The Gender Gap: What the World Economic Forum got wrong | FACTUAL FEMINIST

The Gender Gap: What the World Economic Forum got wrong | FACTUAL FEMINIST

The Global Gender Gap Report is a yearly study
sponsored by The World Economic Forum. This is a prestigious group that meets in Davos
Switzerland each year. It attracts more than 2500 of the world’s leading figures in business
and politics—people like Bill Gates and German Chancellor Angela Merkel  show up.
So do celebrities: Bono, Mick Jagger, and Angelina Jolie.  The purpose of the gathering
is admirable: to brainstorm on ways to make the world a better place.  One way the Forum
hopes to improve the world is to highlight “role models” of gender equity around
the world. Since 2006, the Forum has produced yearly
reports ranking the world’s nations on gender—equality in key areas such as Economic opportunity,
political empowerment, health and education.  The just-released 2015 findings are typical
of earlier reports. Rwanda, the Philippines and Nicaragua somehow get higher equity rankings
than the US, Australia, Canada and Denmark. Journalists, with few exceptions, have been
electrified by the Gender Gap Study. Many have praised it for showing just how backward
we are in the United States. The Factual Feminist has concerns about the
soundness of the gender gap study. The researchers are well-intentioned, but their study shows
a lack of common sense. This is strictly a study of gaps between the
sexes. If men and women in nation X are equally illiterate, disenfranchised, and just as likely
to die at an early age—that all but guarantees a high ranking. No gender gap—no problem.
But that isn’t always true. Gaps favoring women are just fine. If women turn out to
be better educated, more likely to vote, less vulnerable to violence or early death—those
gaps can actually help a county in the rankings. Look at Russia. According to the Davos study,
Russian women enjoy 11 more healthy years of life than men. That is bad news for Russian
men—but great for Russia’s standing in the studies “Healthy Life Expectancy”
A Davos report that honestly showed the burdens and benefits of women and men around the world
would be far more useful than this quirky, one-sided study. This 2004 chart from the
World Health Organization shows men throughout the world at vastly higher risk for injury
and violence. Gender gaps are complicated—but the World Economic Forum disguises that. It’s
giving an over-simplified and distorted picture of what’s really going on.
There are other troubling features: the study does not distinguish between free societies
and dictatorships, and it greatly rewards countries that use gender quotas in allocating
political positions. Countries that combine dictatorships and gender quotas (Cuba, Rwanda,
Burundi) are almost guaranteed “role model” status in the category of political empowerment.
Again, that is misleading. Rwanda’s 2003 constitution establishes gender quotas for
the lower parliament. Women now occupy 64% of the seats. But that same constitution gives
the current president close to absolute power—including the right to dissolve the parliament. The
human rights watchdog group, Freedom House, gives Rwanda’s failing grades where political
rights are concerned. In Mozambique and Burundi, almost everyone
(male and female) is in the full-time labor force. That improves their Davos ranking,
but is it a sign of progress and opportunity—or even true equality? These countries are not
bastions of gender equality—what they are is desperately poor and nearly everyone is
forced to work—men women and often children too. In wealthy countries like the U.S. and
Germany lot of mothers choose to work part time, or even leave the workforce when they
have children.  But that creates gaps that get penalized by the Davos metrics.
This brings me to one of my most serious objection to the report: It promotes the idea that statistical
parity between the sexes in synonymous with justice, and well-being. But is that always
true? There is a serious body of psychological literature
that suggests that as countries grow richer and freer, the sexes become less alike. In
an earlier Factual Feminist video, I described a study where researchers looked at gender
and personality norms in 55 countries. Throughout the world, women tend to be more nurturing,
risk averse, and emotionally expressive, while men are more likely to  be competitive, risk
taking, and stoical. But they found that personality differences between men and women are the
largest and most robust in the more prosperous, advanced industrial societies—like the US,
Canada, France, and Germany.  Why should that be? The authors hypothesize that prosperity
and equality bring greater opportunities for self-actualization—men and women are empowered
to be who they most truly are. This cross-cultural research is far from conclusive, but it is
intriguing and it has great explanatory power. I recently read an Atlantic article about
women in tech. The author was surprised that Mexico and Turkey had far more female coders
than more progressive countries like Belgium and Switzerland—where women are far more
likely to go into health, education or the humanities. Why? Maybe it’s because women
in wealthy countries women have the freedom and opportunity to be whatever they want to
be. I urge those at the World Economic Forum to
consider this tantalizing possibility: Gender gaps are not necessarily indicators of injustice
or discrimination. In countries like the United States or Norway they may be evidence of freedom
and happiness. My verdict: The report is misleading and confusing.
It is unlikely to do anything to advance genuine equality or well-being in the world. But it
may serve one important purpose;  It tells us a lot about the sorry state of gender equity
research. What do you think of the World Economic Forum
gender gap study? Do you agree that it suffers from a common sense deficit? Am I missing
something here? Let me know in the comments. And I hope you follow me on Facebook and Twitter.
And subscribe to the series. Thank you for watching the Factual Feminist.

