The Beauty Blogger With Spinal Muscular Atrophy Inspiring Others With Her Tips | Living Differently

The Beauty Blogger With Spinal Muscular Atrophy Inspiring Others With Her Tips | Living Differently

My unique selling point is centred around my disability and the fact that it is quite unusual to see somebody with a disability dressed how I do, and with makeup. Hi, everybody, and welcome to my
very first clothing call. I have got
spinal muscular atrophy type 2. It’s a muscle-wasting disorder,
so it makes me incredibly weak. I can’t stand or walk. I was first diagnosed with spinal
muscular atrophy when I was 18 months old. My parents actually took me to
the doctors because I wasn’t crawling or
walking, and ever since then I’ve been in
an electric wheelchair. I’d been following lots of bloggers
on Instagram, lots of social influencers,
beauty influencers, and I decided that, “You know what?
I actually kind of think that’s “really cool and I can see myself
doing that.” So one day I deleted all the pictures of burgers, pictures of my dog, pictures of my family
off my Instagram and turned it into something that would be a little more interesting to people that are interested in fashion or make
up, and I’ve slowly grown from there. Instagram is my main platform. I also use snapchat quite a lot,
as well. I’m still trying to get into
the whole YouTube world. Hi, everyone. So, this is my first
ever YouTube video. I said I was never ever going to do
one of these because, to be honest, I was a little bit scared to… That feels so weird.
LAUGHTER OFF-SCREEN That is a bad start. All right, wait.
Let me start that again! From the minute I wake up, I have
my PA come in and help me get ready. They help prepare my food,
they dress me. Are we giving approving nods?
Yeah? Yes, I think so. Getting from my bed to my
wheelchair, things like going to the toilet, I
do rely on great help from others. I am able to do my own makeup. For example, I do my own eyebrows, my own eyes, my own lips. My PAs do help with my skin, so, when I employed them, they had to be aware that they were going to learn to be makeup
artists in their spare time. I’m sat now and I can’t actually move my arms higher than… probably an inch off my lap. So, the arm, I can raise my hand over my head, I can scratch my nose, I can pick it if I want to pick it! I can feed myself and that might not sound like a big thing to an everyday, average person that can do all this, but it’s life-changing. Scratching your nose is
life-changing. You are actually going to have to bear with me on this one because this is like weightlifting for me, so I’m going to put the product in shot for a few seconds, then I’m going to have to put
it down because I might drop it. So, huh! Here we go! Is she in shot? Is it in shot? OFF-SCREEN: Yeah.
Excellent! Today, the make-up that I’ve put on only took me about half an hour,
45 minutes. However, if I’m going all
extravagant and putting false lashes on, and crazy cut-crease eye make up, it can probably take me, like,
two hours. I’ve followed Tess from the
beginning, when she had, maybe, about 10,000 followers, so it’s been really fun cos I’ve seen her grow. I am very proud of her. She’s one of the funniest people
I’ve ever known. Genuine, fun to be around,
really chilled out. Tess hasn’t always been good
at makeup. She didn’t know how to put
foundation on, she put it on with her hands. I am proud of Tess. I think that some people might assume it’s because of her
disability when it’s not at all. Just because she’s in a wheelchair doesn’t mean she knows how to put on
eyeshadow. She puts it on better than me, than half of my friends that are
obviously able-bodied, so… She’s just naturally gifted. I receive an overwhelming amount of support and love and really nice, confidence-boosting comments. However, I do get some quite funny negative ones. I’ve been called a doll, I’ve been called a dwarf. I get things like “vegetable”, “turnip”, “carrot”. I don’t generally hide
away from trolls. The way I see it is people
need schooling. They need to realise that they
cannot go around saying this stuff to people. They’ve got to be held accountable for their actions and I’m just the kind of girl that will go round and do that for them. You ready? Let’s go. Ahh! A lot of people with disabilities
have actually contacted me and told me that I’ve changed things
for them, or I’ve made them
see things differently. It kind of makes what I do have a little bit more meaning than just putting a bit of lipstick on or sticking a pair of shoes on. It gives me, kind of, a bit of a
purpose behind what it is that I do. I usually hate the word
“inspirational”. However, I’m slowly accepting that,
to some people, actually, I probably am a little bit
inspirational. It’s not something that sits well with me because, well, I just kind of get on with things. ..which I’m kind of digging at the
moment as opposed to the khaki,
and a wine… CAMERAWOMAN: Ahhh!
Wow! CAMERAWOMAN LAUGHS The Gimble’s on one! Er… I think I was saying something
about a top! Um… So, yeah, again, the same
top… CAMERAWOMAN MAKES NOISES TESS SIGHS I quietly hoped I’d get about a
million followers, eventually, but, you know, small steps,
small steps. I think that’s it. What else do
these YouTube people say? Subscribe – check. OFF-SCREEN: See you on my next
video. I’ll see you on my next video.

