The TBEX Experience – What it was like to be at a travel blogging conference in Ostrava in 2018

The TBEX Experience – What it was like to be at a travel blogging conference in Ostrava in 2018

(upbeat music) – Hey guys is Will from
Going Awesome Places I am in the Czech Republic
and currently in Prague well why do you ask? Well, in the next couple
days, a huge travel blogging conference called TBEX is gonna be happening in the
neighboring city of Ostrava. A ton of bloggers are converging
on this spot as we speak. But, this is my first time I want to give you an inside
look into what it’s like to be at a conference like this, whether it’s your first
time or your 10th time. (light music)
So, one of the main reasons why I decided to come to TBEX Europe 2018, was because it gave me an opportunity to come back to the Czech Republic and so, I came here a little
bit earlier to the city of Prague to explore more
and for better or for worse see some of the touristy things
but also explore different parts of the city that
I didn’t get to before. And of course, to come to the
travel massive pre-TBEX party. After a couple days in Prague it was finally time to head
over to the city of Ostrava, and so I caught a train with
REGIOJET and was lucky to be able to sit in their
business class which was pretty freakin’ awesome. And less than three and half hours later I finally made it to the
city and it welcomed us with open arms and of course
the first thing I needed to do was to check-in to Kampus
Palace, where I’d be staying for the next four nights. Now, arriving just a little bit too late to register, I still
went to the new City Hall to get up to the tower there,
and got great panoramic views of the entire city of Ostrava. You’ll learn that TBEX-ers
are pretty easy to spot and so I caught up with
few and had some dinner near the Town Square. The next day, I was really excited because it was finally time
to start my TBEX experience with what’s called a
pre-bex, and so a pre-bex is essentially, various tours that are operated by the tourism
board to give TBEX-ers a real opportunity to see
what’s the region is like, and the one that I got to go on was called Moravian Bethlehem and Town
of Hats, where I got a chance to make new friends and
try on some funny hats. And when we came back it
was finally time for the opening night party which
marked the official opening of TBEX Europe 2018, with food,
entertainment and drinks. If you haven’t noticed yet, something that looks straight out of a sci-fi novel is the
lower Bikovic area in Ostrava. A revitalized former steal
works and coil mining complex and in the heart of it all
is this giant gas container converted into an
auditorium and event space. (light music) There was genuine excitement
in the air for our first day at TBEX here in
Ostrava, and for those that don’t know TBEX stands
for Travel Blog Exchange and it brings all these bloggers together in Europe once a year. (light music) We started the morning in the main hall with the welcoming opening keynote with Yaya and Lloyd of Hand Luggage Only where they told us their story. And after that, we got
into conference mode where we got a chance to
grab some coffee and snacks and leverage the relax zone to
have some great conversation and then, jumping
straight into the sessions whether it was learning
about social media, video, or search engine marketing. Lunch of course was included and gave us a chance to meet new people and have great conversation. The sessions and break out sessions continued into the
afternoon and there was also an opportunity to participate
in something called speed networking, a way to
have one on one conversations with brands and destinations
eight minutes at a time. (bell ringing) Of course it wasn’t all business though, as we got a chance to try
something called Cryptomania where we got into teams, and
ran around the city of Ostrava to solve clues and challenges, to see who would come out on top. And just like that, our two days at TBEX where over with the
closing ceremonies and keynote, having made a really great
connections, new friends, and a whole lot of learning. – So it’s the end of the day
here, TBEX has pretty much wrapped up, so how do you
feel about the conference man? – Oh man, it’s my first
time, was both our first time which was one the big things that kind of, I think, drew us together. I loved it, I am very new to this whole industry, I’ve really
only been making videos for little over a half year and it hasn’t been super serious. – Super fresh, really good stuff. – Yeah, so I don’t know
anyone in the industry, I don’t know anything about
how to market and stuff. So like, I really just came here to learn as much as possible, and meet as many people as possible, and I think. – Mission accomplished? – Yeah, exceeded. – This is my first TBEX as I
told you guys and it’s been six years of blogging, first
time out here, I do know a lot of people but
it’s weird in that like you kinda know all these
personalities online, you’ve read their blogs,
you’re in these Facebook groups but then to meet them in
person is just so special I mean, I think you have a vision of kinda what they’re gonna be like, but I think meeting them in person is just a way, you get to know
them at a different level and they’re even friendlier than what I thought they’d be, right? – Yeah. Well, one of the coolest
things for me was, meeting like the guys
from Hand Luggage Only I mean they’re massive and
they, I’ve got like 350 subs and they’re here sitting
here giving me advice and like giving me the time o’ day, and not that I expected big bloggers not to be like that
but it’s so cool to see that they are generally super
humble and super friendly and open to just talk to people
and share what they know. – Well I was so curious like before, when you first registered for TBEX. – Yeah. – What did you expect
it was gonna be like? Like, did you have any thoughts of like? – I had a few only because I’d