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  1. The fact that this report ranks Rwanda higher than the USA is even more proof that this "Global Gender Gap Report" is complete bullshit. If this wasn't obvious to people before, it should be painfully obvious now. They have completely shot themselves in the foot with this report. How is anyone supposed to take these reports seriously now?
    Anyone who seriously thinks that there is greater gender equality in places such as Rwanda and Nicaragua than there is in USA and Canada is a fucking nut bar and is most probably beyond help.

  2. Hello Mrs Sommers, big fan of your series. I would love to know your take on this:
    Thank you!

  3. Despite its superficial veneer of importance, the Davos forum in a complete joke!

    If you don't believe me, just read Nick Paumgarten's 2012 article about Davos that appeared in The New Yorker.

    According to Paumgarten, most of the "dignitaries" and ersatz potentates at Davos spend their time hanging out in bars, name-dropping in restaurants, and trying to catch glimpses of celebrities.

    Even when the Davos attendees are in seminars, most of them spend their time checking Facebook on their iPhones, not listening to the speakers on stage.

    Essentially, Davos is an excuse for faux humanitarians to see and be seen by other phonies who could give a shit about the world's problems or even gaining an honest understanding of those problems.

    This report on gender equity is just another symptom of the existential sickness that's part and parcel of the Davos forum.

  4. Dear Based Mom, I may be only 28 but that salutation makes me feel pretty damn old. Damn u tweens. I would like to know what motivates you to contribute in today's advocacies. Kind regards, Mathew Cloin

  5. About time that someone who is a little more visible criticizes this report. It has been bad ever since it started ten years ago. But journalists in western countries mostly don't care about these issues as it plays right into their pre-conceived notions. Why question something that you think is true …

  6. I am glad you swiftly debunked that report. Just looking at numbers doesn't mean anything in regard to how free any given nation's people are. It's the laws that determine that.

  7. I am glad you swiftly debunked that report. Just looking at numbers doesn't mean anything in regard to how free any given nation's people are. It's the laws that determine that.

  8. So who is dying more at work? Who is filing for divorce? Who gets rewarded in divorce court? Who has access to homeless shelters? Who will lose job if someones feelz get hurt? Who gets all the research dollars for gender based ailments? Who is penalized more for crimes? Is there a #KillAllWomen hash tag trending?

    Yes absolutely America needs to work harder at the gender gap…

  9. I wish the world wouldn't care about the label of a person. Who cares if you're black, white, male, female, etc. We're all human. Geez.

  10. I agree with almost everything of what you are saying,but what about the countries that are not "poor" such as Iceland, Ireland, Sweden and Ireland. Why did they score better than Rwanda in Table 3 (Global Rankings table 2015 @ 6:25 mins)? People are not forced to work there. I'm not denying that the report is one sided and misleading I'm just confused

  11. The Philippines at number 7?! I'm from Philippines, and if there's one thing equal between the sexes here, it's that both are equally likely to engage in corruption when in positions of power. And that both males and females can get into politics… so long as they're related to longstanding political dynasties! And yeah, women have plenty of lucrative employment opportunities… as domestic helpers overseas where they get abused by foreign masters or spirited off into the sex trade. Meanwhile domestic poverty is as bad as ever, for both men and women. Yeah, we're quite the gender utopia over here…

  12. This is a classic example of how feminists are just after power. They don't care how they get it or what the consequences are, they just want it. Comparing the U.S to a corrupt shit hole like Rwanda to make a point about gender equality is completely absurd. Rwanda is a ridiculously unbalanced society on every meaningful level, yet because they have more 'gender equality' somehow that makes them progressive.

