The Bullet Journal Notebook

The Bullet Journal Notebook

Van Gogh once said:
“Many painters are afraid of the blank canvas” “but the blank canvas is afraid
of the truly passionate painter who dares” “and who has broken the spell of ‘you can’t’.” Notebooks are my canvas. When I write in them, I dare. Dare to create, to make, to plan. They’re a creative playground. We breathe life into ideas. With time, I got better at using them. I designed a system for notebooks. Like the notebooks themselves,
the system had to be flexible and forgiving. I called it The Bullet Journal. This is The Bullet Journal Notebook. Crowdfunded into existence by nearly 3,000 backers. It’s the only notebook in the world designed
from the ground up for Bullet Journaling. It sports a hardcover. 5.75 inches wide by 8.25 inches tall. The size makes it easy to write in and the cover offers a good amount of
protection that’ll help it last for years. On the inside cover is The Key. In addition to the main symbols
used in The Bullet Journal system, it features blank grids that
will help you design your own. After The Key are four lined pages for your Index. This can come in handy if you want a separate dedicated Index for school or work, for example. Following The Index, you have a dedicated Future Log. It spans four numbered dot-grid pages that will allow you to lay out your Future Log in any way you like. The notebook pages are printed on
bright white 80-gram ink-proof paper. 239 pages feature a dot-grid, which combined the flexibility of a blank canvas with the clarity of a grid. The pages are numbered, which makes organizing
and indexing your content much easier. Speaking of organization, the book also features
three different colored built-in bookmarks. This will help you quickly access
your most frequently used Collections. If you don’t know how to Bullet Journal
or you need a refresher, the back of the book features
eight pages of detailed instructions. At the end of the book,
you’ll find an expanding gusseted pocket in which you can store things
like Post-it Notes, business cards or receipts. With the tremendous support of
The Bullet Journal Community, I was able to design the notebook of my dreams, and I couldn’t be happier with how it turned out. I really hope you like it. Get yours on

72 thoughts on “The Bullet Journal Notebook

  1. Noticed in the video that odd page number are on the left pages. Is that a deliberate choice ? I feel weird about this (it's not like in books). Is that how they all are ?

  2. you should do a give away on YouTube but that's your choice and I do use the bullet journal but I'm not good at doing the weekend spreads got any tips

  3. I love everything about this video 🙂 You really did get quite amazing at using notebooks. Thank you for sharing your wonderful system with us and the official notebook!

  4. I like this system, I find this method yesterday in another blog. And I begin the searching, I'm already in love with the method.

  5. Don't mean to be rude but I saw on another video that he had a learning disability. What was it dyslexia??

  6. I've watched a few of your videos and visited your page by now. Only one sentence in my head this moment: I. Need. A. Bullet Journal. Awesome concept! The world needs more creative people like you.

  7. Can someone please clue me in. Why in this day and age would anyone use paper and pen to track tasks or events? You can easily use an app for all of this stuff, there are so many to list, I'll provide one good example: Trello. I use it, and it's absolutely amazing!

    Again, please clue me in here, because I don't see any good reasons for using a pen and paper notebook.

  8. I truly have fallen in love with your brain and this amazing system 🙌💃💖 I only need to see that I can get it from your page to Dominican Republic🙏 because I couldn't get the Lechturm on amazon and another pages. You're a genius! 💫

  9. 想说的太多所以用中文了,太厉害了!像艺术品一样,创始人真的是天才级别的(●'◡'●)好想买这个笔记本

  10. I didn't think I could love notebooks anymore but here I am, with my notebook love amplified a couple thousand times 😅

  11. The commercialization of a brilliant idea. The more expensive the notebook the more reluctance to actually write in it and possibly screw up. Just buy a cheap notebook and go for it.

  12. I've seen the Bullet Journal in person- the pages are not "bright white" as stated here. They are off-white/ivory colored. That and the dot grid paper are what put me off from purchasing. If it came in a true bright white, 5×5 square grid, I'd buy in a heartbeat. Can this be offered??

  13. Ryder, thank you yet again. Your voice is hypnotic- I could do with you reading an audio book that I can fall asleep to. Love this system – I'm getting better at using it and am loving your videos for tips and tricks. Thank you for sharing – Keep them coming – all the best for 2018 x

  14. I love the official bullet journal notebook, but why is the third color it's offered in Nordic Blue? Emerald is a blueish shade already. I'd love to see it in Leuchtturm's Purple!

  15. I have just started my bullet journal. I'm seeing immediate results. My wife has ADD and has started one. Your idea has changed our marriage for the better.

  16. Hi there … will there be a time where more of the Leuchtturm 1917 colours will be available as Bullet Journals ? Cheers and love, love, love the Principles 🙂

  17. I love the intro quote!
    Van Gogh once said, "Many painters are afraid of the blank canvas, but the blank canvas is afraid of the truly passionate painter who dares–and who has once broken the spell of 'you cant'." Personally, I think this quote could inspire not only literal painters, but all of humankind. I had just recently broken the spell, myself. I was a painter afraid of beginning a different life, afraid of the possible mistakes I may make along the way in my newly chosen journey, afraid of change. I had the notorious, creeping social pressures demanding me to think "I can't start anew. I can't start painting my masterpiece–my life–with my fearless passions. I can't start painting my blank, boring, dull canvas with all my favorite colors." Well, now I realize not only that I CAN, but also that I MUST if I am to be the only painter determining the strokes made in my canvas. I'd prefer the possibility of dying, having made a chaotic piece much more than maintaining a clean, blank canvas for as long as I shall live.

  18. Is this journal good for all inks? I'm wanting to use a fountain pen, since that's what I use for my daily pen, but it bleeds through the pages of a moleskin.

  19. This is the best notebook for bullet journaling but also the most expensive. But in my opinion worth the extra investment.

  20. it's awesome. you did a great job for BULLET JOURNAL community. The way u created the BUJO notebook is really appreciable work. every time i buy a BUJO note book, i customize that as u did (adding pouches and bookmark tags etc..)

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