The Rogue Tesla Mechanic Resurrecting Salvaged Cars

The Rogue Tesla Mechanic Resurrecting Salvaged Cars

they’re exotic it is surreal they’re just like nothing else in the road so much engineering time effort and hours went into creating these masterpieces but there’s also a flipside Tesla stands are rebuilding vehicles is only they should be able to do it I would say the first person to bring a Tesla that’s completely dead to running and driving almost showroom floor quality independently by themselves at this point I would consider myself to dr. Frankenstein or Tesla’s people need to know more about the products they own if you own something if you purchase something free and clear then you should be able to fix it yourself I don’t want people to think that they’re too small to have a major company make changes don’t feel that you’re not being heard you do have a voice [Applause] my name’s rich and I run a YouTube channel called rich rebuilds I also go by uncle rich car guru you’re probably asking yourself car guru what are you doing in that sweet sweet racecar bed well you think my life is all fun and games here’s some of the things you have to deal with when you hobble together two broken Tesla’s to make one working Tesla this cars been sitting for so long you just don’t know what’s gonna happen I think if it’s more it’ll wash the channel they probably describe me as a DIY enthusiast to the extreme slash Tesla vigilante honestly they probably say you may hear some clicks you may hear some buzzing the car may explode I don’t know what’s gonna happen no freakin way the door handles just extended oh Jesus oh my god this cars been sitting for over a year I want people to have their cars work I want people to enjoy them I’m just trying to help I may not come across that way sometimes but you know there’s a reason why I don’t end myself personally there’s a reason why I physically touched and help people build over a hundred cars are 800 first time it’s ever happened that’s all right Tesla’s the gatekeeper to us repairing our own goods because they want control over Tesla fixing the cars they want control over Tesla send you the parts they just want everything under their control [Music] hey how you doing today I have a p85 I need those little lug nut covers oh sorry hold hold on one second hold on one of the things I enjoy is calling them out in their mistakes because out here playing games Tessa wants answers oh hello sorry sorry about that you still there I think a fundamental consumer right is your ability to fix whatever you rightfully own the fact that people don’t have another alternative what’s it going to the manufacturer that’s a huge huge issue there’s a lot of gray area as to what you actually own with with these cars because in order for the major functions of the car to work that has to talk to Tesla out of Massachusetts and in Massachusetts that have a right to repair act it does protect what I do it makes it easier I mean to get the tools that I need but the language is very interesting your language states that you have to have the same tools available that the dealers do to fix their cars well guess what tested of them have dealerships that’s a loophole right there all right so this is my basement full of Tesla parts these are the all of the parts that are required to put a Tesla back together effectively these right here I have all the battery modules that go on the battery pack I have the other coolant pumps that are here I have a few MC use which is the media control units the main master screen of the car but these are the things that you have to do to keep a Tesla on the road you know to have an inventory of spare parts so that you don’t run out of stuff when you need it the most I mean it really is a goldmine because you can’t find a lot of these a lot of these parts back at Tesla I get my parts from other cars so what I have to do is I have to purchase other wrecked vehicles take the parts I need from those and then harvest those parts for the cars that I need parts for in terms of being tricky it’s extremely tricky because if you need a specific part you have to hope and pray that the car that you’re taking the parts from has it what I’m doing right now is fixing these cars you know under the radar from Tesla is setting myself up for some big legal problems in the future potentially but because I think the cars are so great and I want to help people in that sense I just think it’s just something that I have to do I have this part right here and this is the visor that was in a Model S that actually was severely burned you see the burn marks on top of this and you know to the untrained eye you could probably just throw this part away that’s what’s the point it’s burned but if someone needs the spring that actuates the the hinge or the visor or if someone even needs this part right here this could be recycled you know you shouldn’t just throw it away as is a lot of these things are still useable like these hooks right here this could probably be cleaned up really nice and putting another visor piece we live in a day and age where people just throw things away there’s plenty of benefits to fixing your own cars you know it’s less waste eco friendly creates jobs eases pressure off the manufacturer it just it just makes sense all in so I figure if I could you know do something to contribute helping him back on the road give him new life I think it’s a win-win for everyone so a while back a friend of mine said that he got a job at Tesla and he was gonna bring one by and we took a ride in it I said to myself I could see myself owning one of these things for sure about a year after that I purchased my first Model S that was in the flood and I started working on it I spent $14,000 in a car that didn’t run or drive and showed no signs of light I had no support from the manufacturer I was dead in the water so I thought about it I said to myself I’m already in 14,000 let’s just go all-in so I actually ended up purchasing another car that wasn’t in a flood I brought it home I had two Tesla’s side by side and in each garage Bay and over the course of you know several months I slowly transplanted electronics from one car to the other and it was just but I couldn’t believe it slowly people started saying maybe he’s onto something here maybe he’s not that crazy after all maybe this can be done so today we’re gonna check this burnt Tesla Model S out this Tesla Model S was I hitting the front by another car the other car caught fire and as a result the front of this car burned as well I saw this car online for the first time I I just lit up I mean the front end was completely toast everything was everywhere the wheel was actually in the back and it was completely undriveable but there were a couple pictures that I saw the interior the back seats were still good so I knew the second I saw this one I had to buy it even though it seems like you know it’s not much to look at and there’s literally trees growing inside of it this is still worth a lot because for some of that’s been rear-ended instead of waiting you know four to six months for parts from Tesla you know they could just have the back