    What a joke.

  13. "Women should be heard and BELIEVED"  OMG.  That sets off a great big Horseshit Coloured flag for me.  Women good Men bad.  Most men protect women facing physical harm.  Most men are "good" men, apparently.  There are also degrees of rape, sexual assault, sexual abuse, indecent assault etc are all different in nature and relative, or on a spectrum and context based.  They are NOT all the same.  What happened in Cologne (Germany) recently is a case in point.  The media and sensible shoe wearing feminists give the impression that every other man you meet is a rapist or has physically assaulted a women at some point.  Or will…apparently?  Horseshit statements like; one in five women have been "raped".  Rubbish. As above regarding degrees of sexual assault and rape.
    Because of this sort of main stream media crap, society and especially women,  may conclude therefore that "one in five men is a rapist".  NO they are not.  (It may be as low as 1 in 50 men.)  However, it may be that "an estimated 6 percent of men—are rapists", apparently, and  "Your average rapist may have up to six victims."  So at least 94%  of MEN are NOT rapists!  Fuck the Feminati.  We men are the unpaid bodyguards to the women in our lives (often strangers as well).   Many  women need to to show more bloody respect for men.  Women are surrounded be MEN who will protect them.  Especially in on a College/University campus.  Do not give me any of that crap that women do not need protection by ("good") men.  Yes they do and its free.  If you disagree, give me a percentage of women that have given an arse kicking to a "bad" man in the real world.  Not TV or Film.  The sound of crickets…  Also by this poster/writer:  Girl Power is a construct. Super chicks are not real.   Women are Cultures pet.  The Gallactically Stupid… and many more

  14. These World economic people are stupid beyond belief. Everything today has become a social exercise. These people should be looking at the economic effects of social equality, not championing it.

    Humans are wasting billions of dollars chasing the mantra of "social equality", without even knowing if it is possible, educating young people for professions and disciplines they will never progress in, all in the name of equality, and paying billions more to others that have got smart and are just milking the victim system.

    People who deserve rewarding are lost in a sea of victims and whining, and often discriminated against, or preyed upon, merely due to their success. We have super-bright boys at schools that are drugged as teenagers, and super-bright girls, that are persuaded to be anti-men in such a way that they can never work with men and develop, and end up doing useless women-studies degrees.

    These social engineers are destroying the world economy and the very people that need to be issuing a few hard truths are playing games with the numbers and cheering at little red blips on a wall, like animals in the zoo.

    This is just sad.

  15. Yeah, this is pretty much what happens when denizens of the first world take the luxury of personal choice for granted. It's beyond naive to imply that Rwandan/other third world women are more empowered than Western women by virtue of "equities" arising from a distinct lack of wealth or individual liberties in those countries. One has to wonder if these researchers are just well-meaning fools or deliberately misrepresenting data at the behest of establishment feminists.

  16. It seems that the main critique, which I agree with and deem valid, is directed at the assumptions and categories (of the metrics) used by the Davos Gender gap index–a critique that ceases to be significant once the researchers behind the index manage to diversify the lenses they use to gather, quantify, and qualify the data. Once they manage to segregate the data between open vs. close societies, predominantly religious vs. predominantly secular cultures, mostly literate vs. mostly illiterate demographics etc. the various collated data can be properly contextualized and compared fairly to another country with similar dimensions.

    This doesn't refute the thrust of the video, of course, but rather presents an alternative perspective to the conclusion.

  17. I cant help it to make a comment how people use one study to disapproved another study. But facts do not lie. the american enterprise institute just feel the need to defend the low standard on gender gap in the USA. It's ok, I am sure Donald Trump will fix the gap. 🙂

  18. Well I think this study shows something else as well.  The criteria that feminists want society to live up too are all characteristics of poor impoverished nations that are actually absent gender equality.

  19. Here in Sweden the wagegap is 18 %. 8 of which were not able to be explained by other factors. SCBs conclusion is that those 8 % are either due to direct discrimination and/or that their models aren't complete, and there's no way for us to now to what degree those 2 things are responsible for the 8 %.

