The Truth We Are ~ India Journal 2019

Monte Sahaja, Portugal
The home and ashram of Mooji [Mooji] Today we will be leaving for India, myself and a good group of other Sangha members are travelling to Rishikesh. It has been clear from those
who have stayed behind over the seasons in the past,
that we were always here together. [music] ‘A Love Prayer’ by Jiří Dosoudil, performed by Jiří Dosoudil, Hazel Lightfoot
and Lluis Martinez Ten The Truth We Are India Journal 2019 Mooji first went to India in 1993 where he met his Master Sri H.W.L. Poonja, lovingly called ‘Papaji’ by his followers [Mooji] I had this dream,
that I could make an ultimate painting. What would an ultimate painting be like? And I had a dream
that I made an ultimate painting, but the painting was constantly changing. All the time that I was searching for something, I was not peaceful, I was restless. This was before any Self-discovery. There was something inside,
even in those days. Grace comes to you at a certain time,
when you are ready. It is the beginning of your satsang. [Sangha] Jai! Rishikesh, India [Mooji] If you come here,
this is one of the great things, one of the innumerable great things about India. You can walk on the street anywhere, and you can come and see artisans like that, very ordinary people, no pride;
it is just so wonderful. This is India, man. [music] ‘Heer’ composed by Gulzar and AR Rahman, performed by Ananda, Gurdeep and Govinda [Mooji] Namaste Amma! [Shopkeeper] Aur phir thik hai?
(Is everything good?) [Mooji] Everything thik hai. (All is good.) [Swami Swatantranand Saraswati]
You are always with me in my heart. [Mooji] Thank you so much.
You are same same with me. [music] ‘Shiva Nataraj’ by Martin Rixen First day of Satsang [Mooji] Om. Namaste.
Welcome everyone to Satsang today, in beautiful Rishikesh. [Mooji] So as far back as we have any records, people have been travelling
to places like Rishikesh, gathering in communities like we are today, to find that which is timeless or eternal
within ourselves. These beings are no longer embodied
in this way. They spent their time. And now it is our turn,
this is our season, our chance. Where did we begin? Who are we? What is possible with a life? No one is being asked only to believe, or to create, or to imagine, but to discover, by direct experience, that which is eternal within ourselves. You are life itself! Hear me in your heart,
and you will find your freedom. [music] ‘Courtship Melody’ by Siddhartha Corsus [Mooji] In the early times
of sitting at the feet of Papaji, I was not learning very much,
but I was changing a lot. This is the power, the grace of satguru. I went to Lucknow and I met Papaji. When I first saw him, and he was a big Indian man, but when he sat down, I was there, I felt, Whoa, I am in the presence of someone here. He was speaking,
not to put things into my head, like this, but to open me up. I was feeling like I am space. But I still didn’t understand the teaching,
I was struggling a little bit. And then one day I felt,
OK, I will write a letter to Papaji. And I wrote a few …
Then, one morning I went, and they accepted letters in the morning,
if you came early. I was kind of …
I didn’t want to bring myself to be exposed. So I put it in like this, and then, Aargh! It has gone.
It is like if you swallowed food, it has passed your throat,
there is nothing you can do about it. I even thought, I won’t go to satsang.
There was all this foolishness. In Satsang I sat right at the back, and I saw Papaji,
who usually had a few letters and sometimes he didn’t get through all of them. I was hoping that he would not get my letter, and I’d just go back and take it. [laughs] But no, he picked up the letter. I was looking.
And he called, ‘Tony?’ [Papaji in video] Tony. [Mooji] And I stood up.
[Papaji in video] Tony. [Mooji] When I stood up in the hall,
I felt like I became naked. I was walking through the people
to get to the front, and he said, ‘Tony is a girl’s name, isn’t it?’ That is a joke I don’t appreciate. I’m from Jamaica, don’t call me a girl.
I have got a beard! So I was coming up
and I just felt like I am walking to my death. [Mooji in video] The name is Anthony,
but it’s shortened to Tony. [Papaji in video] Tony. [M.] And I felt that everybody was laughing.
But apparently, nobody was. He kept reading my letter,
then went back over it. And then he started talking to me. [Papaji in video] As long as one has ego in him, I don’t think he can succeed in any way.
Even God cannot help. [Mooji] He was talking like that.
