know about… Sadness… Wait… THOSE HIGHLIGHTERS ???" thaaaank you

  12. I have been trying to find better pens for my bullet journal that don’t bleed though and this is exactly what I needed. THANK YOU!!!!!!

  13. If you're not sure if you wanna commit to bullet journalling, or want to try decorating your bujo with colors, but don't quiiite have the budget for the tombow markers, totally get the Crayola Supertips 50pack. I got mine for $6 with a coupon from Michael's, but literally even walmart has them, and they are dupes for most of the popular zebra mildliners as well.

    I do a lot less art and calligraphy in mine, and a lot more just…using the color to seperate out boxes to put things in, so I have a to-do box, a meal tracker box, a schedule box, and a notes box on a normal daily page, and then my weekly layout is similar, with each of the days of the week boxed into a section on the page.

  14. To anyone looking for a bullet journal that will never have bleed-through: look no further than the Rhodia Webnotebook! I've been using them for over a year with fountain pens and they're awesome. They're also the same price as the Leuchtturm1917.

  15. Steph you are so freaking cute! So upbeat and helpful and I appreciate that you talk about some of the cheaper bujo items because not everyone can afford the crazy expensive stuff that most bujo youtubers talk about.

  16. i was looking for sakura koi pen on amazon and i found it i will send u the link pls tell me if it will work or not

  17. Yeah….but these are expensive af. I can essentially almost buy a whole new laptop with the money of buying two sets of 12 piece markers…

  18. We represent Faber-Castell and I'd love to send you some more items! Thank you for including us in this awesome round-up.

  19. mildliners bleed through?
    I recommend getting the frixion highlighters in pastel. They are erasable and they domt bleed through

  20. I totally recommend Ohuhu markers. They have a bullet nib on one end which is great for lining, and a chisel for coloring. They are also alcohol based(one of the cheapest you can find!)! If you are looking into starting with alcohol markers these are great. You can get 40 markers for just 20$ (in the US)!( I got mine on Amazon. ) TIP: Use with marker paper ONLY

  21. That tombow markers is actualy 96 colors and the one you showed before that tombow brush pen is the tombow fudenosuke

  22. not really to hate but there not for writing there for artist and i know u can do what ever u want with them but the copic ones are really for bullet jornaling it for going over your work of art also

  23. I am SO going to grab those Crayola markers now! I was worried that inexpensive markers would bleed through, but I'll definitely give those a try now. Thank you!

  24. You should get someone who really knows how to use the supplies, the names and how to use them maybe a little bit better

  25. Hold on…

    Did you say it's like $5 per Crayola supertip?!

    1. That's not cheap.
    2. That's not cheap.
    3. And lastly, I bought a pack of 50 Crayola Supertips for $6.97 from Superstore.

  26. pro tip: be sure to store your markers and pens horizontally not vertically, your markers will last longer and will be less likely to streak <3 love the video! <3

  27. I can watch this video only in 720p and 360p.. but 720p doesn't even work for me even though my internet connection is really good?

  28. Hold up why isn’t this the only video that I can’t watch…YALL I THOUGHT MY PHONE WAS F UP….so I deleted an app…(tbh my storage is full af so I need to get rid of something lol?)

  29. I don’t know what’s going on, but this video isn’t playing. I clicked on the video and all i see is an opened journal with the loading circle spinning around. ?‍♀️?‍♀️

  30. not trying to be mean but u should learn how to letter before actually using a brush pen because with a brush pen ur supposed to get easy up and downstrokes but ur using it like a normal marker and then thickening the downstrokes but yeah u should probably learn how to use a brush pen or how to letter

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