  20. Wow…i just discovered this channel. Its like i opened the window to my brain and let the fresh logic and facts blow in. Subscribed…better late than never. ^ ^

  21. You can't just say that just because the country is small and poor compared to the us changes the fact that women's right are more represented there than in the usa!!!! 64% of the parliament is made of women; how come that doesn't convince you? isn't this what feminist have been fighting for? to have equal opportunity in decision making? Shame that the great america couldn't grant that; while, a small country like Rwanda did it without its women having to struggle for that like USA women do. Rwanda may not be developed as the US, but at least women's right are strictly respected. Come to Rwanda and see it for yourself; otherwise, you will die without knowing how real equality between sexes feels like.

  22. Long-winded rant incoming!

    I think one of the major reasons, going off of the information provided by the more thorough study about prosperity, as it applies to gender parity and self-actualization is rooted in the fact that BECAUSE the US and Canada are more prosperous, we're able to play more than survive, because of the fact that poorer nations are giving up on dreams for practical reasons… and I don't blame them. If I lived in a less-prosperous nation, I would still want to be an artist and a potential creative director, but in my case, I'd be forced to rely on my inherent strengths as a means to increase productivity, and I'd only be able to chase my dream as a means of stress relief, whereas in the United States, I'm able to kick back and put some time into my hobby/potential future job, and play around WHILE having a job.

    Because I realize that being in a first-world country gives me privileges otherwise unattainable, and I remember the old proverb written by Sa'di (Persian poet ca. 1184-1291) "I cried because I had no shoes until I met a man who had no feet", I can appreciate and be grateful for that privilege. I rarely use the descriptor "first-world country" out of respect for those in impoverished nations, as I find it insulting to their dignity to put a ranking on my own country over theirs, because I may spend a day without shoes, but some spend their entire life without feet. Every country has its strong points as to why it is great, according to each citizen. I greatly respect people who may hate their situation, but find a way to make the best of it, but I will never pity those who put in the work and strive for a better life.
    Sa'di also goes on to say, in that same poem or proverb:
    "A roast fowl is to the sight of a satiated man less valuable than a blade of fresh grass on the table, and to him who has no means nor power, a burnt turnip is a roasted fowl"
    We in the states could learn from Sa'di and his revelation at the mosque of Kufah, I think.

  23. Is it possible that people don't talk about how much they make because of a stigma of talking about it? Could that mean some don't have a way to know if they're making less?

  24. Thank you Christina! I always very much enjoy and learn from watching your Factual Feminist videos. Keep them coming!

  25. I found your videos through TL;DR/Teal Deer and I absolutely love them. Christina Hoff SOmmers, you're an exceptional women and I have the deepest respect for you.

  26. In India certainly more women than men represented in local municipalities through gender quotas(50% reserved for women & rest 50% open for both men & women) is openly talked about as progress & women power.
    Even public transport like local trains have reserved compartments just for women & the rest for both men & women. Despite the over crowdedness causing over 300-400 deaths by passengers falling off of running trains annually mostly all men the debate is always about increasing women's safety in local trains. Even CCTV cameras are discussed only for women's compartments where the issue often is about women being attacked by other women as men legally are prohibited from entering it no matter how much in a hurry you are or overcrowded the open compartments are with a police constable present to ensure no man gets in but is often helpless in case of women starting a fight with each other coz he's not allowed to touch women(male police aren't allowed to arrest women without the presence of female police who are under qualified recruited with lower standards & often unable to do their jobs making it difficult for male police to deal with female hooligans even in their presence) & the fact that men suffer those same problems on a much higher scale. It's worse with crime where police is legally required to take women's complaints seriously(even if the complaints are trivial or false) but no such requirement for men's complaints(no matter how serious the complaints may be). In complaints against men police are required to investigate assuming men are at fault & in case the complaints turn out to be false no action against the women is taken.
    All of this is considered progress by feminists in India while many still demanding stricter & harsher methods claiming that's still not enough.

