The Top 9 Reasons Why Being Shy Makes You Great| Psych2Go

The Top 9 Reasons Why Being Shy Makes You Great| Psych2Go

[intro] Hi, you guys. I’m Joy, and I’m here today to doodle the benefits of being shy. This video is based on the article, “Shyness, It Might Not Be Such a Negative Thing” by Christina Tran. I, myself, am quite a shy person. I often find it hard to approach others and strike up the conversation. First off, being shy is not the same thing as being introverted. Being shy is like feeling bashful and timid, while being introverted is choosing to be more reserved. While being shy usually has a negative connotation, it can also have its perks. 1. Modesty is attractive. Shy people don’t like bragging about their success or accomplishments. They may downsize compliments or their own positive characteristics. 2. Cautious. Shy people look before they leap, plan for the unexpected, avoid unnecessary risks and set long-term goals. They live with morals, instead of being rebellious. So, authority figures probably trust them to make the right decisions. 3. Sensitive to details. Shy people are detail oriented, because they’re sensitive to stimulation. This means they have a greater appreciation for fine details. For example, they might hate rollercoasters, which causes a lot of stimulation. But, they will likely notice all of the different flavors in a meal. 4. Approachable. Shyness is rarely a threatening characteristic to people, and it’s easier to approach a shy person than to approach a social butterfly. Additionally, most shy people don’t have a stuck-up attitude. 5. Calming effect on others. Shy people give off a peaceful vibe, especially in a very upbeat environment. Their calmness and ability to not be dramatic may have a positive effect on others. 6. Human service positions and empathy. Shy people are extremely sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others. So, they excel in human service, such as being a psychologist or teacher. They are great listeners who people can easily open up to. Shy leaders are sometimes more effective than extroverted leaders, because they talk less and listen more. 7. More trustworthy. Shy people don’t gossip much, or brag. People can trust them with keeping secrets. 8. Deeper friendships. The few friendships shy people possess are usually deep, long-lasting ones. Making friends probably isn’t easy for them, so when they do find a friend, they value them greatly and work to maintain the relationship. 9. Successful at solitary work. A majority of jobs require focus and concentration in a solitary environment, such as being an accountant, clinical work, or a lab technician. This is where shy people thrive. Because they aren’t very social, a place with less distractions and interactions allows them to perform exceptionally. Now that you know the positive sides of being shy, what is your opinion? Do you think being shy is more beneficial than being outgoing? If you consider yourself outgoing, are there any times you wish you were shy? Comment your answers down below. Don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel if you enjoy our content, and follow us on our Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook. Thanks for watching!

100 thoughts on “The Top 9 Reasons Why Being Shy Makes You Great| Psych2Go

  1. shy is just shit i fkin hate shyness so fkin much sry for my language but i just want to express my contempt towards this shyness feeling

  2. "Approachable" my ass people who come up to me and try to start conversation will regret their decision immediately

  3. The negative side is that there is a good chance you will live like a ghost… but maybe that is just my own experience. Is it the same for anyone else?

  4. One thing : honesty is Great Value in Any Kind of Relationship.
    Respect is earn
    Without Honesty and Respect means NO Relationship. No value in that relationship.
    Don't wasting your TIME on their Drama and LIE people create.

  5. Fuck no, being shy is absolute shit
    And if you add to it also being introvert, insecure, and apathetic then, guess what? It's even worse

  6. I'm not shy at all and that's all I know

    I know this because I yelled "REESES PUFFS" at Dave and Buster's ._.

  7. most times when i feel bad about being shy is when i leave people i deeply care about hanging, one time, someone i admired a bit from the distance was crying over their low test grade, no matter how much i wanted to come out to ake them feel better, i coulds break out of my shell, i was thinking, what if this, what if that, i felt guilty i didnt do anything.

  8. Hello the best info that ive ever had was by following the Seans Shy Program (i found it on google) – without a doubt the most helpful info that I have ever tried.

  9. Come on! I’m shy and there is nothing great about it! If you want a fun life, you need confidence to make friends, find a girlfriend. You can’t do that if you’re shy (depends on how shy you are).

  10. I'm a painfully shy and awkward person, so this was very comforting for me. Also … THUMBS UP FOR RELAXDAILY!!!

  11. I'm a shy kid but my mom doesn't understand how it is to be this way, she thinks I won't be successful in my future if I stay quiet most of the time. It really bothers me.

  12. I hate being shy. It’s not helpful, I want to be outgoing and talkative. I want to participate and be included. School sucks when you’re not popular.

