The Bullet Journal Method Collectors Set: Unboxing and Walkthrough

The Bullet Journal Method Collectors Set: Unboxing and Walkthrough

The Bullet Journal Method Collectors Set
Unboxing and Walkthrough Hi. This is Ryder. And today, we’re going to be taking a look at The Bullet Journal Method Collectors Set. I’ve been getting a lot of questions about The Collectors Set, so I figured I’d do a little bit of an unboxing, as well as a walkthrough showing you some of the design details, as well as some of the decisions that went into designing The Bullet Journal Method Book. Don’t worry. I’ll be back with tutorials pretty soon. And in the meantime, let’s take a look at The Set. [Music] This is The Bullet Journal Method Collectors Set. This version was originally only available in the U.S. and sold out really quickly. This limited second printing is now available again only on It includes a copy of The Bullet Journal Method Book and The Special Stealth Edition of the Classic Official Bullet Journal Notebook. Let’s take a look at the notebook. The Stealth Edition features all the details that you know and love from the Classic Bullet Journal Notebook. Now, with black accents. The pages feature a beautiful matte black gilding. In order to make this possible, we also had to make some tweaks inside to keep the stealthy profile. You’ll find the lead and end pages and the pocket are also sporting this matte black finish. The Stealth Edition is only available as part of the limited-run Collectors Set. The set includes the U.S. Edition of The Bullet Journal Method Book. Rather than the traditional dust jacket, it features a paper-over-board hardcover with gold foil accents. I went this route because I wanted less moving parts and I wanted it to resemble the construction of the notebook itself. Speaking of which, you’ll note that the dimensions of the book match those of the official notebook. I wanted them to easily travel or neatly sit on a shelf together. Let’s take a peek inside. You’ll note that The Index is designed like a Bullet Journal Index you’d find in a notebook. Wherever possible, I always tried to provide an illustrated example of the techniques and concepts that I discuss. The book is broken down into five parts, spanning from The Basics to more advanced applications of the methodology. Part I: The Preparation gives you the backstory and provides context for the rest of the book. Part II delves into The Bullet Journal as a productivity system. Here, we break down The Basics of how to Bullet Journal. This part is designed to help you organize what you have to do. It’s packed with tutorials featuring detailed illustrations on how to use the system, how it’s organized, and how to set up your own notebook, and more. It delves into what most people think of as Bullet Journaling. And though important, productivity is only one part of The Bullet Journal Method. After all, you can be very productively working towards the wrong things. Just think about the last time you achieved a goal only to find that it felt meaningless. This is something we explore at length in Part III. Part III delves into Bullet Journal as a Mindfulness Practice. This part is designed to help you clarify why you’re doing what you’re doing. Here, we explore various philosophies and practical exercises that will help you define and focus on the things that really matter to you. It will show you how you can define better goals, break those goals down into actionable steps, and use The Bullet Journal Method as a toolkit to lead a more intentional life. Part IV brings it all together. We’ll explore some design theory, strategy and different considerations that will help you tailor your Bullet Journal to your specific set of needs. In Part V, we wrap things up by addressing some of the most commonly asked questions from The Bullet Journal Community. Speaking of which, what better way for me to show the effects of Bullet Journaling than to reach out to the community? I wouldn’t be where I am without you, so it only seemed right to pack the book full of community stories and examples. Some practical and some heartbreaking, but all add a richness to the book that I could have never achieved on my own. The Collectors Set is everything you need to start Bullet Journaling. I hope that you’ll find it useful. Thank you for watching. Happy Bullet Journaling. [Music]

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  1. I'm so excited for the new tutorials! The book is not available in my country yet 🙁 and I don't have the money to buy it online, but I'd really like to start bullet journaling asap! 😊

  2. Будет ли книга переведена на русский язык и продаваться в России? Спасибо.

  3. This is really cool! I already own the book though, but I'm sure people will like it. The contents of the book have already helped me a lot.

  4. omg how cool! i feel like i definitely need to read this book bc i just uploaded a flip through of my first six months of bullet journaling and i know i use it more as a creative outlet than a productivity tool and i want to really make the most of it 🙂 also – your handwriting is so neat!!

  5. oh, fuck the master class now and I've just got through primary school (elementry in the america). also adhd, dx 10 years ago at 39

  6. From what I'm seeing? Not a lot of people are following the standard format anymore. It has become a competition on whose book is better and whose art is more worthy. So many people are so misguided and think it is about how beautiful you make the bullet journal look rather than how functional it really should be to make your life easier. The one group who follow the traditional path are belittled and another group who feel intimidated and think their bullet journal could never measure up because of the bullying and being told it has to be perfect! Then you have the social clique. The group that is made for them only as the rest cannot draw or paint good enough and are childish compared to them. They really have lost touch and wish they wouldn't watch your videos again, to get back to what it really is all about. I feel bad for those that are pushing it away because they think it won't be good enough. If only they really knew. I love The Bullet Journal and have a much better and easier time now.

  7. Thanks Ryder! Is there a way we can purchase the lux black gilding bullet journal only? I actually have the book…

  8. Bought it. It is all marked up and flagged. Great content. Thanks for the invention Ryder. Love my bullet journal. The black journal is beautiful.

  9. Thank you for the simplicity – those fancy and beautiful decorated ones make me nervous 😍. I'm trying your system and its already making my decision process easier.

  10. Have been interested in bullet journaling for a while, have watched many, many you tube videos on the set up and use of a BJ and ordered my uk version of your bullet journal method book. I am wondering why the uk cover is different though? I do love the U.S gold version 😊 can’t wait to get started now. Thanks Ryder, my brain is going to be so much more empty soon! 😃 Warmest Regards from Cornwall in the U.K.

  11. How can I get the pdf that accompanies the audio? I borrowed it from my state library system and the pdf was not included….thanks

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