100 thoughts on “The Struts – Fire (Pt. 1/Live At The O2 Forum Kentish Town/London/UK/2019)

  1. Spent the whole show trying to see myself in the crowd 😂 I still remember the first release of could've been me years ago ♥️♥️♥️♥️

  2. Did anyone else feel their souls leave their bodies whenever he made eye contact with the camera? Also when he ran his fingers through his hair. God I love this band.

  3. So badly wish myself and partner wouldve been on camera but we were up on the balcony!! it was so cool being part of this though 💖 edit: I've just spotted us! very faint but we're there! 😂

  4. It's a very energetic and exciting song. My question is what are you waiting for to show up in Mexico? 🤭 I'm YOUR FAN! 🤯

  5. Love this song live! Sadly wasn't able to go to this gig but saw them in London back in February and Fire (Part 1) was my favourite, so thanks a million for filming and sharing this! 😊🔥🤘🏻 Hope to catch ye next time🤞🏻🍀

  6. On all of their videos, I always want to comment something about how amazingly talented the guys are, but I never feel like I can figure out the right thing to say because words don't do it justice. And I genuinely mean it! Another fantastic performance, guys! X

  7. Can you guys pretty pleeease release a live album/more live songs on video, especially Luke behind the piano for his solo rendition of “Somebody New!!!” 🤩🕺🏻🎤🎹

  8. please please pleaseeee come to spain or italy in march! i’m going to be there those months and just completely lost hope that you are ever going to come to ecuador so europe is more likely🥴

  9. Glad I could be there to see this. My first live show, and you boys made it unforgettable. I’ll be thankful forever. Love you all x

  10. So happy to see you getting love in your home country. You all deserve it. The best band in world. Much love from Columbus, Ohio come back soon.

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