100 thoughts on “The Beauty Blogger With Spinal Muscular Atrophy Inspiring Others With Her Tips | Living Differently

  1. Teach me your ways!!!! ? I wish I could learn from videos, but alas I can not. I have 0 skill at make up. Lol. She is beautiful!

  2. i'm loving how she still has confidence and does some things non-disabled people do despite her disability, like doing her makeup and still wanting to have her style and her hairstyles & going outside instead of dwelling on her disability. her style is so amazing and god her highlight is slaying in every video/pic ? such a lovely girl!

  3. My son has Muscular Dystrophy he is 9… he likes to twitch Minecraft… I told him he not allowed to use his camera on twitch or voice until he's 10. However it gives him such freedom. He loves it.

  4. That is great that she has a bionic arm to enable her to do more but shit that the NHS won't help more strong willed people like her to achieve the most they can independently.

  5. I'm a support worker and I've had to help clients with their makeup before, it's hard to do on other people ? her helpers do a great job and her too with her eyes and lips, she's talented with makeup.

  6. I agree with the uncomfortable-ness of calling people "inspirational"… I just think she's a cool girl helping to make it normal to have a disability. We don't need inspirations, we just need people being themselves and making it the norm to see a variety of people out there. I love seeing disabled models/celebs/whatever not because they're inspiring but because they're changing the way others view people with a disability. We're all just people with different abilities, good on her for doing her thing.

  7. Hi sweetheart
    Tess you are very beautiful. I love your confidence.
    Please, don't mind those Evil bullies.

  8. love how they blurred out the names of the trollers even though Tess said herself they should be held accountable??

  9. hahaha id say inspirational is a bit over the top. she wears makeup and makes take a lot of skill.

  10. Definition of paralysis :the loss of the ability to move (and sometimes to feel anything) in part or most of the body, typically as a result of illness, poison, or injury.

  11. How does someone who (presumably) doesn't work afford a personal hairdresser and all those clothes, shoes and accessories? I am disabled and unfortunately have to rely on the government to pay for my necessities and there are many months when I can hardly afford to buy the cheapest shampoo and soap and shit. I would have to assume she has a wealthy family or something but then my next question is, if she can afford all the stuff she does, however she does, why did she have to crowdfund for the robotic arm? At the very least she could've cut back her unnecessary expenses to pay for whatever part of it she could!

  12. Wait, she's not paralysed. The BBC click baiting? That's just sad

    Well it makes sense why it's not on TV nowadays. It's great that you get some exposure but BBC 3 really has diverged from what it should be.

  13. Oh my god you're amazing! I'm not paralyzed but I am disabled and we've got the same kind of story. Also I absolutely love makeup and fashion!

  14. Awwwww I think I’ve found your Channel your so beautiful ???? Really love watching you’ you give me so much motivation your amazing ? you go girl ?????????

  15. We are Inner Workings Inspiration, I’m glad you’re an inspiration. ??? You certainly inspire me.

  16. Who would dare to look at this woman and flat out call her a carrot, turnip, a vegetable? A bunch of bullies is what they are.

  17. Me : gets 26 kill game in fortnite and chick bates the shit out of it only

    Only gets 12 views

    Her: gets on wheelie boy

    Get 200000000000000 views

  18. however due to her being vertically challenged tess can only put make up on children this i consider to be chiled abuse.

  19. ?She is so fucking amazing it's just so crazy everything we take for granted I can simply wash my face or scratch my nose myself but while I do it I don't realize there r ppl in this world ho can't do that bless her she's awesome

  20. For all the people saying that they would look this good/be this famous etc. if they had someone doing their make up for them:

    Her PA's put her hands in front of her face and pass her her make up brushes and she leans over and puts it on herself. There's a video of this on her Instagram Tess.Daly if you check ?

    She's a genuinely nice person, please stop trying to discredit what she does.

  21. I honestly dont like the title becuz SMA is not paralysis. If you’re paralyzed then you can’t feel and move. With SMA we can’t move our muscles but we can feel a simple touch

  22. I find your story very inspiring and worth telling! You inspired me so much! I felt lost at this point of my life but your story has somehow reached out to me saying that i can find purpose and inspiration and i have so much interesting things to do in life. Thank You so much! People like you are the ones that will make changes and they are the ones affecting and inspiring others in a positive way! Love your style and your makeup skills- Amaziiinngg!!! Keep on doing what you love because it’s going to bring you far ahead in life!

  23. Tess is my cousin sister and I love her to bits and I am so proud of her that she is not hiding under a cover because of this disability she is beautiful and unique xx Hannah

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