The Dumbest People On The Internet (Part 2)

*Long sigh* *Claps* Some of the dumbest people on the internet Part 2! Are you guys ready? You guys like this series. Let’s do this, this is Part 2. The dumbest people on the internet. Well it seems like they stuck something in their mouth that seems like a thermometer. Even the captions says “Another exciting day in principles of health science…” (Reading) “learning how to take temperature hahaha” Someone responds “Those are rectal thermometers……” WWWWWWOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUUUUOOOOOO Okay… Uh… *laughs awkwardly* You stuck a rectal thermometer in your mou- Rectal therm-mo… recta…rectus… anus catainous…contagious tha-that means you stick it in your butt That’s what it means, and they put it in their mouth Those are two things that don’t work out together, they don’t, they-they’re mismatched You can’t put the mouth and butt unless you eat as- and Oooowwwhhhhww (Typing) Rectal thermometer These are rectal thermometers and you can actually get them at CVS They measure temperature… Oh! There they are! Hey, I found the girls! They measure temperature in your butt And, uh instead of measuring temperature in their mouth They’re measuring some caca-flavor bro They’re gonna measure some caca in their uhm, Po punia! Po punia in their mouth Pooplé I took this photo while I was driving to my house That’s not strange at all! You see reindeers Are you sure you took this photo? ‘Cause that- do reindeers actually exist? I’m-I’m-I’m sorry not to spoil anything guys but I think they’re fictional- I don’t think they’re… Anyways, he replies to himself “Can someone identify these animals?” (Reading) “They kinda look like Cantelopes” What did you just say, man? They kinda look like cantelopes Cantaloupes *smacking forehead* What?! What?! What?! Reindeers?! This is a cantaloupe I don’t think he meant this he said… Cantaloupe… What?! Wha-what did he say?! What is a-? Are you joking right now? Is someone-? Please… Please… Here we go *Dancing to music* We all know when people get this dumb they need Jesus They need Jesus and that’s what we’re doin’ We’re-we’re trying to line them with some… JESUS cantaloupes (Reading) “To my calculation if I save $38 each week,” (Reading) “I can have a million dollars within 3 years!” (Reading) “Sounds like a plan to me!” *Tal sighs* *Tal sips his water* Bleaahh… *Tal smacks himself* To my calculation attorey if I save 38 dollars a week I can have a million within 3- Guys, do you understand how sad this was? It’s so sad that I actually calculated it in my head while I was reading it I thought she was right, for a second I really did. She made me think she was right, the way she said it I was like “It was only 38 dollars I could do that.” “I could do that. 38 dollars a week are you joking?” If I could be a millionaire saving 38 dollars a week I would be a millionaire OMG I would say “56 dollars a week.” How do you- how do you get the calculation, the calculation is not a laboratory It’s just not making sense and I see… a future Are my armpits sweaty? No. We’re good Can someone do the math for me please? Take 1+1 how do you get 7 and 1/2? Does it make sense are you confused? I’m confused She made me confused Wow. That’s a very cool sculpture as you guys know it’s famous Mount Rushmore. This is Mount Rushmore and Someone commented “crazy how nature make dat” You know, just, nature. Nature just made that it’s just crazy The winds, the solar pow- panels- powers They all, like, merge and create atomically nuclear And they go up and they just- they carve it out of the stone They carve it out of the stone guys It’s just so crazy how nature make dat If nature can make that why can’t they make me a nice little boat? A hippopotamus of the triangular shape Created with mixed energy flows of natural gas resources To make something like this and that’s natural- that’s natural energy guys I don’t know what I’m saying right now guys they- they’re making me feel stupid You guys are feeling stupid it’s okay… It’s not okay This is only the second episode. There’s gonna be more episodes Are you kidding me right now? (Reading) “Someone just tried to convince me that the sun is a star” What? (Reading) “The sun is a sun you dipshit #GetYoFactsStraight” *Laughing* Wait, the sun is a sun and not a star? You know the sun is also a star? Nev- I give up. I give up Chervon says… Oh what’s Chervon? Chervon. That’s an interesting name Chervon. Chevron. *laughs* Chervon says “I think Titanic is fake because, how do they record it when they are all like dying in water?” She “all” like 3 times You know how do they record when they are all like- all dying in water They’re dying, how are they recording? If they’re dying, how are they recording? Someone responds to her she says “it’s a remake of what actually happened isn’t it?” Thank you someone, with some common sense, Angelika Yes, they just remade the story! Hollywood remakes stories, that’s what they do. That’s called a movie! Then she responds, “so the people in the movie aren’t alive?” *Stunned silence* Yo Yo, I just, I just, I just, can’t. I just can’t *gasp* BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR *Sigh* Does-does this make you want to cry sometimes knowing that this person Whether it’s a guy or a girl I can’t really tell, I’m guessing it’s a girl Chervon-Chervon, it could be a guy actually This person probably has kids. They’re parents Yeah That’s right (Reading) “Was just trapped on the escalator for hours…..power went out!!!” Someone responds “why didn’t you just walk down the escalator then” Yeah! She responds “Cause’ it stopped working” You can’t walk down the escalator if it stops work- *laughs* She responded “An escalator is just moving steps lol” (Reading) “Oh yeah so it is” (Reading) “Did you mean elevator?” (Reading) “No an escalator” I know! I know! I know! You’re a wizard Harry! (Incomprehensible) Can you guys just imagine what happened here Do you- Can you visualize it in your head The escalator just stopped working, and she’s in the middle And she’s still standing, she’s just standing Are you kidding me right now? She’s still standing and she’s just like “OMG, I am trapped” “Harry Potter, Superman? I need Superman!” She’s standing in the middle like everyone is just walking past her like “excuse me, excuse me” They bump her just and she’s like “OW!” “Mommy” And she’s just standing there saying “We’re all trapped guys, we’re all trapped” But they’re just walking down the stairs (And the woman says) “Guys! Come back, we’re trapped!” (The woman says) “We’re trapped!” *Laughing* *Clap* *Gasp* I’m good I’m good (Reading) “Omg word of advice, NEVER try to cremate your deceased pet in your oven!!!!!” (Reading) “Not only is it the worst smell imaginable they do not turn to ashes they just burn…this day did not start off good!” *Sad music plays as Tal repetitively slaps his desk* *Distressed grunting noises* Woah *Snorting/sniffling noises* Thank you for watching the dumbest people on the internet Part 2 Hope you guys enjoyed, hope you guys click on the link to go to the original article and check these out for yourself Good luck If you have any more dumb people make sure to send it to my Twitter You could also follow me on my social medias Thank you so much for watching, make sure to go click on another video, click that circle to subscribe I’m so done with this We’re gonna see a Part 3 to the dumbest people. There’s a lot of dumb people There’s gonna be a lot of content for this Thank you for watching, have a great one guys, I’ll see you soon But seriously this was funny but terrible at the same time Alright guys have a good one and Peace Out! I’m out… I’m out Owh my eye itches! The escalator won’t go down! I’m stuck I’m really stuck

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