half of this car bring it to a body shop and have up and running in a couple weeks so many engineering hours have gone into making these why throw it away when I could just take parts from this one and help someone in need seeing an abandoned car like that having it sit in the field abandon being covered by snow and ice and dirt and rocks and it’s almost hurts in a way it’s technologies my thing so seeing something like that is just it hurts almost if the mission and the motto is is sustainability then you know a car like this could stick in this state an insurance lot for years before it gets picked up my idea is to actually cut the front half of the car remove some plastics recycle the aluminum and then I’ll use the back half for a car that was rear-ended that needs fixing it’s aluminum so it’s not that hard to cut so I probably get a sawzall and I just thought about right here I’d do it myself yeah I do it myself this is the storage area I keep a lot of my parts in I have a rare seat cushion from a tough so that’s been sitting here kind of getting mold all over it there’s just parts is parts everywhere I think I am obsessed I didn’t think about that I think I am this is a lot of I can’t throw anything away until the project is done and the problem with me is the project’s never done it definitely goes against Tesla’s mission statement but if there’s an issue with one of their Tesla stand if only they can fix it and no one else can it sits in a field for years how is that sustainable I’m doing very well thanks I have a 2012 Model S and it’s giving me an issue charging I’ve narrowed it down to one of the Chargers under the rear seats how much of those go for oh sorry about that sure my VIN number is a five we actually can’t sell you any parts that I’ve heard either I thought I restricted sinless ah okay all right no parts at all unfortunately not there I’ve expressed my frustrations to Tesla mostly over the phone but I’ve expressed a lot of my views a lot of the things I’ve gone through on my my personal channel people at Tesla they do notice the channel and they they do they do know hey guys your boy rich here and a buddy of mine that’s also into tesla rebuild game he recently got a letter in the mail from tesla saying that there was an airbag recall there was an issue a while back where there was a recall for airbags and Tesla just refused to replace airbags on cars that they felt that they shouldn’t support so I made a video saying what do you guys think this doesn’t seem right to me let me know what you guys think about this one in the comment section should Tesla be allowed to determine which cars it does and does not service or should they abide by the nhtsa’s rules and make sure that all cars are repaired free of charge and three weeks later test I’ll call my friend up and said hey come back in for an appointment it’s gonna be great let’s get that airbag all set for you they won’t make it easy but eventually they’re going to have to make it so that they help people or or third-party repair shops build their vehicles the project that I’m working on right now it wasn’t a flood so that motor and that battery they’re just toast so I have to get a trailer and pick up the motor and battery from a car that was in a rollover to transplant into the flooded car looking at the front of this battery it looks like in the crash the top case may have popped off slightly it looks like some water got into the battery not feeling great right now I probably have to pop that cover off and see how much if any water is in there I [Music] think that that there’s a quiet revolution starting it’s getting louder and louder for sure now that people have various platforms to state their cases and make their voices known is definitely revolution coming so right now we’re in advanced technologies and Gloucester mass with my buddy Lee shops and he’s been helped me a lot with a lot of the heavy lifting and the battery packs and the motors themselves he actually saw me in the channel and he’s like hey you know what like I like what you’re doing I think it’s really cool I don’t want to help you out so he’s actually letting me keep my car here as well as help me work on it you know and give me access to all this tools so it’s a pretty cool I’m working on these cars a lot of really interesting games that could happen sometimes things are just not ready for when I was taking off the battery pack I discovered an actual crack in the side of the battery pack and we’re gonna check that crack out right now so we’re gonna see when it fell off the top cover and we’re gonna see if there’s anything we could do to save that what I do is extremely dangerous it’s very intimidating working with you know a high voltage battery pack has enough power to power a house for days or to just kill you within seconds so I think when I open my first battery pack I had my linemen gloves on I had like a full body suit look I’m gonna go in there and the deep blue yonder and now I’m just like now it is what it is you know I’ll lick the terminals yeah whatever doesn’t matter [Laughter] it’s coming up so this is what a Tesla Model S battery module looks like and there’s 16 of these each has its own individual section that it kind of lives in isolated in firewall from the next one what I want to do now is I want to actually test the voltage that I’m seeing on these two bricks to see if they’re still good give a voltmeter Lee all right so we’re getting 23 volts out of this one which is good yeah 2363 each battery brick is about 24 volts so the fact that it’s that high is Fe a good sign it looks like those bricks are good so I feel as if these two modules are good died feel safe saying if the rest of them we’re good as well you know what Lee I’m going to put the cover back on and then just kind of light loosely tighten it and then maybe we could start the motor itself an individual which is a really steering the the front line for the backyard mechanic kind of thing but really learning every inch the Tesla other companies can do it but individuals taking on the task with a huge undertaking Tesla has an image to keep up as a cutting-edge auto manufacturer and if you do fix your own car and something happens and another Tesla gets into an accident is gonna make national news they don’t want to see that I am completely sympathetic with their concerns it’s their brand I totally get it but it’s not gonna stop me that’s not a reason why someone shouldn’t do it worst case scenario Tesla reaches out to me and says you know sent me a cease and desist they stop doing what you’re doing stop your YouTube channel stop doing close-ups of the inside electronics and motors and how they work but they could say that I’d still do it even though it’s not the intention I see myself opening up my own custom repair shop they won’t let that happen but I’d like to do that I have to help people this is unchartered territory this is cutting edge this is the future [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  1. Don't know why you should get legal problems when we have garages for fixing other cars. This is why we need Right to Repair throughout the world, not just the US.

