The Bourne Supremacy (4/9) Movie CLIP – Fighting Close & Dirty (2004) HD

The Bourne Supremacy (4/9) Movie CLIP – Fighting Close & Dirty (2004) HD

You have a car out front?
The keys are in
my coat pocket. But we should–
What? – Go out the back.
I have another car.
– [ Phone Rings ]

100 thoughts on “The Bourne Supremacy (4/9) Movie CLIP – Fighting Close & Dirty (2004) HD

  1. Some clear Muay Thia skills from the bad Dude. I know he has to use elboys as his hands are tied but you can also see the Thai Clinch used later, hence why he was so good with those elboys. Some lovely realism in this one.

  2. Don't know who was responsible for staging the fight scenes they should have hired the fellow that did Person of Interest.

  3. Imagine if a cop pulled you over and all he could find was a boot load of magazines. He wouldn't know you're smuggling weapons unless he's watched the Bourne Trilogy.

  4. Seeing this in theaters I was amazed how spratic and rough the fight scenes were filmed. It feels like two skilled men beating the hell out of each other.

  5. The sad thing is that he thought Jason was there to kill him. He probably could have walked out of there if he didn't attack him

  6. I'm pretty sure that the camera man was warding off a swarm of bees while recording a lot of this movie.

  7. These films (Bourne trilogy) were great and innovating when they first release but didn't really age well over time. I still respect them and they are still classics.

  8. I still think this guy gave Bourne the hardest time out of all.
    most of the other assassins were not even a match for him, but this one was extremely dangerous, Bourne knows it as well because he treats him with this extreme caution

  9. I freaking love this. Jason Bourne is part of why I love action hehe.

    Just yesterday I uploaded a very short action short film lol. Hopefully if anyone reads this, y’all can check it out. It’s called “Spiritual Warfare”.

  10. OK, that was the crappiest, most unwatchable camera work in a fight scene ever. I thought I might watch this movie, but now I won't.

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