The Business of Beauty Blogging

The Business of Beauty Blogging

Hey guys! I wanted to do something a little bit different
and talk about the business of beauty blogging on youtube and I was inspired by a few videos
that I saw by African export, Taren Guy and Char Jay that were all about integrity in
blogging and sponsored content. And I figured that I would add my voice to
the discussion cuz I have some thoughts of my own. I’ve been doing this for a long time and
making videos for five years. There are a few ways to make money on youtube. The first and easiest one is, the youtube
partnership program. Now this used to be an exclusive program that
you had to apply or be invited to but now it is open to everyone! The only stipulation is that you provide original
content; you can’t monetize tv shows or clips from movies or concerts or anything
like that. If your content is completely original, youtube
will give you the opportunity to put ads on that content and make money off of it! There are two different types of ads here
on youtube-you got an in stream ad which is a little 15 or 10 second commercial that plays
before the video and then you have the in video ads which are the little ones that pop
up in the middle of the video and also run alongside the video. So youtube pays based on how many people watch
these ads. You are paid per a thousand views and this
is called your CPM-your Cost Per Mileu, I believe. And that means that there’s a special rate
that’s determined for your channel that’s unique to everyone based on your uh subscriber
count, how many videos you’ve uploaded, how often you upload, the types of traffic
your videos get, what your videos are about: certain videos tend to pull larger audiences
or be more attractive to advertisers. It can range anywhere from 50 cents to 20
dollars! 25 dollars. Uh depending on how popular you are. And so every thousand times and ad is viewed
on your channel, you will get credited a little bit and as soon as you reach 100 dollars,
youtube will either cut you a check or direct deposit it into your account. Another way that people make money on youtube
is through sponsored content. You’ve got a 1 to 1 sponsorship where a
brand reaches out to you individually and either sends you a free product or they offer
you a certain amount of money to incorporate a product into your video. Whether it be a review or just some integrated
sponsorship like wearing a shirt, or a certain piece of jewelry or something like that. Another way that people make money is through
campaign sponsorships. Now this is when a brand comes up with an
idea or they say “I’ve got this one product or this movie or this website that I want
to promote, I’m willing to offer a 10 dollar CPM to anyone that includes this in their
video.” These types of campaigns are really popular
on websites like which anybody can sign up for. Depending on how many subscribers you have
they’ll determine what kind of CPM you get. And you also have these campaigns provided
by youtube networks. Which is REALLY popular right now and that’s
a whole ‘nother topic for a whole ‘nother video. This is really lucrative especially if you
get a low CPM on your videos like 2 dollars. Then if somebody offers you 20 dollars, that’s
a really big deal and you can make a lot of money off of one video. Now with that being said, personally I don’t
have a problem with sponsored content. Buuuuuuut, the problem is there are too many
people doing sponsored content and not disclosing that their content is sponsored! This is not a personal pet peeve, okay, this
is the law. The Federal Trade Commission I think it was
last year determined that it was ILLEGAL to have sponsored content and not disclosed that
it’s sponsored. I don’t know what the exact verbiage is,
I will look it up and put a link to it in the description box if you are interested
but this a really big problem here on youtube and I’ve been reading through a lot of comments
and talking talking to a lot of people about it and I heard a lot of the same gripes being
brought up. You know, you hear a lot of people say “OH
you don’t hear people complaining when Beyoncé is in a L’oreal commercial!” No, you don’t because it’s a COMMERCIAL! And we all understand that she’s being paid
to promote a product. The problem is on youtube you don’t always
know that someone is being paid to promote a product. You’re just trusting them. And to be totally honest with you, you have
to be careful with who you trust. And take some of these reviews and halls with
a grain of salt. You might notice there are times where everyone
is talking about the same product or the same website. Chances are they are being paid to talk about
that thing and when that happens and people aren’t being honest with you, what it does
is it taints your audience and it taints your reputation. So DON’T DO IT! All you have to do in order to comply with
the FTC’s rules and regulations is include a disclosure. It’s really easy, it goes like this: “Hey
guys! Today I’m doing a review of XY and Z and
this is sponsored.” BAAAM So easy. Or you can also add a sentence in the video
description box. Um this is really really key and I see so
many people making this mistake. And I see a lot of really TALENTED people
that I believe in and I think could have wonderful, amazing careers making this mistake and it’s
unfortunate because while you might get the check right now, what it does is that it bites
you in the ass later on. I’m not saying this to act like I’m better
than anybody or to like lecture people. I’m honestly saying this because um, you
know, I understand that it can be really tough to turn down an opportunity that has a great
price tag attached to it but you have to weigh the pros and cons. Is this going to help you in the long run? Is it something that you really believe in? Are you able to give your honest opinion without
being penalized for it? And then if you decide to go ahead and do
that sponsored content, you’ve GOTTA tell your audience because if they find out, they’re
gonna be pissed. And once you lose them they’re gone like
you can’t, you can’t get them back. You only, you only have that one chance to
piss them off and then they’re gone. So, with that being said, bloggers it’s
really important for you to be honest with your audience and also, sometimes you just
gotta say you no to certain things and really look at your brand and decide what is best
and most honest for you. And then if you decide to take on a sponsored
piece of content make sure you disclose and let your audience know what’s up. And then, audience it’s really important
that you guys trust your instincts and are smart about who you follow and who you trust. And if you have questions, go ahead and ask
them! There’s no reason that you should ever feel
about asking like, “hey, is this sponsored?” Uh because the bloggers that are good at what
they do and are trust worthy will be honest with you. And sometimes people make mistakes, and they
forget to add a disclosure but if you’ve made the mistake it’s really easy to fix! All you do is just add that little disclosure
line in your description box and you are good to go. Hope you guys found this helpful. I’m really making an effort to start talking
more about blogging business stuff over at my vlog channel so I will put a link to that
In the video description box. If you guys have any other questions about
the business of blogging, go ahead and leave me a comment and I will see if I can incorporate
that into a future video. Thanks so much guys and I will see you later,

