The Stages of Becoming Obsessed With Hamilton

The Stages of Becoming Obsessed With Hamilton

– Brr! Brr! Ma! Ma! Ma! – Elise’s audition tape for “Hamilton”:
take one! (piano accompaniment begins) – ♪ How do two normal
Teenage girls become smitten ♪ ♪ With Lin-Manuel
And everything he’s ever written? ♪ ♪ First was “In the Heights”
With Usnavi and Vanessa ♪ ♪ Then came “Hamilton”
Our emotions are a mess…a! ♪ (Ding!) (beep) (upbeat piano playing) – Hey, you know Lin-Manuel Miranda?
– Oh, yeah, yeah! – I think he’s making a new musical,
about Hamilton, the Founding Father guy.
– Oh, really? – Wait… How’s that gonna work? – I dunno. I’m excited though. Oh, my God, I’m obsessed! ♪ Stay alive… ♪ ♪ I have never seen the general so despondent ♪ ♪ I have taken over writing all his correspondence ♪ – Can you just let me sleep for five minutes? My gosh! – Okay… (scatting) – (scatting continues)
– What are you doing?! – Hey!
– Hey? – Hey.
– Hey? – Hey.
– Hey? – Hey.
– Hey? – ♪ Ooh! I do, I do, I do, I do! ♪
– Oh, my God, no more!! – ♪ Yeah! ♪♪ ♪ Un, deux, trois, quatre
Cinq, six, sept, huit, neuf… ♪ ♪ Sept, huit, neuf… ♪ ♪ Sept, huit… ♪♪ – *I mean, if she’s so obsessed with it,
it might be worth a listen.* *I mean, I liked “In the Heights”,
so maybe it is worth it.* (“Alexander Hamilton” begins) – (Burr) ♪ How… ♪ – (Hamilton) ♪ I am not throwing away my shot! ♪ – (Ensemble) ♪ Look around, look around! The rev– ♪
– (Angelica) ♪ ‘Cuz I’ve been reading
“Common Sense” by Thomas Paine ♪ – (Ensemble) ♪ Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it ♪ – (Company) ♪ Down! Down! Down!
– (Lafayette) ♪ Freedom for America!
Freedom for France! ♪ – (King George III) ♪ Awesome! Wow! ♪ – NO!!! NOOOOOO!!!
NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! – (Jefferson) ♪ He’s never gon’ be president now ♪ – (Ensemble vocalizing)
– (sobbing) – (Company) ♪ Who lives, who dies
Who tells your story ♪♪ – (sobbing continues) – Hey, you wanna listen to it again?
– YES!!! – (“Alexander Hamilton” begins)
– (Burr) ♪ How does a ba– ♪ – (Company) ♪ Who lives, who dies
Who tells your story ♪♪ – (“Alexander Hamilton” begins)
– (Burr) ♪ How do– ♪ – (both sniffling)
– (Company) ♪ Who lives, who dies
Who tells your story ♪♪ – (“Alexander Hamilton” begins)
– (Burr) ♪ How does– ♪ – (both sobbing)
– So good!! – Why am I crying over a Founding Father? – Oh, my God, look at what Lin just tweeted!
– Wait, wait, wait. So you know how, like, Alexander Hamilton is all like… ♪ Unimportant, there’s a million things I haven’t done… ♪ – …to Angelica in “Satisfied”?
– Yeah. Right. – Well, this post says, “That doesn’t even a little bit
answer the question! It is completely unrelated!” – (both) True!
– I know. – ♪ She’s looking for me… ♪ Oh, my God, did you see that video
of that Ham4Ham? – Yes! Of course! I’m subscribed!
– Yes! Do you know that part in “Satisfied” when she’s like… “Gossip in New York is insidious…”? – Yeah, what is the rhythm of that? – “In New York… City is insidious…” – (together) ♪ And the gossip
In New York City is insidious… ♪ WHOO! – (Elise beatboxing) – ♪ Oui, oui, mon ami
Je m’appelle Lafayette ♪ ♪ The Lancelot of the revolutionary set ♪ ♪ I came from afar
Just to say “bonsoir” ♪ -(mumbling)
– (both) …BLOODSTAINS! -Yeah, let’s let’s try something a little bit more our speed.
-Good idea. I know just the thing. – (both) ♪ You say… ♪ ♪ You cry ♪ ♪ In your tea, which you hurl in the sea
When you see me go by ♪ Oh, my God. Oh, my God! just posted
that there is a casting call… – …for auditions for, like, the national tour…
– No way! – NO WAY!!!
– YEAH!!! – We need to talk. – Did I get it? – No… – (sobbing) – I just bought these awesome new flip-flops! – Did you use the last $10 bill?
– Oh, my gosh! Was it the last one?! – NOOOOOO!!!
– NOOOOOO!!! – You. Take. Off. Ten.
– Cannot. Hamilton. The. – (both) WAAAAA! – Is dinner ready? I’m so hungry!
– No, not yet. – (sighs) That’s okay.
♪ I’m willing to wait for it ♪ – ♪ Why do you write like you’re running out of time? ♪
– It’s finals week!! – You drink too much coffee.
– ♪ I am not throwing away my shot! ♪ – I just fixed my hair. How does it look?
– ♪ Awesome! Wow! ♪ – I want more! – Dude, you’ve already had two bowls. ♪ I will never be satisfied ♪ – Are you kidding me?
– Just one more bowl! – ♪ That would be enough ♪ – ♪ Teach me how to say goodbye ♪
– ♪ You’ll be back ♪ -(crying) – Brought to you by Hamilton Trash! – ♪ Click, boom! ♪♪

