The Game Of Thrones Theme Song | Custom Shop | Fender

The Game Of Thrones Theme Song | Custom Shop | Fender

(guitar music) – For a minute, it sounded
like Guitar Center 1988. It was like a full… – [Man] Ah, yeah. (guitar music) – [Man] So the opening, I’m
gonna try to do a harmony, so what have you got for the main melody? – So… Yeah, yep – [Man] Let me ask you a
question, the melody itself, the front, how much liberty is there? Meaning, when you go like… ♪ Duh duh duh duh duh ♪ – I’m just trying to remember
how to play the right notes. ♪ Duh duh duh ♪ – [Man] If we want to get it
really right, could we do… Instead of going… (guitar music) Could we just go… (guitar music) – So that’s the original, right? – [Man] That’s the original. (guitar music) – Got it. How long were you gonna wait before you told us we
were playing it wrong? (laughing) – I was waiting for the tuning. – Don’t be polite! – He knew none of those were the take. – I’ll let these guys hang out. I’ll let these guys hang out for awhile. – [Man] Can we get Brad in to play? – Yes! – How are you? – ‘Sup brother? – Good to see you. – I’m glad you could make it. Guys, Brad. – [Man] Hey, what’s goin’ on, man? – You the stunt guy? (laughing) What we’re doing is so specific to us, it’d be great if somebody
did some beautiful… – [Man] There we go. – Just sprinkle some fairy dust on it. – There we go. Anything… That’s what it’s been missing. (guitar music) – Ramin, lead the charge. – One, two, three, four, five, six. (“Game of Thrones Main
Theme” by Ramin Djawadi) (applause) – That was awesome! Thank you, everybody.

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  1. Took a double take when I saw Scott Ian and Brad Paisley on the same video. 😂

    Not a fan of his music but I'm the first to admit that Paisley is a vastly underrated guitarist.

  2. 5:49 WOW. Here I was, still angry at numbskull Weiss for his shredding of the writing from Season 5 onwards, expecting him to just run some simple rhythm lines to make up the numbers with these legends. Then BAM! He shreds a guitar too! And he's awesome! Some level of respect restored.

  3. Imho …. Ramin Djawadi impressed me the most with his incredibly dramatic playing …. And BIG RESPECT for Dan Weiss 😉 Great Playing, too!

  4. Everybody in these comments been sleeping on brad. Not his biggest fan (due to not liking country the most) but I’ve known for a while brad can get down with it. He’s one of the only country guitarist nowadays that can play impressive solos 👌

  5. The real shocker to me out of this lineup was Brad Paisley, someone I'd never even heard of until I watched this video. I mean the guitar is as essential to Country as it is to Metal, but who would have expected him to trade licks like that with this lineup? To be real about it, if the measure of success is airplay and number of albums sold, the multi-Grammy winner Paisley is more successful than Bettancourt, Morello, and Ian combined. That's not a statement on the value of metal or country as a genre of music. It's just that popular country has a bigger audience than metal. Of course none of them has probably earned anything like the amount of money earned by the guy on the stage whose success has nothing to do with music, Dan Weiss. Game of Thrones has been such a massive hit over its eight seasons that he has no doubt earned a phenomenal amount of money. And of course there's no reason to think he couldn't play, but his area of success gives no reason at all to expect him to blister away like he does here.

    High points:

    3:30 Ramin Djawadi; not to take anything away from you dude, but we all expected you to do it right. It's your song, after all.
    4:05 Rage Against the Thrones
    4:40 Game of Extremes
    5:14 Holy shit! The country singer can shred! Welcome to the Game
    5:50 Dan Weiss, who'd a thunk!?

    If you're wondering where Scott Ian is on this, well point to a spot. Any spot. He's the grinding, crunching metronome. The strongest muscles in the world are as nothing without a strong backbone to hang them on. Disciplined rhythm is a musical profession unto itself and the only other metal guitarist I know of that exemplifies that as well as Ian is Rudolf Schenker of the Scorpions. Schenker can shred, of course. And for sure so can Ian. But like the Mad King he's content to sit on the throne and rule those around him.

     I'm just gonna assume everyone's with me on this, but if they'd made this last for like 150 minutes instead of 7, I'd have just continued headbanging my way along to a traumatic brain injury. This is the very definition of epic. I'm grateful to the artists and to Fender for bringing this to us. Thanks!

  6. 5.7K leftests that can't play guitar and how this is not offered on Guitar Hero – so they can play it with 3 buttons. Sorry Lefties, life takes talent and perseverance to make GOLD!

  7. I watch this everyday. Scott Ian is the glue that keeps this rocking. Brad Paisley is a superb guitarist. This is beautiful.

  8. It always sounds good when you have 5 different guitarists playing the same thing and they're hooked up to different effects! lol 🙂


  10. Great Job, its so cool!, See this New Album 'Monish Jasbird – Death Blow', channel link , you can try 🙂

  11. 4:06 it's only shown for a split second (and more later after a shot of Tom's guitar) but you can see the surprised delight on Nuno's face when Tom's solo came on. He was like "well of course! what did I expect? this f-in guy and his f-in pedals.."

  12. I want to like this video so much, I really do, but Weiss is there, and Weiss is part of the reason season 8 sucked as bad as it did, destroying what could have been the single greatest show in the history of television.

    So, I just can't like the video.

  13. I think it goes without saying that any of these legends deserve a 10-20 minute solo haha such an awesome idea from fender. 🤘🏼

  14. When Morello played his solo, I suddenly felt the urge to write some lyrics about revolutionary political views in Westeros.

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