The Key to Becoming a Successful Blogger – #JayToday

The Key to Becoming a Successful Blogger – #JayToday

Hey guys its Jay Baer, with Jay Today. I am
home today finally in Bloomington Indiana, hanging out in the back yard. Beautiful day
here. Want to remind you that this show and all of the Jay today episodes are brought
to you by the good people at Sprout Social. Terrific social media and marketing platform
that I use for my own social media. And the folks at Candidio, terrific video editing
service which I use to produce this very podcast. I just shoot this on my iPhone, upload it
to Candidio and they do the rest. Love those guys. They’re doing a fantastic job. As you may know from the previous collection
of episodes, I was recently in San Diego at the National Speakers Association Conference.
And one of the things that I talked about there was a break out session on speaker as
media company, how you kind of create media, things like this. I talked about the Jay Today
podcast, also the Convince and Convert blog and the Social Pros podcast, a bunch of other
things that I do. And one of the things that I told the attendees is that blogging in many
cases is sort of the hub of all of your media company efforts. Certainly my blog Convince
and Convert has been a major contributor to the things that I’ve done in my career in
the last five, six, seven years. But I told them something what I want to share
with you today, which is that it’s not enough to have a good blog. It’s not enough to blog
consistently. Your blog needs to be somebody’s favorite blog in the entire world. Every successful
blogger I know lives by that creed, whether they understand it or not. Every successful
blogger I know is somebody’s favorite blogger on the planet. And unless you can do that,
unless you can find a way to be somebody’s favorite out of the entire sea out of millions
of blogs, you will never truly succeed as a blogger or a media company provider. You
have to be not just good, but somebody’s favorite. And what that requires in many cases, is to
be narrow, to be controversial and to attack a niche. Think about that when you’re writing
your next blog post This weeks Sprout Social Shout Out goes to
Rory Vaden. I got to spend some time with Rory at the National Speakers Association
Conference in San Diego. Why? Because Rory is a fantastic speaker, one of the best speakers
in the world. And has helped me as much or more as anybody on this planet in terms of
becoming a successful speaker in my own right. Rory is also a New York Times Best Selling
Author of the book, Take the Stairs. He’s got a new book coming out in January called
Procrastinate On Purpose. Which if you are super busy all the time and you’re always
like, “I got to do this I got to do this” like me; this new book is going to change
your life, I cannot wait for it to come out! Take a look at Rory’s stuff online. He also
has a new podcast of his own recently with a lot of great guests including Pam Slim and
Sally Hogshead, who I mentioned the other day, a lot of great folks. So we’ll put a
link to Rory’s information here in the Jay Today show notes. Thanks as always for paying
attention to the show. Tell your friends, we’re off to a great start, here at Jay Today.
I’ll see you tomorrow-ish. Hey, I’m Hay Baer. I want to introduce you
to my brand new show Jay Today. Where I will be talking about social media and business
on an almost daily basis. Real quick videos; very easy, snackable, bite size, as they say.
You can get it on YouTube. You can get it on iTunes. You can get it on Stitcher. You
can get some great ideas right here. Want to subscribe? I think you do. All you got
to do is click one of these buttons. Thanks so much, I’ll see you tomorrow.

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  1. In order to blog for profit is it O.K. to use a debit card—–like the ones in stores or the Paypal card. I get SSI and want to evade Uncle Sam having privy. A Paypal card requires my SSN.

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