  2. There was a time when our grandparents fixed everything they owned from shoes to stoves. Proud people who could handle any situation and this gentleman is cut from that cloth. A confident, well-spoken, genius whose earth centric and should be in a University teaching our kids in the states. #howcouldibebetter #applause

  3. It's nice to see another perspective on the praised genius Elon Musk. Every comment I see on any of his interviews shows signs of fanatism : the man is said to be devoted to the people, "he makes our history, he's so dope and generous that he must be from another planet"… Maybe he's just another entrepreneur. Not evil but just a serious guy watching his back and protecting his interests first.

  4. You have 1st amendment rights. Your channel can't be shut down. You also have a right to do repairs. Tesla is setting themselves up for a huge Restraint of Trade suit. Keep doing what you are. It is admirable. Don't stop,

  5. A Great American.
    A horrible Company.
    No tech Docs, pathetic.
    Teslas made with bad batteries, not so great engineers, anyone can work on them if they wanted to learn. MUSK is just being a scumbag.
    -A Scientist, mechanic, programmer

  6. Hey Rich…can you help me out? Bought a 2011 Ford Fiesta in January. A piston busted through the engine block yesterday afternoon….I live in Boston but my son lives 2 hours away. I barely see him as is….I'm never going to see him now. He turns 8 in 2 weeks, and I won't be there

  7. Proof that man is god ! People pray to the sky and not once has the sky helped ! Its allways a man who helps . The A team needs a rerun to get kids of ps4 planet and bring their mind back down to earth

  8. I understand that Tesla wants control of their product for any number of reasons. The brand image, technology advances etc but, if they truly want to advance and popularize electric cars, they are going to have to support aftermarket repairs and development.
    I am an older gearhead and electric isn't my thing but it's coming and for a car to reach mainstream popularity, it needs aftermarket support.
    I would never buy any car, gas or electric, that couldn't be fixed at a local shop. Not to mention, people like to tinker. That isn't going to die with the gas car.
    There are younger people out there that could rebuild a Tesla if they had access to information and parts. That young guy buys a damaged car because he can't afford a new one. He spends hours in his garage, friends come over to help and now you have 5 young guys that want a Tesla. They somewhat understand the technology, they learn more every day and interest in electric cars grows.
    Interest grows, people start seeing more on the streets, they see they can be fixed for a reasonable amount of money and they become mainstream over time.

