The Beauty Blogger With Bones Like Glass | BORN DIFFERENT

The Beauty Blogger With Bones Like Glass | BORN DIFFERENT

Hannah: Something that I kind of want everybody to understand about disability is that you’re not your disability you’re a person. Cindy: Just last week she um, she sneezed and she broke some ribs. Hannah: Blogging has definitely given me more confidence. Hey y’all it’s Hannah and welcome back to my channel. It’s definitely made me realise that I can do a lot more things. I will see you all in the next video really, really soon. Bye my little Hannicorns . I’ll use this little stick and it actually helps me get things off the floor. It’s supposed to be a back scratcher but I just use it to pick stuff up with If I drop something which is pretty much on a daily basis, because I have extreme butter fingers. I’m Hannah, I’m 24 years old and I have Osteogenesis Imperfecta. How I would describe my disease. I literally just say like I have brittle bones disease. Meaning that my bones just break very, very easily. The biggest challenge in my disease is always trying to have to look for places that are handicapped accessible. I need help getting dressed during the day. I need help to get in and out of my wheelchair, bathing, that type of thing. Cindy: This is the way I actually pick her up and put her in her chair, and take her out of her chair. It’s called a warrior Lift. And yes, it is extremely expensive. Hannah was in a program and they
actually helped provide funding for this. This is our morning and nightly routine.
Hannah: Yes. Cindy: And let her down. And then just unhook it. It’s basically a big swing.
Hannah: Yes. Cindy: And that’s and then I usually just get her dressed for bed and I’ve got to get her dressed for the day and this is how we do. I found out Hannah had OI when she was born, it was immediately diagnosed right
after birth. I was very young. I was 21 years old when I had Hannah. Being told that your baby has a severe disease was very, very scary. She was you know, like a normal baby she just had broken bones and they didn’t exactly know what to do with her either. So they told us put her on a pillow take her home and, and love her. Hannah: Sometimes it frustrates me a little bit that I can’t be more independent but not always. I guess I don’t really let that bother me too much, because everybody needs help sometimes. I’m a lot closer to my mom than most people are, I’m a lot closer with my brother. We look out for each other a lot.
Colton: Yeah we look out for each other. Hannah: We still argue like typical brother and sister. Colton: I remember the first time I really noticed somebody was messing with Hannah, I was really young. And it was another little boy my age. I was probably about eight or nine. We were in Wal-Mart and he’s laughing at Hannah. And I was like hey man, that’s not cool. I was just kind of sitting in between him and Hannah. I mean, that’s happened a lot a couple of times. Just something that happens, I guess. That’s my sister. She was born that way for a reason and I was her brother for a reason. Hannah: Oh I won, I’m sorry, I’m sorry for knocking you out. Good game. Cindy: In the morning times when she wakes up, she takes four different medicines by mouth . She worked real hard to learn how to swallow pills. she actually has to eat when she takes the medicines. If I keep her active, she’ll stay awake. But if she sits around, she’ll, she’ll nap for about 45 minutes to an hour late in the afternoon. And other than that, you know. Hannah: My disease has slightly improved over the years; I’ve gotten a lot better at not breaking as frequently and not getting as sick. So I feel like that’s a really, really good thing and I’m very happy for that. Cindy: Just last week she, she sneezed and she broke some ribs. I was actually in the room when she sneezed and I heard it pop. And it’s it literally sounds like a piece of chalk breaking. Hannah: It feels very weird because you can feel them popping and you can hear it just have to let it heal on it’s own. There’s really nothing that they can do for it. I started getting into makeup and kind of at a very young age. I started watching a lot of YouTubers on YouTube do make up. And then one day just kind of clicked into me that maybe I should try to give it a go myself. Hey y’all it’s Hannah and welcome back to at my channel. Blogging has definitely given me more confidence, it’s definitely made me realise that I can do a lot more things and it’s really, it’s really improved my self esteem. Hi my little Hannicorns that is it for this video. Thank you all so much for watching it please don’t forget to subscribe and I’ll see you in my next video. Bye. Thank you.
Cindy: Ready? Hannah: Yes.
Cindy: You go girl. I just have my wallet. And then here I just have like some little lip glosses. They’re like samples, and I just keep my phone. That’s all. Hannah: I have no idea what’s in that. Cindy: In the back of the cart is, we keep a rain poncho because her controller can’t get wet if we end up in a rain storm. So I have to keep a poncho in there. In the last couple of years, I think I have become way more independent with her and feel more comfortable going out and doing things. Before I felt like I had to have an entourage of help. But now I don’t feel that way. I try to let her live life to the fullest. Hannah: I definitely feel like my disability has made me and my family a lot closer. I really just wanted people to see me as like a normal person just like everybody else. I don’t really think that I’m any different than anybody else. I really think that we need to get past that stereotype of people with disabilities are different because they’re really not.

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  1. Hannah is a great person! I know her in real life! I met her when I was in 8th grade 4 years ago, and she put a smile on everyone’s face!

  2. Amazing person in and out, and she has a really loving caring mom who
    we can tell loves her a lot. We each are born different in many ways.
    Its what makes us human!

  3. She's so cute, I love her little voice her mum is a very good mum to her helping her I hope she inspires people to love themselves and to accept themselves for who they are and I just hope she never gives up on what she loves doing keep rocking girl

  4. Youtube is such a blessing for people with disabilities and people in general! so fun and nice to see others and get to know people

  5. Awww Hannah your so beautiful, I remember going to school with her brother when I was younger and would always see Hannah at field day and be amazed but how different she is and I’ve never looked at her any different than me. I wasn’t raised to hate and I would love to make some YouTube videos or just do her makeup in the future❤️❤️

  6. Hi there i live in ontario canada and i had a daughter born in 1994 who also was born with osteogenesis imperfecta but hers was type 2…i have only been told its genetic but back then drs were not aware of it because my ultrasounds looked normal they said….my daughter passed away after 21 hours ..i love watching videos like yours it heals my heart…

  7. Actually everyone is different. But I love that people like u are breaking out of your shells and sharing your disability with the world and showing people that you are different and u are proud! ?❤️

  8. You are a normal person. I love your attitude about the whole situation. My son was born with OI Also and he is 12 years old now I can’t wait to show him your video. Stay strong and God bless. You can do anything!!!


    Butterfly: lands on Hanna Hannah
    Bones: leaves the chat


  10. Tell me why Zeb from FoolyLiving is living a double life as her brother?? ? Fr tho, he is a splitting image of Zeb ? CRAZY!!

  11. What a great brother and mother she has?.This reminds me that i need to appreciate my health,i have health conditions but i can get around and if i compare to her its not bad , thanks Barcroft for teaching us about others that we wouldnt know about otherwise.i hope Hannah has a long happy life , i love her positivity???????

  12. I don't know if its a side effect of her medication, but her weight needs to be controlled. She has brittle bones, she can't feel good sitting hunched forward like that.

  13. Hannah is so sweet!! Colten is such a good brother and a good friend. I like that instead of feeding ducks yall did gators. Thanks Waycross

    She has it a lot worse than I have it, but by god she’s strong for someone so brittle. I see her as a real hero. She actually looks a lot like me, we kinda have a unique look.

  15. Keep on being strong your an awesome person and your a independent person no matter what anybody says. Keep up being an inspiration

  16. I know little people hate this but ??‍♀️??‍♀️ she is adorable I’m sorry it needed to b said her voice the way she talks her personality just omg I would love to just b around her

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