100 thoughts on “The Stages of Becoming Obsessed With Hamilton

  1. Me: hMmm.. if everyone at school is talking about it, maybe it's worth listening to it? i mean, my sister used to like it.

    Me 5 minutes later: HOW DOES A BASTARD, ORPHAN

  2. Last week I told my English teacher I’m mentally dating king George III and she said I could do better

    bITcH HaVE yOU SeEN HaMIlToN?!?!!

  3. My stages of being obsessed with Hamilton:
    1. Hear about it from YouTubers, friends and family.
    2. Take a chance, and listen to it.
    3. Repeat 2 as many times as needed, until…
    4. Memorize the songs, practice rapping, and anything along that line.
    5. Use Hamilton as much as possible in your everyday lives.
    And blah, blah, blah, I haven’t even finished my 10, learned about it too late, a month or so (ago). Still going on.

  4. Me: writing on the blackboard "i am not throwing away my.."
    My best friend: runs over me,takes a chalk and violently writes "SHOT"

  5. This happened to me in the corse of like 4 years… it took me a while to get into it now I love it!!!!!!!

  6. O MY FLIPPIN FRIGGIN FRICKING LAVA CAKE MOST OF THESE STAGES WERE ME!!! So my friends at my lunch table were singing the Schuyler Sisters and I was like I know this is for Hamilton but what the FUDGE IS THIS SONG. At the time I was obsessed with Dear Evan Hansen and i………. Still am but then in summer I was like well almost all of my friends are OBSESSED WITH HAMILTON SO i will listen to it too. And then that was the beginning of the upward spiral of happiness and depression as my journey through Hamilton began…. My top ten favorite songs:
    1. Guns and Ships (because ze large baguette is in there!)
    2. Aaron Burr, Sir (again bcz the large baguette is there and it's catchy)
    3. Laurens Interlude (cause it gave me happiness and depressionTWT I just wish it was in Hamilton)
    4. Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story ( it was really sad and happy and who else cries when she says "The Orphanage"?)
    5. The World was Wide Enough (because it was sad and I like being depressed but it was also happy in a way)
    6. Stay Alive (reprise) [ BeCcause iiTs abbOsoLutelY bEaauTiful evEn thOugh oUr reCarnaTion of JoHn DiEd
    7. Dear Theodosia (reprise) [Burr's voice was absolutely beautiful and I THINK at this time he was being a really good father and it kinda happy kinda sad.
    8. Blow Us All Away ( because it was catchy even though Oour Liittle CInnaMon RoLl dieD!)
    9.Alexander Hamilton ( It was catchy, it was the first I ever listened to, and IT IS SOOOOOOOO GOOD.)
    10. Wait what's the song that King George lll sang it's not You'll be back it's a different one where he says AWESOME. WOW. IN a really sarcastic voice. Plz comment if you know what it's called. TWT

  7. How come I have no Hamilfriends? This is unacceptable. Hilarious video, Jona and Elise. Love you.

  8. Everyone reply with the first song you heard from Hamilton
    Me:the schuyler sisters

  9. Omfg its so embaressing to watch you mention all those steps… but also its so true and so much me im ashamed and laughing out loud

  10. Bruh I was listening to music and I saw the song Alexander Hamilton I pressed on it and became obsessed immediately

  11. all i wanted is to influence one of my friends but they’re all ugly they don’t wanna join me 😔😖

  12. I actually don’t have a friend who even KNOWS WHO HAMILTON IS. Because I live in europe (not in UK btw.) And not even my music teacher has ever heard of it. But I’m watching the show in London and now my parents really regret this😂

  13. For me, it was my sis that showed me “You’ll be back” and I loved it! Then I listened to it and me and my sis both became obsessed with it

