The day I got attacked and robbed in Argentina (Travel Video Blog 042)

The day I got attacked and robbed in Argentina (Travel Video Blog 042)

Hi there. This, I tell you, this is not a usual travel video blog episode, because after four weeks here in Rosario I felt like I have to continue my travels and decided to go for a weekend trip to Cordoba, which is a student city in the north of Argentina, and it’s famous for it’s lively night life because of the fact that it is a student city. So I enjoyed like walking around there in daytime drinking coffee, checking out the park and the city which is actually quite nice. But then on the second night I was out with friends and on the way back to the hostel, three quarters or three blocks away from the hostel it happened. There were like two guys in front of me, just like immediately, it was like without saying anything they just like punched me in the face, put me down in the street, kicked me, kicked my head, punched my head and robbed my iPod, my wallet and my mobile phone, but this really is not the thing which is shocking. The shocking thing is just the violence that happened. I had to go to the emergency, I got stitches. I got four stitches here, four stitches there, half of my teeth were just missing. Let’s face it, these are things that could happen everywhere in the world. Just months ago a friend of mine was robbed in Berlin, maybe not was this violent. I had really bad luck, but also part of that is maybe also stupidity because I was there alone. I mean I walked alone in the morning at 6 o’clock back to the hostel, and I saw like it’s just five blocks, that’s not that far, it’s like doable and it’s safe, but it was not. So I should rather take a taxi for like 20 pesos which is like 3 euros which is nothing, and I would not have encountered that. What happened afterwards made me even love this country Argentina more, because the reactions of the people were just overwhelming. There were the people who picked me up from the streets, called the police, accompanied me to the hospital, paid the taxi actually, to get to the hospital. The hospitals there look horrible, they look really rundown, but the doctors, the personnel which was there, the staff, the equipment they used, it’s just high professional, and they were so nice, they cared a lot about my situation, made me feel comfortable as well as the guys in the hostel where I stayed in the Mate Hostel in Cordoba, which is just a great place to be. They organized medicine for me, they organized the dentist who could fix my teeth just in like one day, and it now looks like quite normal again, and then also the guys from this hostel. I mean I am now in La Lechuza again in Rosario. That’s my little family here in Argentina. They are just great. They make me feel really, really good and I’m able to recover really quickly here. Also because the Spanish school helped me to find a doctor. Actually it was a teacher for them who is now doctor, who just came to the Spanish school to take my last stitches out, so now all my stitches are out and I’m on the best way to recover completely. My sponsor, Hostelbookers, guys, you’re just amazing. They raised money for me in the office to replace some of my lost valuables. I really, really appreciate it. Thanks guys. I’m really lucky that I had you as the sponsor for this Hola Gringo trip. And last but not least, all the reactions, the personal reactions I got from people here but also through Facebook, through emails, just people writing me really long personal messages apologizing for my situation, trying to help me. Some of you guys even offered me money which is totally not necessary. But all the messages, emails and comments I got, helped me really, really to recover very quickly, and now I am at a stage where I would say I’m almost recovered. I mean it’s just like the last part here and some wounds, but they will heal up quickly. I really, really love you guys. Thanks a lot and I’ll see you on the road.

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  1. Ay ellos..Todos re avergonzados porque le robaron a un gringo. Como si solo en Argentina ocurriesen hechos delictivos. Que tilingos son algunos, mamadera!

  2. That is what Populism left after 12 years in power. Sorry dude, but most Argies think this happens everywhere in the world!!

  3. Sorry this happened bro. I got robbed there too. First time in my life. I am a very experienced solo traveller, was walking wearing an army hoody in BA, definitely not looking like a tourist. Wandered into the wrong area. See these two desperate & dirty guys approach and start asking for money. I said no and they attacked. Luckily, nothing really valuable but lost a cheap camera with my photos of Iguazu. They pulled a box cutter on me when I fought back. Had that moment where time froze and it was like hand it over or get stabbed.

  4. It is very bad what happened to you.I am German too,  and I plan to go to South America next year. I will need to be careful in Brazil and Argentina since I am planning to wear a German Football Jersey with the Name "Götze" on the back. I think both countries didnt forget the world Cup 2014- Maaaaario Göööööööötze. TooooorHehe do you guys think mentioning the World Cup 2014 will be dangerous in Argentina :)))?