  9. so really what you are saying what google did to our browsing tesla did to the electric car, mm yep i wont be buying one of them.

  10. Hello Rich, I would like to talk to you about a potential project in Oaxaca, Mx.You can check us out in social media or go to look for PPX advancements. Felicidades, great work…

  11. I don't know how to explain but… Wow this man is fantastic, nothing will stop him from his convictions, and that, is one of the most powerful thing that exist in heart. Thanks for the wonderful job!

  12. This guy is awesome. I've been a mechanic for 45 yrs,& saw this coming since the early 80's,when they started putting computers in cars. I've seen hundreds of cars in the junkyard that are newer & in better condition than the ones I own & drive. They're too expensive to fix,most people can't fix them,so they buy another one. It's great for the manufacturer,but bad for the customer,& the environment.

  13. How to 2.5k people dislike what this remarkable guy is doing? Other than being flaming racists, I can't imagine a reason. Rich, the world needs more people like you.

  14. Mais c dangereux car ce nes pas un pro et les tesla les gens les achete pour quil roule toute seul et si il fzit un mauvais truck il met la vue des gens en dangers

  15. You Tube…you're disgusting w/the amount of commercials you're forcing on us. Are we saving $ for your massive lawyer fees for your upcoming trial regarding your know corruption?

  16. I wouldn't own one of those things if it was 1k "before" I saw this video. Btw…John Deere is doing the same thing [and many more I'm sure].


  18. This is exactly what happens to salvage/rebuilt cars. Yet when people go shopping for a car, they don't want something that was in an accident in the past. This guy started doing teslas because there aren't too many tesla mechanics or parts available. But this process is very common

  19. That’s pretty damn amazing. Elon Musk should give this guy a grant, Tesla tools and support docs & files. Rich can help make the cars better and give him a repair dealership contract

  20. Auto Mechanics and Advanced Engineering came together to create mind blowing inventions and innovations. Now that Computer Technology has joined the effort, we are truly beginning to see science-reality form in its infancy. It is amazing to me that a single person can have a deep enough understanding in all of these areas to do what Rich does.

  21. my telsa side mirror got chipped, its just a plastic cover over the side mirror. when i called tesla they said they DONT have that part, the WHOLE mirror needs to be replaced. part and labor is $618.

  22. very disappointing that Tesla dosnt service there cars,it will affect there selling power,i for one will look closely at there fine print before purchasing one.

  23. The only problem with people trying to save themselves money is costing big brother money. You save, it cost them. You can actually be sued for trying to save money. Isn't that the american dream?

  24. Apple sues people that fix their crap. Also they will stop a replacement screen or whatever other part comes into the country stating it is counterfeit when its clearly not sold as an Apple part but will fix your issue as an aftermarket part.

  25. As a master technician of 20 years, my hat's off to you friend. That's a remarkable challenge that you've met! Keep taking the fight to them! One by one, we can make these companies loosen their grip on these monopolies.

  26. I love this guy "I think I am obsessed, I've never thought about it, yeah, I'm obsessed" lol – Cracking realisation!

  27. What most people doesent have is knowledge and time. If you would want to fix anything you'd need both, in large quantities.

  28. I used to have a 'respect' for Mr Musk prior to this fools dream of Mars colonization. The red planet we mere ears,noses,mouths and assholes have been misled to accept is "humanly uninhabitable". A select few chosen to be blasted into if not blown apart into cosmic cremation. Should it survive beyond the atmosphere they will journey through two years of spaces cosmic and gamma ray bombardment entering through the craft and its passengers bodies like xrays.A commonly known side effect amongst astronauts yet not at all 'publicly'!….Could not care less for it's 'billions' of earth bux it wants to blow away on its childhood jaunt, it is merely elites controlling, slave driven 'green shitpaper', yet if he don't put it where he's stoopid mouth is and be aboard he's stainless steel can to oblivion along with the chosen one's…all bets are OFF Mr Musk! Should he be blown to 'smitherines' with all in his own vehicle of death well that may be of some small consolation for the loved ones left behind by victims of his Tesla electri'fried' death traps.

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