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  1. But they often don't answer every comment and question, then some of them get annoyed when people question them about it. It's the sense of entitlement that bothers me. I know it takes work, and I am glad they have found a way to make a profit, but please don't treat me like I am too dumb to understand that the vlogger may not be giving an honest opinion of a product they are being paid to promote. Just sayin'.

  2. wow, very informative. I wish someone would pay me to talk about their products. I'd tell everyone, Hey, I'm getting paid to share my thoughts about this product. I don't see why they try to hide it. But it doesn't surprise me because people aren't as honest as I am. Honesty is the best policy in every aspect of life. Tell the truth. All truth comes to the light anyway. Great channel. Thanks for sharing this. Very helpful. πŸ™‚

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  4. I love this video. It is very honest and straightforward. You have an awesome personality! Thank you for keeping it real.

  5. This was fabulously detailed. Thank you for sharing it. Does it matter if people "skip ad"? Because I click it AS SOON AS it pops up. I'm willing to change that though. Thank goodness they can't tell if I mute it. πŸ™‚

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  7. How do I get started with that first one you was talking about that pays you for every thousand views? I loved this information. I dont use youtube much but this will give me motivation to use it more..

  8. It is totally dishonest and disrespectful when videos that are clearly sponsored don't appropriately disclose that information. It's kind of sly and underhanded. There is a difference between liking a product received for free versus liking a product that you spent your own income on. A lot of beauty people on youtube don't seem to understand that there is bias involved in receiving something for free and then reviewing it. Full disclosure allows everyone to make informed decisions.

  9. disrespectful and ILLEGAL! but at the end of the day, it's really up to the subscribers to hold these vloggers accountable. if you see some shady stuff going on let them know that you aren't happy. your views are valuable! they aren't going to get sponsors if no one's watching

  10. Interesting. I couldn't go for partnership cause my three vids violate the 'no copyrighted stuff' though y'know, fair use probably protects them but I'd agree, making money off them a no go.

    Interesting that the partnership isn't a limited club now though, did not know that.