  5. really bad luck dude… I feel sorry for you and that situation. crappy people can be found everywhere, but I reckon there are more possibilities in Argentina

  6. Hello i saw your video. Im sorry what happen to you there:/ I want to make a trip in south america for 6 month by car. What do you think ? Is it a good idea ? I hope you can text me back

  7. Das ist eine Erfahrung die wirst du nicht vergessen. Glaub mir diese Erfahrung wird dir in der Zukunft helfen.Traue nicht jedem ,halte Ausschau, .

  8. Sorry to hear that. I have traveled in 12 countries and have never been robbed or beaten. I was close to getting robbed in the Philippines but the locals chased the robber away. Hope you dont stop travelling – you have a good attitude and I would welcome you to my country.

  9. Well you're kind of stupid to carry and i pad, what where you thinking? You know the better but you did it anyway.

  10. im argentinian i have 2 siblings we were left alone in the car in argentina and a guy tried robbing my lil sis tablet but my dad beat him up and the kid was like 12 or 13

  11. lamento mucho lo que te sucedió. pero la inseguridad en argentina es una de sus cosas que más asco nos proboca.

  12. …haaaaysssss there are really bad people not only there that everywhere. . .but STEVE cheer up. . .dont be diacouraged and please continue your backpacking around the globe and hope to bump into you someday…GET WELL THE SOONEST…MAY GOD BLESS YOUR TRAVELSSSSSSSSS…- Your New Subscribee from the Philippines but curently working in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia♥♥♥

  13. Soo sorry that you had to go through such a bad experience:((  I love your passion to travel and also share your experiences. Hope and trust this will be the one and only bad moment in your whole life! Thank you for the video:))

  14. woooo lo lamento hermano que t alla pasado eso, argentina es un pais hermoso pero ahi gente buena y mala pero pienso que en otros paises quizás igual o peor pero en verdad lo lamento me da vergüenza de que pasen estas cosas. Disculpa de mi pais como ciudadano argentino. Que esta mala experiencia no te prohiba de seguir visitando argentina

  15. My Gosh! I am brazilian and violence here in Brazil is too much. I was wondering going to Argentina , but after this information , I am quite afraid going down there.

  16. Your videos are awesome!! I'm inspired to visit this places! Bought your Argentina & Chile travel ebook. Wish you the very best in your travel adventures!!

  17. I just found your channel man, sorry to hear about this happening. As someone who wants to travel long term and is currently saving to do so its a breath of fresh air when people show off all the amazing things and the not so amazing. gonna go back and follow your past adventures and youve also just gained a new follower 🙂 keep on going!

  18. "could happen anywhere in the world" always this bullshit excuse. Yes, you can get shot and murdered in the safest country in the world, that doesn't mean that going to Syria is a good idea.

  19. Did you have to pay for the hospital? Or was it paid by the government? Or insurance? I heard that emergency healthcare is free in Argentina even for tourists.

  20. Sorry for your sufferings pal. There are dickheads everywhere, particularly argentina. A lot of parasites pray on tourists there. Vermin

  21. So Sad. Argentina (All of Latin America) makes a lot of money from tourists. Once you start preying on these tourists and once they stop coming, these countries will suffer. Not that Europeans are the most hospitable Hosts either but I draw the line with Violence.

  22. never show your valuables in amererica latina… he must have been walking with i pod or phone in hand… thats what he should warn people about

  23. I am sorry to hear of your attack. I am glad that you have a positive outlook of the situation. I am glad that you have alerted us to be more alert with our surroundings. You are wiser now.

  24. unfortunately our city is very unsafe now.. but it's still beautiful and I appreciate that you were able to see past this horrible thing and see there are very nice people here too!! I hope this didn't put you off completely! it's good to tell other travelers to just take taxis if possible and not walk around alone at night! hope you're better!