  27. I love the WEF reports because they compare apples to apples, not apples to oranges as Ms. Sommers is doing.  Who cares about women's empowerment when you do not have a job, or can put food on the table? This report talks to those issues.  She has misinterpreted the data from a slanted imperialistic USA approach and position.  It covers more countries than the Pew reports.  It has had an impact because even the Vatican is reading this report and we all know they need to know who women are!!!

  28. So in eastern coutries such as Turkey the patriarchy oppresses women to become coders whereas in the free world they're free to become stay-at-home moms? Sounds plausible.

  29. I bet a US man wrote this for her, and she's just reading it : ). If y'all stopped working only 20hrs a week max and trying to quit asap by your only tactic, getting impregnated by the first man you meet on the job in hopes of collecting maternity leave and never coming back to work, then maybe there wouldn't be a gap!

  30. did you notice that the difference in pay between men and woman for the same job in that report is just a perception? it was based on a survey, it even says so right next to the item.

    I can't believe a survey is enough to determine true inequality… opinions can be truly wrong and far from reality. That forum is really misleading.

  31. I was lucky, I didn't even know what gender inequality was when I was younger. In the Philippines gender is basically low on the priority list. Filipino parents tend to give the most resources to the child who is most promising future, if they have limited resources. They don't really care much about gender, it only plays when it's about passing the family name (they try to at least have one son, and if they already have a son, they want to get a daughter; people generally want what they don't have); parents would go through everything to ensure all their children have decent lives. I was lucky enough to even ask ''why is there a women and children's desk ?'' in police stations etc. as a little kid I grew up that being treated equally (salary, leaves etc.) was the norm, that I didn't even know what gender inequality was; I only encountered the term when I was taught about it in school, I didn't really give it much thought cause I really wasn't affected; Mom was the boss at home, and my grandmother is pretty much the big boss of the clan. The phenomenon of battered husbands are as prevalent as battered wives, it can appear in any class, it's just the matter of the person, gender means nothing. A bad person is still a bad person. Children were raised to get what they wanted to have and what they wanted to achieve, gender was rarely a thought. Trying to stay out of poverty is more important to most, as well as aiming as high as one can. Class difference is more of a problem here than gender inequality. Our language is generally gender neutral, excluding loan words it also depends on the dialect. Those who carry on old colonial ideals in isolated communities and very traditional or by the book religious families may experience inequality, but even then, those children are generally treated much more equally, and tend to value modern views on gender, some parents may not accept it but they don't enforce it to a reluctant child. (And when I mean isolated communities, I am not pertaining to local tribes, pre-colonial philippines cares more about the family you were born into than your gender; warrior class, slave class, free class, ruling class; I did say that the Philippines has more of a class problem)You can reach opportunities made available to your class, mobility is a bit more lax but it requires effort to go to a higher class, especially if you belong to the poorest of the poor class. The world needs to minimize the damage done by 'bad' people, cause if you 'get rid' of them that is still 'bad'. What I would like to call as the state of being 'Bad' is generally due to circumstances, experiences etc. Hopefully minimizing the bad things minimize… I'll stop that thought as it would be a different topic altogether.
    The reason why some countries outrank the other can possibly be rooted from the culture. Philippine history, shows signs of such equality among both sexes during pre-colonial times, although such rich trading history and culture cannot be studied as much because the 'Kastila' pretty much burned records or perished in time, writing systems were modified to fit the colonizers l angguage etc. Colonization brought, somewhat 'Victorian' gender roles, (Coudn't find a proper term, I'm getting lazy with how long this comment is 😴) and women maintained power through controlling the 'home' while men thrived on the outside (not sure if it was purely at face value, some men refer to their wives as 'commander' , sometimes as a joke or cause they rule the household.
    I'm not expanding certain topics cause I'm not writing some article, and I teens like me still need sleep (I still find it funny that as a child most didn't appreciate sleep and as we grow older we actually learn to love it cause school pretty much explains it😂😂😂). I still have a lot of things to learn.
    When I saw how my country ranked I wasn't surprised, if you asked me if it is really true then I'd say yes,, I was surprised at how other developed countries ranked, I was confused, then I read about wage inequality between gender and all I could really say was ''Seriously?''
    Isn't it suppose to be the first one fixed when reaching gender equally etc. ???
    Although it might be cultural? historical? norm differences?, I just can't get my mind around it.
    Is the Philippines really deserving to be called one of the most gender equal countries? I say Yes.
    Class mobility(upward)? Not so much, It really depends on certain factors.
    Instead of thinking about filling gender quotas, think about giving both sexes more choice and ability to have such choices, the quota would eventually fill itself, if it doesn't then it's generally a choice by most not to.
    Both sexes have a choice available by the families one is born in here, Upward mobility is probably much more of a concern here.
    I won't check for spelling errors, wrong puncuation, etc. this comment was longer than what I wanted to say. Some points weren't expanded or even mentioned, this comment is too long as it is 😂😂😂😂😂.

