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today is the turn of KRAUSER!
Wolfgang Krauser Von Stroheim, commonly known as Wolfgang Krauser,
is a character that first appeared once in the Fatal Fury series
and later in The King of Fighters. About forty years before the first
Fatal Fury happened, Michael, the current boss of the Stroheim family, loses to
Your son and wife in a plane crash. his granddaughter, Elza, is the only living descendant
and there are no male heirs that may be available available take
The power of the family. Some time later, Elza fell in love with a man
called Rudolph, who had won an important tournament
Martial Arts. While she was waiting a son of this man, Elza asks his
grandfather to approve his Marriage with Rudolph. Having no voice in
the matter, Michael reluctantly accepts. Since he became part of the family
Stroheim, Rudolph was forced to leave to his other wife and son in
United States, María and Geese. When Krauser He was nine years old, an unknown child tried
of killing his father. This boy was Geese who blamed Rudolph
for letting his mother die alone. Surprisingly, Krauser defeated the aspiring assassin and
I would have killed him had he not been arrested by Rudolph. Since then,
Geese has always feared his half brother less.
When Krauser was already older, his great grandfather died and Rudolph became head of
the family. Elza also passed away at the same time. Upon learning that your
husband still loved his old wife, she decided to drown his sorrows in liquor
and die with that fragile body. In his birthday 16, Wolfgang challenges his father to a duel
one day after funeral of his mother Elza. Although the attendees
they were in favor of Rudolph’s victory, Krauser killed him of a
just hit Therefore, it became the undisputed Krauser and strong earl of
Stroheim to start forging the New story of that family.
At some point after this event, Wolfgang fights with Jeff Bogard and Hanzo Shiranui,
Mai’s grandfather. The two fighters were able to hit
on Krauser’s forehead, leaving a scar transversal that he himself
He refused to heal. He returned to his country and continued attending the inheritance of his family.
IN FATAL FURY Become a true crime lord of
the darkness, Krauser decided to have fun. Once you hear about the
South Town’s reputation, sends you a letter to his half brother Geese. Although it was written
in a polite way, it was really a threat to his half brother
major with the intention of competing against he. However never
received a written response, since heard Geese died shortly after.
Geese had been defeated by a mysterious man named Terry Bogard in the King tournament
of fighters. Intrigued for that subject, Krauser sent an imposter
to defame Geese’s company and travel personally to South Town.
Once in the city take care and organize his own King of Fighters tournament and achieves
seriously hurt a large number of fighters who participated
in the previous competition. Also hire to three fighters so that
Help him: Billy Kane, Axel Hawk, and Laurence Blood Eventually, he fights against
Terry in the final of the tournament. After a fierce battle, Krauser is
defeated and eventually disappears from the scene of the fighting. From
agreement with the short film Memories of the Stray Wolf, Krauser killed himself shortly after
of his defeat. IN KOF 96
Within the canon of the KOF series, it is not known Krauser nadA once the tournament is over
of KOF 96. In the beginning he joins forces with Geese Howard and Mr. Big
to create the Boss team. Although Geese alone I had used them to try
to seize the legendary power of Orochi, Krauser only cared about his performance
staff in the fighting After learning from their mistakes
at the hands of Terry Bogard, Krauser got engaged only to
fight with stronger rivals in order to restore its strength and prestige that
once possessed. For now, Krauser He just wants to improve himself.
As for his fighting style, Krauser’s style is based on the system
Stroheim fighting, a martial arts style based on other German art
called Kampfringen, and the old style of Greek struggle of the pancracy.
He also uses wrestling movements, such like kicks in the fall, supplements and others.
These movements they were inspired by the professional fighter
Tiger Mask, figure that years later outside the main figure after the
Ramon’s creation. Most of his movements They are named Kaiser, German word for
emperor or ruler.
He is a very strong man. Can defeat very talented enemies using only
brute force. You can throw fireballs from your hands.
Call this movement Blitz Ball. It can also launch a large wave of energy.
Calling this movement Kaiser Wave. and you can turn your body at high speed
creating a hurricane around him. Calling to this movement
Senpuuken or Hadou Senpuukyaku As for his personality,
While Krauser seems to have a nature evil when in combat, actually
this is not so since it has a very gentle side outside the battle circle.
You just don’t see any justification for mercy or lead to
Justice in battle. Krauser believes that He has never committed any transgression,
that only fights so brutal in the battle ring for your benefit
personal. Krauser can also play the piano / organ
as he has shown in anime to honor to his father one day
every year. All right, we’ve already taken a look at who
It’s Krauser! Let’s start with your character file! Name: Wolfgang Krauser
Age in KOF: ???? Date of Birth: Unknown
Weight: 145kg Height: 2.00m
Blood Type: A Nationality: Germany
Actors Voice: Bj Love KOF 96
Availability: Initial Team: Boss Team (With Geese and Mr Big) KOF 98 UM
Availability: Initial Team: Boss Team (With Geese and Mr Big) -5 Curiosities of Krauser!
1-Krauser appears as extra striker in KOF 2000, only on PS2.
2-Krauser has a certain resemblance to Aldebaran of Taurus in Saint Seiya Soul of Gold as soon as
in height, musculature, size and color of hair.
3-Appears in the ending of the fatal fury team in KOF 94.
4-Krauser appears along with Laurence Blood and Axel Hawk at the London stage in KOF
XIII 5-His last name Wolfgang was extracted from Mozart
and Krauser of one of the artistic names of former professional wrestler Karl Istaz. -Some curious facts about Krauser!
Hates: Vanity and falsehood. Hobby: Collect medieval antiques.
Favorite Food: Everything Sport that dominates: You are not interested in
sports but when you want it is good at anyone.
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