  25. Steve you are a very reasonable person…it is true this can happen anywhere since criminals exist everywhere in the world. Hope this experience does not lead to a negative experience but also I see that you are a very tolerant person global mindset..Good people will always win at the end.. Hope you recover completely and you keep on showing us your travels thank you brother

  26. Que tantas disculpas le piden los argentinos a éste extranjero!
    Yo desde los 10 años que por la profesión de mi padre he vivido entre varios países de Europa, del norte y del sur, y en varios estados de USA, tengo 38, y les afirmo que la peligrosidad existe en TODOS LADOS! En Europa en porcentaje puede que te golpeen menos para robarte, porque hay menos robos, y además son mucho menos millones de habitantes en casi todos los países del norte europeo. Pero te golpean indistintamente si sos hombre o mujer, en bares, discotecas, de noche, por la calle de manos de un borracho, gente de actitud agresiva que aparece por doquier!
    No jodamos!!!
    Ni hablar en Estados Unidos, donde la provocación y la violencia callejera que acaba con internados en el hospital está a la orden del día… es un puto infierno la violencia en la sociedad de los países "desarrollados"… así que si a éste man le pasó eso en Argentina, pues que se cure, se reponga y llore en el baño…, ahora mismo hay millones de europeos, turistas o inmigrantes en Europa, y ni hablar de norteamericanos en USA que están recibiendo una paliza de manos de un hijo de puta sin comerla ni beberla, para robarles o simplemente porque están en el lugar equivocado en el momento justo… Pasa en todoooos lados muchachos!!
    Yo en particular prefiero que sea un daño por robo (que lo cometió un puto delincuente) a que sea por estar en una discoteca cualquiera de Suecia (por ejemplo) donde un tipo cualquiera en pedo le baje los dientes de una trompada a una chica que se le cruzó por el camino, o ver un grupo de tipos cortarse la cara y lo que alcancen con botellas rotas por una discusión en la calle a las siete de la tarde y cuidado con que pases cerca porque recibis tambien… Eso vi yo, no me lo contó nadie ni hice un video al respecto, y pasa en Suecia, y no son casos aislados ni nadie pide perdón ni se avergüenzan, es más promocionan más el país para el turismo.
    O en el metro de Bruselas, otro ejemplo, un pibe herido de dos puñaladas porque le quisieron robar un puto aparatito tipo mp4 (pasado de moda y en tecnología) después tirado muerto en el piso lo mearon! Ni acá la violencia llega a tal bajeza!
    Dejemos de sentir tanta vergüenza de Argentina, eso si, no aplaudamos y combatamos la delincuencia, pero informemonos más de lo que ocurre fuera, con otros ojos y no los de turistas embelezados!

  27. The Argentinian is supportive, but care must be taken in the streets with personal items, in recent years Argentina has received immigrants from bordering countries such as Bolivians, Peruvians and Paraguayans who commit crimes such as rapture.

  28. Dear I am so sorry everybody in Argentina suffer this same consequences like you is because the Government is real bad

  29. I'm so sorry this happened to you. It is true this can happen everywhere in the world, but it's sad it happened here…
    I hope this doesn't disencourage you to come back to this country. Ask for advice in the hotel regarding where to visit, and which places are better to be avoided, or to be visited by taxi.
    So sorry. It's a pitty that the violent ones do this kind of things.
    I hope violence disappears from the World, if that's too much asking!

  30. Hi BackPacker Steve! Sad to hear this news, but uplifting how positive you are! You are a real person "being peace" and not letting anger overwhelm you. I helped a man from Finland in Minneapolis many years ago. He had just come to the University and my bike could go faster than the robbers running, yet they had such a head start I couldn't find them. I would have followed them until I could know where they were going and call the police. I talked to the victim and felt an empathy for him and so I know it can happen anywhere in the world. The robbers chose the middle of a big bridge to attack him too and maybe an hour after sunset in the summer. You were attacked at 6AM!! I never imagined robbers, who are led by greed would not be early risers, but good to know it can even happen that early in the day.

  31. For us the Argentinians is like “normal” to being afraid on the streets, or even not takin out or cellphones when we are walking, or to not staying at late night on the streets because it’s dangerous but we are used to it, we always have precaution… I’m really sorry what happend to you?

  32. I am considering vacationing in Argentina but I heard the country is beautiful but dangerous. I am sorry that happen to you. I hope you healed properly.