actually read blogs about it you’re like, first time at TBEX. It was like, make sure you bring at least 200 business cards, make sure you don’t stand in a corner, make sure you go talk to people, make sure you meet people. And, so I kinda had this expectation of a very kinda hectic but full of learning kinda weekend, and honestly it was right. So, I think, I think it went well. – Yeah, it went well. So, will you be back? – Definitely. – One of the best parts about this is just having to have that
human to human interaction with people, you just don’t
really get that when you’re at home, editing, and at a coffee shop, so, while we are in our cave back home, this is like the one chance to like, a couple times a year where we have these special events to come out and meet people in person,
to have real conversations – Yeah. – To like, just small
things, like I mentioned Tubebuddy do or vidIQ. – Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah absolutely. – Something that you might
not have heard about before. – Never heard of them. – But it’s those small
conversations and snippets that I think really, really
matter, as much as like the sessions, the keynotes
were like really, really good, like we learned a lot
they were inspirational but for me it was really about, like these kind of
connections, and we met, kind of on the first day. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. – We’ve been partying, pretty much all the way through the TBEX.
(both laughing) – Ah, it’s been good. – And all the other folks that we met so. – Yeah.
– It’s been fun. – There was another thing
for me, because you have been in the industry and you do
know people better than I do, for me it’s like, I’ve
met one successful blogger before this, like ever. I don’t even have, I don’t think I’ve ever met
unsuccessful bloggers either, I just haven’t really met any bloggers or vloggers for that matter. So, being able to come here and, ’cause you watch the
YouTube videos, right? You watched the Heynadine’s,
the FunforLouis, the Lost Leblanc, you’ve
watched them and you’re like. They’re these, celebrity
crazy or whatever. Exactly. And coming here and
seeing people and they’re, they’re just people,
everyone’s just people. And it’s like, oh. – Yeah. – It’s possible. – And did you feel like,
meeting all these people kinda give you more
inspiration and like wait, like all these people are successful, they’re all like–
– 100 percent. – They’ve been growing with
the vlog, growing their YouTube channels.
– 100% – It’s possible, it’s like not a dream. – And everyone was in the same spot. Some people might have
done studied communications or marketing or whatever, you
have a leg up in certain areas but, I feel like a lot
of us just were like, I wanna do this, I don’t know anything, I studied Chemistry. – Yeah, it’s crazy. – So like, I knew nothing
about anything and I’m just, so much knowledge has come
from this conference for sure. – Yeah, so good. Thanks for joining me on
this, just talking about your experience here,
it’s really cool to hear a perspective of somebody that’s new in the business, new to the
conference, and I feel like. I’m myself, I’m just a newbie as well. – Well, it’s cool meeting
someone that’s not new to the business, but is
new to the conference. That’s pretty cool too. – So cool dynamic there,
but anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this chat, we’re
gonna head over to the party but before we go, make sure
you check out Viktor’s stuff. I’m gonna be linking all of
his videos in the description so, make sure you check it
out what he did was basically a full vlog of the past two
days of what it was like to be at TBEX, so that’s
gonna give you a cool other perspective of things. But, off to the party. – Sweet. (French music) – Oh and was it time to party. (French music) Well, I hope you found this walk through the TBEX 2018 experience
super helpful, I certainly, really loved being at TBEX, it certainly blew my
expectations out of the water. I think coming into TBEX,
originally I thought, okay, it’s really geared towards beginners I might not be able to
get that much out of it, but to be honest, really
it was two things that really impressed me: One, the people. TBEX is really about building
long lasting friendships with bloggers from all over the world. You spend so much of your time working in a coffee shop
and being on your own. To be able to meet all these
incredible talents in person, to be able to exchange ideas,
to just chat about life, and how things are going, to have somebody to be able to relate to
the work that you’re doing it’s really, really especial. And the second part, is really about the sessions themselves, yes they
were a bit beginner focused but I came out of it with
a lot of great ideas, things that I should’ve
actioned a long time ago. So, it really a good kick
in the butt to do that and just new ideas that I
never really thought about. So, those were definitely worthwhile. So anyways, this was Will
from Going Awesome Places and I’ll see you next time. (vinyl scratching) (light music) Come on, how can I forget the awesome crew I was with for the post
TBEX fan trips that happened where we got a chance to see the best of the Beskidy Mountains. (light music) – Obviously, that wouldn’t be
appropriate for this maybe. – That would be a little weird, but. – Yeah, are we recording? – Yeah, we are.
– Are we? (laughs)
– It’s fine. – TBEX. – TBEX. (light music) – You’re gonna be famous. Finally. (light music)

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  2. Oh wow Will, that's a pro video right there mate! Great to meet you and get a mention too. This certainly brought back the great memories of the event, we loved it!

  3. What makes me nervous about attending is that I have a Very unique blog perspective … and I worry someone might "take" the idea and run with it as I am just starting out. I know, I know – it sounds odd to some people – but it has happened to me twice with "hard copy" writing … can someone make me feel a little more confident about this? I would love to go to Montana's 2019.

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