    Good luck with your advocasies, I wish everyone well.
    Most would probably do skip reading, this comment is waaaaayyyyy tooooooo long 😂😂😂😂.

  32. I like the Christina Hoff Sommers, she is a classical feminist who admires the history of feminism that lead to equality for women not this abhorrent modern feminism which is an angry man hating joke that paints women as victims and men as oppressors. Then when you call them on their shit they say "feminism is about gender equality" No its not, that's classical feminism, thats what feminism was not what it is now. Now modern feminists are a disgusting joke.

  33. These videos seem more unbiased than most videos out there. Does anybody have any recommendations for similar youtube channels on other areas of politics?

  34. Makes sense how countries with the least amount of economic and lifestyle freedom have the least gaps in terms of gender equity. Obviously both sexes experiences would be similar in those cases because they have no choice! They must both work the same crappy jobs because otherwise they'd get nowhere!

    I also agree on the self-actualization bit. If The Hierarchy of Needs is correct as a theoretical model, then self-actualization can only occur in places where a person is not bound in any respect when it comes to being able to live.

  35. I think the Philippine ranking is about right – but agree with the VOA report that it would change if other indicators were included, such as trafficking and domestic abuse.

  36. Has the left totally forgotten how to measure equality based on what's causing the problems you brought up, socioeconomic and political classes? This was once their forte, and a fight worth taking.

  37. I'm here to remind everybody that the "3rd most equal country", Finland, applies binding conscriptions to all men and only men.

  38. I want you to know that it is a pleasure to hear facts (ones I didn't know as well as ones I have heard before) presented as simply true. Thank you for doing this, it brightens my day.

  39. Golly Jee! I never knew how bad I had it as a Japanese woman! Well shucks, I thought having full equal rights along with employment opportunities was just fine. But I guess not due to our parliament being 90% male! REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!

  40. I am one of many who married in foreign lands. Our wives are the envy of the village because they can live the life they want, not the life they must.

  41. So only rich countries can lay claim to being equal among genders because they have the privilege to choose "self actualization" careers? And that women from developing nations can't be fairing any better cause they're so poor they were forced to choose to be engineers and developers because they do not have a choice but to have a much more higher paying jobs?
    And that a country like Rwanda can't be equal because women there were just forced to stand up for their country as many of their men had died from the country's internal conflict?
    She seems to not have problems that the Nordic countries are way at the top of the list… I wonder what does those rich countries were doing for them to be on the top unlike the US?

  42. A measured and sensible deconstruction. Russia is famously patriarchal, yet it scores higher in the general equality scale. How can that be? She states that: "Gender gaps are not necessarily indicators of injustice or discrimination… this report is misleading and confusing…it tells us a lot about the sorry state of general equality research". The Annual Gender Report was issued in Australia last Friday (17 November 2017). It is replete with curious conclusions. Note that the greater bulk of Australian workers have their wages regulated under awards and collective agreements that are legislated not to discriminate between men and women. A smaller proportion of those are supplemented by overaward benefits. It naturally follows that any gender imbalance will arise from particular work patterns or the disposition of higher work value jobs within measured groups. In part time work, the gender imbalance actually favours women. Women may prefer shorter hours, supplementing the principal breadwinner's wage or electing to prioritise child raising. Women may not be as career minded or aggressive in seeking promotion. They may not want to devote the time and energy accumulating additional qualifications. They may not want to work unsociable hours, preferring to spend more time with their families. It is interesting to note the disproportionate number of gay women in senior nursing positions in this country. HIstorically at least, all of those considerations were removed and gay women were able to pursue the same career paths as men have in other industries.