  11. I'm curious about music in videos. You can't use any old music that you want without permission, right? Like Prince would be really mad if you used one of his songs πŸ˜›

  12. you can't use copyrighted music in your videos or you risk getting copyright violations which can result in your account being deleted or even worse, being sued. it's best to stick with royalty free music to avoid those issues.

  13. Good to know. Thank you!! I'm just getting started and always thought that you needed to cite the source like in a paper..haha thanks again! I've really enjoyed your videos

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  17. Thank you for the thorough explaination of how it all works. I've been hearing alot of ranting about this particular subject among my fav youtubers, but all we get as "watchers" is bits and pieces and unindentifiable anger lol. Now i understand!!

  18. royalty free music means it hasn't been copyrighted and is available for anyone to use with proper credit. YouTube offers royalty free music to use in your uploads, but there are also tons of other websites that offer it as well. sometimes it's free, other times you can purchase the music for a few dollars. if you're dead set on using something that's copyrighted you can purchase a license and the price depends on how you want to use it.

  19. Good explanation. It doesn't faze me that much that people are being sponsored, if I like their blogs. But on the other hand I don't watch TV because of the extreme commercialism. Youtube was refreshing to listen to "real" people but with sponsorship you might get just what you get on TV. But if I were an advertiser, I would pay YT'ers because it is becoming a great way to advertise–maybe a big part of the future of advertising?

  20. I love cooking vegan and vegetarian meals. My husband would like me to start video blogging about what I make to support my non-profit organization The OMNIS Foundation. He created me a website and provided hosting though his company EZTransition for free! However, he warned me that if I did not blog more he would charge me or take down the site. LOL!!! I have a new baby and typing a blog article is not easy but you inspire me to try the video blogging. Help by recommending items needed.

  21. You are a sweetheart and a genuinely good person. To take the time to explain all the different ways to make money in here and then detail all of the drawbacks is really admirable. Keep up the good work!

  22. After trying and hating products that my favorite beauty blogger recommended, I started to see if anyone made a video "warning" viewers about sponsored vs. non-sponsored videos & came across yours. Thank you for making this. It helped me understand more about the "business" and I appreciate your honesty!

  23. i dont think you know how helpful this was…i was tired of asking people on youtube who were too FAKE and PRIDEFUL and SELFISH to answer

  24. Yes, this is good to know, this is helpful information to those consumers that are out there just looking for some helpful advice or a product that will help with there situation. I think more people should be honest and upfront, but that is just a testimony to their character and the product they endorse.

  25. Hey. I watched your video several months ago & i often refer it to friends & classmates bc it was truly insightful. I still notice many beauty bloggers not following the ftc disclaimer.and they know its wrong if ur viewers always ask about really bothers me bc i think they really dont care about anything but gaining profits.Thank u for this great info:).

  26. yeah, i see those saaaame people not disclosing. it's very disappointing. i've lost a lot of respect for bloggers that i used to love. it sucks.

  27. this video is about how bloggers make money, so it covers the YouTube partnership program, CPM, adsense, and FTC laws in addition to sponsored videos.

  28. not sure what you mean….are you asking if someone could put ads for themselves on their videos? if so, yes. you can create pre-roll ads for your own channel, using ad words.

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  31. This message needs to be broadcasted in every nook and cranny of the YouTube universe. If the video is sponsored, then there needs to be disclosure. Period.

  32. Hello and thank you so much this is so informative. I wanted to know how can I start a blog? Without money Im a single parent in between jobs Im a Freelance MUA and I want to start blogging but I dont really have to many products to blog about as Im on a tight budget right now any idea? To start building one?
    on a budget?

  33. VERY GOOD INFOMATIVE VIDEO. I started my channel 6 months ago and from the beginning I don't let people "tell me" how to use my channel. I even told one "hater" that unless she puts money in my pocket, I will do what pleases ME. I am still in "Youtube Trainning" and just have fun with my channel because I don't understand every terms, but you DEFINITELY helped TREMENDOUSLY. THANK YOU!!! πŸ™‚

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  38. What if a company reaches out to you for an affiliate program, but you have to buy the products at a discounted price? I'm new to beauty blogging and a lot of companies are reaching out to me for affiliations but I'll have to pay…..?

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