  14. I’m the friend that gets my other friends obsessed but I started when my moms friend told us to listen to it

  15. My stages of being obsessed with Hamilton:

    Loving it
    Not having any friends who love it
    Playing it in my room non stop
    My family getting mad at me

    Also: Lyric chain
    How does a bastard orphan,

  16. My stages (1) bestie likes it (2) listens to it but doesn’t understand (3) listens to whole playlist (4) screams Hamilton in my parent’s ears (5) can rap all the songs 🙂 (6) always makes EVERYTHING Hamilton related

  17. My steps
    1.Listen to First Burn and love it with all my being but don't know its Hamilton
    2.Best friend introduces me
    3.Watch every animatic i can find
    4.Memorize as many songs as possible
    5.Start shipping people
    6.Watch vines,memes and comic dubs
    7.Sing with my friend who introduced me
    8.Rap silently under my breath and people wonder'Dis girl crazy'
    Thank u

  18. Watched Hamilton almost 30 times and mind you I found out about it in the middle of summer 😂😂 kind of wish I knew about it in 2015 when it originally came out. But I felt the “listen to it again and again and again”

  19. step 14: Go to New York and enter the Hamilton lottery everyday till you win, then when you don't, buy the insanely expensive tickets anyway because Hamilton

  20. All the sad songs
    You at first: I’ve listened to this before, I don’t need to cry
    You at the end: WHYYYYYYYYYY ugly sobbing

  21. I'm the kid that screeches guns and ships while my father is driving lmao. But my stages were:
    1) Sung a Hamilton song in choir, causing me to watch some animatics
    2) Watching so much Hamilton interviews, the whole musical as an animatic.
    3) Drawing the characters while listening to my Hamilton playlist for the 4th time
    4) Joining the Hamino
    5) Role-playing
    6) Remembering every song and it's lyrics even the cut songs
    7) fully obsessed

  22. DUDE I MY OBSESSEDING has went to far with him dude I have a poster of him and slept with a 10$ and listen to him every day I'm might be his biggest fan but idk

  23. Is it weird that i didnt cry at all for Hamilton not. One. Bit

    Even though ive heard it a lot. This makes me feel very strange that i didnt

  24. 3.39
    NUMBER 2
    ( I can’t remember the exact words but that what I remember)

  25. This is my chart.
    Stage 1: Hear about it
    Stage 2: check it out
    Stage 3: again.
    Stage 4: humming everywhere all the time
    Stage 5: Hamilton is life. You have become Hamilton.

  26. My stages:
    1. First listen to you'll be back
    2. Listen to the Schyler Sisters
    3. Then listen the entire album
    4. Memories the show in its entirety
    5. Do the entire show in your room by yourself every other day playing all the characters including the cut songs
    6. Repeat step 5 over and over

  27. me back in 2012: huh… Hamilton? nah im not that into musicals

    me just 7 months ago: Hamilton?! i need it! MORE OF IT!

  28. Hahaaaa yup. I actually fell in love with Hamilton FIRST, then In the Heights, because I was too young to listen to ITH it was The Thing.

  29. y'know, it's really fckn weird bc like??? Guns and Ships isn't even that fast-
    I just slur and jump on words too much

  30. Wow it’s been over 2 years since I’ve seen this video…I’ve really been obsessed with Hamilton for that long huh 😂

  31. my progression:
    i hear a google translate version of hamilton
    i watch a video about why hamilton is a masterpiece.
    i watch ziksuas 7minutes
    i watch all the musical in two days listening to it on the train, the subway, walking to college, in college, at class….
    i end the musical
    i watch all of ziksuas videos about hamilton
    i watch a video comparing ziksua and szin and ask myself whats all the fuzz about. obviously ziksua is better
    i watch all szin hamilton videos…..twice…..thrice….ok i´ve lost the count. by this time i know almost all the phrases.
    i start watching live representations on youtube.
    i cant get you´ll be back out of my head. da dada da da da dada da daydada…
    i cant get elections of 1800 out of my head.
    i swap between songs so i dont get fixed on anyone.
    i re-watch everything….again.
    i start singing around.
    i use hamilton sentences for everything.
    i use hamilton as background music.
    i start watching videos about facts to know about hamilton.
    i see this video and i tell myself. not gonna throw away my shot.

  32. For me; it was

    1) Hear about it and listen to a couple songs at school (Mrs. S., I LOVE you, THANK YOU)
    2) Decide to liste. To the soundtrack
    3) Get obsessed with the songs
    4) Decide to watch an animation movie thing (basically an animated version of the musical)
    5) Starts watching comic dubs, vines, skits, and anything with Lin Manual-Miranda in it
    6) help, I haven’t watched anything other than Hamilton for like a month, and I can’t stop

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