  43. Wow an intelligent review compared to the news bites of all the rags around the world. Tried to find where how they did their research myself but wasn’t written as a true scientific paper. No mention of limitations to findings anywhere! Why is a false report helpful?! Keep up the great work!

  44. The Creator made two genders to be different and gave each of them roles. Now we are trying to make the two gender act as one, do we need a single comfort room in the future? Do we have equal amount of girls and boys in the construction area and offices? How about the family definition?(About the head of the family and the light) then who will be the light? Two head of family will have conflict.

    Which is better buiding equal rights or buiding gentleman the men automatically gives the seat to a girl.

    Did the people have forgotten who decide the boarders of the home and defend it, who builds parks and road from the top to the bottom of the Earth, who dig wells for us to drink, who cut trees and scratch the ground to find metals and diamonds?

  45. Brilliant, couldn't agree more. Rwanda and Burundi are not bastions of equality and these international surveys have an agenda!

  46. Can we just talk about how lovely she is? I have only listened to the femsplainers podcast, but never seen her in a video! Ms. Sommers is gorgeous !!

  47. I agee with your conclusions and I also think it the forum is for self important people and their misplace beliefs that they alone can change the world.

  48. They just want to start a world wide civil war to keep us from fighting the Islamic invasion and corporate greed running rampant throughout the world.

    It's simple divide and conquer strategy.

  49. I suggest you do more on Rwanda as it truly is a fantastically run country and the president there has done a not for his people.

    Rwanda and Kigala(THE capital) was voted the second cleanest country in the world, second only Switerland.

    Lady do your research

  50. It just pisses me off that women claim a gender inequity that is derived from the highest level of freedom to work as little as they want while riding the backs of men who are the real household earners. And, when you get a real earner of a female, she is very rarely offering the same type of support to a man in a reverse situation. The truth of the matter is that, based on performance and production compared to men, women are way overpaid as things are now.

  51. This is stupid, women and men are different. Their are more female nurses and more male construction workers. Wake up. We are not equal.

  52. Men in modern society have been conditioned to 'respect'  women, 'listen' to women, and believe women and men are equal, when that is the furthest thing from the truth.  Men are the force that propels humanity forward. Women are simply bystanders. Who builds sewer lines, power lines, buildings, who constructs airplanes, who engineers and builds highways, who lays natural gas lines, who collects sanitation, who builds ships, submarines, tanks, who fights wars, who invented television, radio, the printing press, the tampon, etc, etc, etc?  I could go on for days.  Women have created very little, and they most certainly do not physically labor like men do, but they claim to be equal to men.  Society as we know it would collapse if it were left to women to do the work it takes and the ingenuity it requires to maintain civilization.  If garbage collection was left to women there would be a worldwide trash epidemic because women would not be able to simply collect the trash.  Lastly, western women state that they are marching for rights and equality, when the fact is that there is NO group of women anywhere on earth that is more coddled, pandered to, and basically given everything their heart desires simply because they are women, and yet they still are not satisfied.  What western women really want is to control men, and place men in a position of servitude.  And weak minded western men are allowing women to get away with this garbage.

    Some of the many human rights issues that uniquely and disproportionately affect men:

    Paternity Fraud
    Selective Service
    Workplace Death
    War Death
    Sentencing Disparity 
    Life Expectancy 
    Child Custody
    Child Support 
    False Rape Allegations 
    Criminal Court Bias
    Failure to Launch 
    Education Disparity
    Veterans Issues 
    Male Genital Mutilation 
    Lack of Domestic Violence Resources 
    Lack of Choice once a child is conceived
    And – A ShitTon more!

  53. The 'American Enterprise Institute' could take a closer look at the World Economic Forum and how it's actors instrumentalize 'New Left and 2nd-wave feminist rhetorics' in order to implement gender mainstreaming policies.

    Increasing the 'workforce pool' with female employees is primarily the interest of investors – not a dream of the average girl.

    Full employment of the population is a structural flaw of industrial societies , forcing them to replace missing offspring with immigrants that will eventually shift a nations culture (i.e. France) unless a 'balance of work and life can't be negotiated globally , the current 'clash of civilization' (i.e. liberalism vs traditionalism or populism) will escalate.

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