The Making of a Stalwart Journal

The Making of a Stalwart Journal

Hello, I am Stopan. I’ve just finished my latest journal. You’re about to see almost all of the steps necessary to make it. I’ve filmed the processes of cutting the paper, sewing and the final steps of forwarding and finishing. What’s special about this journal and the last few ones before it Is that it’s getting really close to a vision of mine of how a sturdy and long lasting journal should look and feel like.

100 thoughts on “The Making of a Stalwart Journal

  1. Чем вы смазывает ?????после того как обшили . Что после ваших ударах форма поло круг

  2. Lovely work that you do. I just popped into your website. Nice collection you have there. I wish I could afford t buy eveything from you. Ah…….well. I can always dream. Please keep uploading more of your videos.

  3. I loved your video. The attention and respect you gave to each process in the making show the love you have towards your work.

  4. i wish youtube had a love option, rather than just a thumbs up. it's gorgeous and the care that you take to make this is remarkable. beautiful!

  5. WOW I AM ACTUALLY IMPRESS AND FELL IN LOVE WITH THE WORK okay to be honest I REALLY LOVE IT and enjoy Stopon work but it was short and BEAUTIFUL…. ☺????❤????☺

  6. What an amazing job Stopan, what a pity not to have all those tools to try to do something like that, although it must take a long time to make it perfect.
    A hug from Chile.

  7. Your creation is beautiful! I am happy to know such things are still made in such ways and by a young man! Very well done my talented friend!

  8. Watching your artistry is utterly beautiful. We are all watching a master artist and craftsman. There aren't very many examples of such exquisiteness today. Belissimo. Thank you for showing and sharing. Do you sell your books?

  9. Hi Stopan, The making of a Stalwart Journal was relaxing to watch. Your craftsmanship in the whole process was so Exceptional and your passion for your work shown through with all the super amazing details. The gold leaf was a wonderful touch. Thank you for sharing your awesome video. Take care and wishing you the very best. Subscribed, liked, & shared for others to watch. Peace

  10. How excellent is your work! Love it!! Couldn't covert your $$ to US dollars to see just how much each beauty was. I wanted one so badly.

  11. Amazing work! I would love to do this. In a time of tablets & cellphones this is truly a blessing from the past that should be forever cherished and not forgotten.

  12. beautiful, pitty I don't have all that equipment… would be so good to be able to make one, I guess I will have to make do with simpler methods,

  13. Thank you Mr. Stopan. I finally know the process for that binding style. May I add, the music was beautiful and what I got to see of your workshop and tools delighted me. I am slowly stumbling towards that kind of situation. I procured myself some tools and materials, and made my own basic press (like the first one to appear in the video, but smaller), and I've been making some journals for personal use. This video inspires me to keep leveling up.
    Thank you again for sharing your art.

  14. This is awesome, I have a question for you! what is the name of the hand tool you used to make the straight line boarders? (not the right angle straight edge 🙂 )

  15. this was really beautiful, I have a large ready made tome but asked that the cover be left unfinished so I could do my own so I've had no idea what to do – yours is pure luxury, love it !


  17. Amo a arte de encadernar manualmente. Acompanho o canal #NerdForge e agora vou acompanhar o seu #Whoa também! faço encadernações também, sou Brasileira, mas nada comparado ao seu lindo trabalho.

  18. Well I know you put a lot of work into your little book and it looks fantastic, however you did not tell me how I could make a book like that and I have no idea where to get all those tools let alone a big giant sharp knife like the one you used. I suppose if one was in the bookmaking business or that was their hobby it would be worth the investment for all those tools, but for an ordinary person that wants to make a nice leather bound journal, this video taught me nothing. I have no idea what you used for fabrics and threads and you edited out the entire section of threading the signatures onto the cords. And you didn’t even say a word the whole time so I might as well have gone in the kitchen and watched bread mold.

  19. This is beautiful!
    Definitely up there with the class of heirloom and lifelong keepsake.
    I would love to have one someday.

  20. I watch this video daily it seems. I'm new to the craft, and your art is a great inspiration for me. As others have said, you bring an elegance to your craft and make it into an art. I hope that in a few years I'll be even a quarter as good as you are. If I may ask, and I doubt you'll read this as this video is two years old, but what are you doing at the start of the video to the rough sides of the pages? It vaguely looks like razor blade, but I could also see it being that you're sanding it down with a tool I can't see. And why do you do this step before you sew your signatures to the cording? I know you're well passed experienced at sewing so you can ensure that the signatures remain straight unlike myself, but it still seems odd to do that preemptively

  21. Здравейте Stopan!
    Аз сем обониран за твоя YouTube канал.Искам да се научат да правят красиви книги като теб.Подскажи къде да си купя инструмент за релеф на кожата като теб.Аз съм от Русия. Името ми Игор.
    Благодаря за отговора.

  22. Wow, man. Beautiful presentation! I make my own journals as well, but I don't have the space or equipment to make journals this nice. When I move into my own space I hope to have a humble setup where I can.

  23. Não tenho palavras para te dizer o quanto adorei o que fazes … brutal… parabéns…E também subscrevi o teu canal.

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