  13. I'd say I'm shy, but I can talk with people just fine, as long as they're casual conversations, like when you get to know someone and you have all these things to ask. Where do you live? Do you have siblings? Etc. But when no questions are left and you notice you're not on the same wavelength, so there's nothing to talk about, then I revert to my usual introvert self. I'm also really sensitive, so I notice when someone is bored or doesn't want to talk. I have a quite good memory, too, so I usually remember what I've been told or what I told someone, so I don't repeat the same things 10 times.

  14. I dont even know what I am. I guess it all depends on who I'm around(girls make me even more awkward. I prefer boys because they're less likely to belittle and judge u🙅) , the setting, my mood, my awkwardometer (yes, there is such a dilemma), etc.

  15. I’m always shy, and to be honest I wish I was more outgoing… more popular… I think I would be a better daughter to my parents then.

  16. I’m not really that shy when I’m at home with people I trust or my friends are around but at school people think I’m depressed because I’m so quite even with my friends and school but that’s just me

  17. I am shy and love it. However, I find it disturbing that whenever the teacher randomly calls on me ( I don't raise my hand in class. EVER.) I have a heart attack. I also am too afraid to tell my crush I like him. Ugh

  18. I wish people would stop acting like they feel sorry for me for only having one friend. I like it that way! I once tried to be a social butterfly and I felt like everyone else was secretly laughing at me, and I was pretending they were my friends. Everyone still laughs at me, but I don't care because they aren't my "friends".

  19. I'm really shy and don't like loud/obnoxious groups. But I'm nice and kind. I'm bullied for no reason. I cry when I'm alone it honestly really sucks. I'm smart as well lol😊 I'm always the last person to get a partner in middle school. But I always deal with it and never over react😄

    Like if you have similar traits!!!

  20. I think it’s time to block Psych2Go rather than just unsubscribe. Their pseudo psychology still keeps coming up in my news feed. I think, eh I’ll give them another shot. What’s wrong with this video mainly is that in order to share the strengths of shy people they need feel the need to make jabs at people who aren’t shy. No video based on research backed psychology would do that based on one characteristic of someone’s personality. This isn’t a dig at shy people, shy people can be pretty great. It’s Psych2Go, promoting BS as psychology that I have a problem with. If this were some generically named fluff channel this half assed attempt at psychology would be understandable and more tolerable. They claim to be about promoting psychology though and instead they promote garbage.

  21. I hate talking or being stared at . That’s why I don’t talk to weird loud people ect I only talk to my close friends

    I hate when people laugh at me
    And I’m too negative

  22. With family and friends I talk so much and im being weird but with others idk im so quite shy I don’t talk and i even shiver and can’t watch in the eyes

  23. Yeah, about shy people talking less and listening more…
    I can listen to my friends fine, but I couldn't listen to the teacher if my life depended on it.

  24. I'm really shy, but my friends are all popular and always drag me into conversations, so I have a lot of friends, but approaching someone I am not friends with still is hard for me.

  25. i was an extrovert when i was little but idk what happened but suddenly when i turned 10 i realised i had became an introvert i k.ow it sounds a little weird but one day suddenly i thought to myself "oh i am shy now" its weird i know

  26. I hate being shy because most of the other students in my school are all really loud, obnoxious and that has now become the norm and since I'm not super loud and outgoing everyone just ignores me and walks right passed me. Basically people who are loud and extroverted are considered "powerful" which is totally unfair. 😣 Luckily I have a few friends so I'm not too lonely at least…

  27. Well I am very shy and an introvert because I cant work with other people its just so hard! It is still torture…. I had to have my teacher talk for me for the first 3 weeks of school but after that no one knew my voice until I finally was called on in class and after that a bunch of people judged me for being quiet. Another con is that I've been getting bullied a lot for it. They take it as she has very little friends so its an easy target because it sometimes is. Another con is that everyone is worried. My teachers were always making sure that I was not frustrated because it leaves a negative compact. My teachers were making sure that i understood like everything because I would not talk it made them think I was having a hard time with the subject but other then math I understood.
    If you are still here can you please tell me a couple things?
    1. Is it healthy for you to be shy all the time
    2. How do I make people stop worrying about me?
    3. Lastly how do I gain confidence?

  28. It's great to learn about the benefits of being shy. Most of the time I have seen it as something negative on myself. Do you have any more videos on shy people? I know there is a lot of videos on introverted people in the channel, but I would like more info too about those who are just shy. Thanks.

  29. I tend to go and bother shy people and follow them around sometimes. Treat them like they are already my friend and then they turn around and start liking me. Witch I don’t understand why! Someone explain

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