The Roblox Complaint Forums

The Roblox Complaint Forums

“Does Roblox even care?!” Hey boys Hey
Hello Alright, so guys, welcome to 2018 Aw Thank you 🙂 We gonna kick off the year with a short one That’s what I did as well… Is it gonna be a short year? Do you know what Roblox is? No
Yes It’s a video game where kids, uh, make maps, and there’s lotsa of coding and stuff, and it’s- they have a lot of fun there, right? That sounds gay Fun’s not allowed Unfortunately they also have a lot to complain about David that was a really sexy voice. 😉 *seduction mode activated*
Thank You *noises of grown men* I like the use of the term “ethical” There’s a degree in it *kazoo* I wish I was
Yeah that’s me We are all aren’t we? That’s where the money is Oi, what you in for? You’ll never earn respect like that 💸😉💸 Why is it called Roblox? Can we just do a quick rendition? *incoherent babbling* Because there aren’t no blocks OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO- Will, we need some Spanish flamenco *Flamenco intensifies* Oh he’s going in!
Woho! [rip david] Oh my god! He’s a monster!

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  1. 5:46
    According to the Roblox Wiki, you can buy Robux at different intervals. (Prices in USD)

    Roblox Website / Roblox Mobile App
    400 Robux + 50 Bonus Robux = $4.95
    800 Robux + 200 Bonus Robux = $9.95
    2,000 Robux + 750 Bonus Robux = $24.95
    4,500 Robux + 1500 Bonus Robux = $49.95
    10,000 Robux + 5,000 Bonus Robux = $99.95
    22,500 Robux + 12,500 Bonus Robux = $199.95
    80 Robux + 10 Bonus Robux = $0.99
    Roblox Xbox One App
    1,700 Robux = $19.99
    80 Robux = $0.99
    160 Robux = $1.99
    240 Robux = $2.99
    320 Robux = $3.99

    NOTE: To get the Bonus Robux, you must have a Builder Club account when purchasing.
    The bold words show where you can buy these items.

    After doing some calculations, the best price to purchase 1 million Robux would be to purchase the 22,500 Robux package. This would cost approximately $8,886. NOTE: This is not taking the Bonus Robux into account, just the base purchase.

    I would suggest a GoFundMe, or some other donation site so we may collect the money and send it to SootHouse so they may purchase their Robux and we as viewers may receive what we so desire 🙂

    If someone checks the calculations and finds there was an error, please tell me and I will edit where needed.

    1mil / 400 = 2500 2500 * $4.95 = $12,375
    1mil / 800 = 1250 1250 * $9.95 = $12,437.5
    1mil / 2,000 = 500 500 * $24.95 = $12,475
    1mil / 4,500 = 222.22 222.22 * $49.95 = $11,099.89
    1mil / 10,000 = 100 100 * $99.95 = $9,995
    1mil / 22,500 = 44.44 44.44 * $199.95 = $8,885.78
    1mil / 80 = 12,500 12,500 * $0.99 * $12,375
    1mil / 1,700 = 588.24 588.24 * $19.99 = $11,758.92
    1mil / 160 = 6,250 6,250 * $1.99 = $12,437.5
    1mil / 240 = 4,166.67 4,166.67 * $2.99 = $12,458.34
    1mil / 320 = 3,125 3,125 * $3.99 = $12,468.75

  2. I did like roblox a few years ago but I played it like 2 months ago jesus how its changed you cant say anything anymore you cant say 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 etc you really cant say anything everything is copystriken its cancerous the scammers everywhere its bad.

  3. 4:02
    morally good or correct.

    "can a profitable business be ethical?"

    synonyms:morally correct, right-minded, right-thinking, principled, irreproachable, unimpeachable, blameless, guiltless;More

    righteous, upright, upstanding, high-minded, virtuous, good, moral;

    exemplary, clean, law-abiding, lawful;

    just, honest, honorable, unbribable, incorruptible;

    scrupulous, reputable, decent, respectable, noble, lofty, elevated, worthy, trustworthy, meritorious, praiseworthy, commendable, admirable, laudable;

    pure, pure as the driven snow, whiter than white, sinless, saintly, saintlike, godly, angelic;

    immaculate, impeccable;

    Everyone just thinks ethical has to do with ethics. Come on now…|:T

    Gettin boring

  4. So uh, I was playing the culling origins in front of my parents when I found a afk player and bludgeoned him to death with a rock (cause that’s how the game works) and they got mad at me for killing him. I had to repeatedly try to explain that it was his fault for being afk. So thanks parents.

  5. Because the world needed a game that has a community more cancerous that pewdiepie and call of duty followers combined..
    I mean they have a furry group on there FFS. That should speak for itself.

  6. 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 what if we kissed at the robloxian dev group? 😩😩😩😩😩👌😍😍😍😍😍😍

  7. Ok but seriously the tags are annoying. I'm 15, but I babysit 2 kids below 10 and they like me to play with them. It doesn't even let me say numbers without them becoming tags

  8. I just played roblox for the first time today with my friend.
    Gotta say, hardest I’ve laughed in years.

    Never forget Mr. Pee. Forever in my nightmares.

  9. I used to rob the Pizza Store and terrorize the manager of the day. I would start rebellions and force the manager to leave. Once in power, I would abuse my authority and ban people for speaking out. This is all true.

    I ruled the Pizza Shop with an iron fist.

  10. "SootHouse nudes at one million Robux!"

  11. Honestly, as a roleplayer, what I'm most receptive to is someone coming up to me when I'm not already doing something else and asking me if I want to roleplay – I'll probably say yes because I'd feel bad saying no, but you could also add something like what character you want to be or any plot ideas you have because it gives the impression that you're a quality roleplayer if you've thought about it, I think.

  12. "i dont wanna hurt anyones feelings, i just wanna run a good military organization"- soothouse playing metal gear solid v: the phantom pain

  13. i wanted to say all the comments full of hashtags are annoying but then i realized honestly? theyre accurate to the game.

  14. you can tell none of them know the meaning of roblox when they pronounce the abbreviation of robux as RS

  15. Ah, yes. The days of Uganda knuckles, skidaddle skidoodle, Earth Chan, Somebody toucha my spaghet, Globglogabgalab, and trumpet boy

  16. I like playing roblox ive played for around # years and my favorite game is ######## i also like to make games im working on a ######## game and its really ####### yall should try ##

  17. 6:05… So, y’all ain’t just ONE sad guy voice acting at a dusty attic? You’re actually a group of friends?!
    Hey, now. Our connection IS NO more… Unsubbed, disliked, reported.
    Soothouse more like *INSULThouse 😢😢😢

  18. As a communist myself, I am offended. You just got another dislike. That might not seem like much, but once I gather my fellow communists you'll regret it

  19. If you actually want to hear the Soviet national anthem on kazoo, here is one of several options

  20. You deserve way more subscribers. You don't depend on games, or on others content. You look at pictures and make them funny, with genius puns and contagious laughter. I wish I could be like you guys.

  21. In the us the entire school system is based on grades, if you were to be in an honors class than you could have upward of 4 hours of homework.

  22. I played roblox in elementary school back in like 2008. When I started hearing about it again I was so confused. Id just assumed it had kind of died.

  23. All these 8 year olds complaining about how ROBLOX was "better" in 2008 even tho the engine was so bad compared to nowadays where you can literally make a port of GTA San Andreas perfectly. smh.

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