The story of my life – From a dream to reality

The story of my life – From a dream to reality

My name is Jonna Jinton I’m a Swedish photographer and artist And I’m gonna tell you the story of my journey I took the most important decision of my life in 2010. I decided to leave my life in my hometown Gothenburg. I left the apartment, and quit the studies My heart was longing for something else. Nature…and silence. I moved to this place…Grundtjärn A little village with 10 inhabitants in the north of Sweden. A village where I had my roots since 12 generations back. So actually…it was like coming home When I first came here I had no plan, no money and no job But I had a dream I wanted to find a way to make a living so that I could stay at this beautiful place that felt like home in my heart The first years in Grundtjärn was very challenging. Long cold winters… A constant worry about money… And an old house where it was a full time job just to keep warm. A time when my limits were constantly tested But during this time I found my passion in life. I started with photography And filming and writing. And I started a little blog So I could share moments of my new life And express my love for nature in photos and words I also bought a dog, Nanook That became my best friend ever… Living so close to nature awakened something in me. I felt an urge to create. And it became my biggest passion to continue creating And moving people with my art. It’s now been eight years since I moved . And I still live here… In my little house under the northern lights. From here I run my own business Jonna Jinton Sweden Where my mother Anita is employed as an administrator. I spend my days doing photography… filming…creating music… Painting…writing… And all the things that my heart wants to express. And through all my social media channels I reach over a million people every week. I live together with Johan, my soon to be husband. And recently he started working full-time as a silversmith In our own jewelry brand. And I still have my fellow friend Nanook And two cats… And a cow whose name is Stjärna Which means “star” in Swedish And still, my wish is to give something beautiful to this world Something that breaks through our barriers. And reaches the soul. And one of my photos will now be sold worldwide as a canvas on IKEA The photo was taken to some minutes from where I live. Early morning in October from an old bridge that my grandfather built 80 years ago One of all the magical moments that I’ve got to experience during my years here I have learned so much during these years Most of all That feeling grateful for the small things in life Is the key to the big things. And that it’s only we, ourselves, that sets the limits of what is possible and not And to have patience and never give up And never be afraid of losing your feet on the ground Cause sometimes that can be the best thing you will ever do.

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  1. With all my heart, thank you everyone for your comments. I am so deeply touched by reading your words.
    I want you to know that I really wish I could answer you all <3 But I am reading everything you write.
    THANK YOU! <3

  2. You are Truly Beautiful Jonna. You have given me hope as I try to prevent the loss of my legs. I hope you and Johan are happy forever.

  3. Someday i can Travel new Destinations' meeting new people Explore every corner of the World'

    someday and that Day shall be the Day 🙂 I am thankful of my Life and to God

  4. As a house of cards, all this beauty (including you princess) will be broken down in Muslim hands.
    Protect your culture with…A Glock

  5. Dans ta sagesse d'esprit et dans ton envie de retourner aux sources tu me fais penser à Christopher dans se merveilleux film qu'est "Into the Wild"

  6. i wanna live like you ,,, always I thinking and imagine before I sleep as I wons a little house in village and i love alone and many things mean I imagine my self I live life like you (:

    but i think I can't do that anyway I wish you all the best

  7. Can somebody please tell me why watching this moved me to tears? This is beyond beautiful, love from Jamaica 🇯🇲

  8. I have no words but I am happy that you found your home.. I am on the same path… I started this journey unconsciously in 2012 and thing started better and better since end of 2018 but before all that it was just suffering but I am glad I went thru those.. You are right about being grateful every day for even small things.. I am now one of your subscribers..

  9. I think this video and the comments are just proof that human beings have a love for art, creativity, freedom, and our world. Our society confines that. I wish this could be my life one day.

  10. I admire her. I can see how you can be that calm. But to not be lonely. Scared of The outdoors. with such beautiful art and photos

  11. A free spirit can not be stopped or held in place. Thank you for being inspiration to others not yet ready to imbrace the free spirit inside.

  12. Jonna, I don’t know how to explain this, but from the moment I started watching your videos, I just felt like you reached into my soul and pulled out my deepest longing for home and filled it up. You are such and inspiration to me, and I hope you are doing well. Keep up the good work!

  13. aww… I've always wanted this, but everyone told me that was wrong…
    I love you and your passion, I can relate so much. you are such an inspiration, it's incredible.

  14. How did she go from a regar human who gets cold and has to wear a parka to an ice fairy that has ice baths as part of her morning routine and traipses through snow barefoot in swishy skirts and flowy thin tops?!?!?!

  15. What most people don’t realize here is, she’s a high tech person as well! She uses drones, has this YouTube channel, lives off an online business and how do you think the editing is done? The most important thing is that we can live like her, and for that we don’t have to leave behind everything like most people think! It’s just in our minds just like everything else.

  16. Anyone else get to the end of the video and realise she was the random rock balancing lady who was in your suggested last week😂😂

  17. That is beautiful ! Thank you for sharing this with me . I'm blessed to know that you are here . Dwelling just outside of Pittsburgh pa. And you've touched me from there .

  18. And this is how all humans in the world must live… Because humans are made to live in the nature not in towns with big buildings and cars😥

  19. What a beautiful place 😍😍😍Soo lucky, what a beautiful life, I really lovvvvveee watching yr vedios, I mean just watch it, the places where u are standing looks like wallpapers on my phone, NATURE IS BEAUTIFUL 😍😍😍😍😍😍 and u are soo lucky to spend all yr days here in this beautiful wonderful place 😍😍😍😍😍🌥️🌥️🌨️❄️☃️🦄🦄🦄🦄

  20. I'm doing the same thing I'm just trying to live a peaceful life and I live in the mountains and it's still hard to get away I'm being bothered all the time the only friend I really need right now is my dog I'm good with that at the moment and the nature around me I haven't met anybody that wants to be like that so I'm single right now doesn't really matter as long as I can soak up what God has created for me

  21. You've already given something more than what you know you become a spiritual person and that's very hard to do in today's world Beyond religion Beyond Church it's spiritual

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