  33. In order to understand what a typical argentino says, I suggest you use this Brief Dictionary of Argentine Words (BDAW), where you can read and hear the particular slang of these people:

  34. Cuidado cuando viajen a países bananeros, solo Chile, Uruguay y (muchos no lo saben) Bolivia, son los paises mas seguros de sudamérica para el turista. Los más peligrosos son Argentina, Venezuela y Brasil, les sigue Perú y Colombia… No significa que no deben visitar estos países, solo es para que estén más atentos y agudicen su "intuición"

    Careful when you traveled to "banana" countries, only Chile, Uruguay and (many do not know) Bolivia, are the safest countries in South America for tourists. The most dangerous are Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil, followed by Peru and Colombia.

  35. What a bad experience u went through, I can’t believe they can’t respect the tourist, as a latinoamerican I feel ashamed for this, what a bad example we are giving to those ones who are just coming to see our countries and help us to grow , I only hope to u comeback to latinoamerica, we love when people come and make us see how much of a treasure we have, I only can say sorry for what happened to you and sending good vibes your way, and thanks for those videos in Colombia I watched then and it brought back memories, also it reminded me how lucky I am of being Latino, thanks and thanks

  36. Sorry that happened bro, that sucks! I was born in Rosario, but lived in Buenos Aires since age 10, I'm now 34, so…most of my life… and of course I've been to Córdoba a couple times as well. Although there are all kinds of shit that can happen to you here on the streets, I'm surprised about the attack being so automatically violent; I mean without a word…although I've heard about some of these cases, most of the time some thugs will come over and at least say what the want you to give them, of course you'll be in trouble if you refuse but this sequence is not that frequent anyway, of course there was a quote of bad luck, however the good part was that they didn't carry any weapons, which is common as well. Besides you aren't 100% safe anywhere, I can say myself that Córdoba is a much safer city than Buenos Aires and Rosario…and also that Argentina, even with these kind of shitty things happening around…is still by far a much safer country than most of South America, which I recommend pretty much to avoid?
    By the way, if you already left the country and miss anything, or maybe still here and are curious about more, feel free to visit my channel, different cities are shown at street level, recorded from my car, and new ones will come later on! ?
    Greetings from Buenos Aires! ?

  37. I can give you some advice. South America, Europe, NYC, Miami, Los Angeles, Chicago. Don’t walk alone at night in a city. This exact thing may happen to you. It happened to me in Charlotte, North Carolina and in Mexico. It’s common sense. Unless you are in Singapore or Japan.

  38. People should have warned you better about how things are at some places and times of the day.
    The lack of information is a HUGE factor when things like these get to happen.

    How could it be that in 34 years living in this city I never ever had an encounter of this nature but tourists and people who visit us for just…1 or 2 weeks get themselves caught by it immediately. And following this same protocol I follow in my city I never ever had a situation like this abroad. It´s not like they target you because you are a foreigner. It´s because you just did the wrong move. If you find yourself alone in the streets. You may want to ask yourself "Why am I the only one walking here when locals, obviously, are not?". There is a reason why your surroundings are empty. You´re not the only person awake at that time but for some reason the street is empty. Because the rest are either moving by taxi, bus, car, in groups, etc. They´re not walking alone where you are.

    Before traveling you MUST at least get in contact with a local. Ask them about things and how to move around. And find a sincere one. One who is open to tell you the good and the bad. Not someone just telling how marvelous everything is. And this goes for every single country you visit.

    I´m really sorry for what happened to you. I wish my friends and I were there when it happened. And I apologise in the name of the rest of the good people living here.

  39. There are six argentinians died in NY by one killer… Another argentine girl shooted by a sick man in Yosemite National Park… Several murded in massive shootings.. . USA is a dangerous country!!!

  40. well here in Iran it is vise versa and the villains usually can not be seen in early morning, they usually come out at late night. I am glad that u become healthy again. people of Argentine are very good they helped u a lot.

  41. I was thinking of doing my postgraduate studies in buenos aires or cordoba but after seeing this and how violent Argentina is for foreigners I think it is not such a great idea. I do love the Spanish latino country as it is beautiful and the weather is the same like my country which is also in the Southern hemisphere and cool ,,I like argentina because it is nt too hot and humid,

  42. a friendly tip when i go to town alone no matter what it is always look back every 20 steps or every half a block is the best advice i can give you.
    sorry for my bad english.

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