Then he told me something like, ‘If you want to discover the Truth …’ [Papaji in video] … you disappear now. Then you will see God is everywhere.
You have to disappear. [music] Cello improvisation by Lluis Martinez Ten [Mooji reads]
‘If I am the ‘I’ before ‘I am’, would ‘I’ have the perceiving functioning
of the ‘I am’?’ I thought, Oh, no, no, no! You see, I jumped too fast. Well, when I took a second look, I said, Really?
Could this one really be saying this? Could someone really be saying this?
Let me read a little bit. ‘From my experience, when in the state of ‘I’
before ‘I am’, I am only one existence.’ Mmhm! ‘This All-Knowingness is permanent
and does not end.’ Mmhm! ‘Because there is no beginning.’ Mmhm!
[laughter] ‘This is like in a deep sleep,
except I am not asleep.’ Wooh! [laughter] ‘It is me, it is the ‘me’,
before my father was born.’ Ah, no! [laughter and applause] Consciousness has written a letter today, and consciousness is enjoying it.
[laughter] [music] ‘Life is a Kirtan’ by Mukti and Siddhartha Corsus,
Itay Zvolon-Marzipan and Neo [Officer] I am here not just as a security officer, but as your true follower. [Mooji] Sri Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ki!
[Sangha] Jai! [Friend 1] Good morning.
[Mooji] Good morning. [M.] So here we are by Ganga.
So wonderful. We are very, very happy to be here again,
in Rishikesh, India. There are so many beings here,
and we love each other so much. We come to spend this time together, to share in this wonderful God energy, and to keep the doors open to everybody who comes, who has a feeling for God, a feeling for Truth. [Friend 2] If everyone could raise
their country signs. International Sangha Meeting [Mooji] Wow! Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan,
Turkey, Vietnam, Bhutan, Indonesia, Israel, India. Jamaica!
[applause] It is almost overwhelming to see. I probably won’t get a chance
to go to those places physically, but as people in these places
are watching Satsang, then I have to say, Glory to God! [Friend 3] When I read the scriptures,
the Shankaracharyas Bhasya, the Upanishads or the Gita, I feel, ‘Hey, he is talking like Moojiji!’ Then I realise it is the other way round. [Friend 4] And I just shared with Guruji the true power of belonging to a sangha. Everybody contributes their presence to it,
their energy to it, we give to it, and we receive from it. [M.] Because you are with other beings, who are experiencing similar things. [F.4] There is no one wise person, it is just, every person in the sangha
has their time of passing through tumult, or change, or resistance, and then we see that, the next time when we meet, it is another person’s turn. So we also see that
everything just comes and goes. And the next time we are laughing
at what we spoke about the last time. So it is very wonderful to have such a space. [Friend 5] You are a physicist,
who should be given the Nobel Prize. The scientists are finding it in a test tube. Many universities are doing this study, but you have shown that this is consciousness. What more proof do they want
than a human laboratory? You should be given the Nobel Peace Prize,
as people are getting peace. Nobody can deny that they get peace,
throughout the world. And it doesn’t end with that. You should also be given
the Nobel Prize for mathematics because you have said what zero is! You have repeatedly said, ‘This is zero’.
And you say, ‘You be in zero’. How many Nobels are there?
Medicine, oh, my goodness. You are curing the people of the worst disease in the world,
which is delusion! Thank you, Moojibaba.
Please, excuse me for speaking like this. [laughter] [music] [M.] I grew up like that, with a big veranda. And sometimes when it rained,
all the kids came onto the veranda, and some adult came
to tell us some ghost stories. We would all be curled up
and it was just the most delicious feeling! We were all together and nobody wanted to go home. … In those days
I used to go to a health food shop, and I would buy one big bag,
twenty kilos of Basmati rice. I would make rice and dhal,
and everybody would eat after Satsang. Those were the days, like that. Once the consciousness and the attention
have dropped into the root, the impersonal awareness, then the other states,
although they are much more virile and have much more movement, they don’t leave any fingerprints
in this consciousness. Still in the functioning we are here,
drinking a cup of tea and talking about consciousness
and things like that. An urgent video message arrives from Monte Sahaja [M.] You look very serious,
like there is some bad news coming. Look at that! [Nitya] Namaste Guruji. We have to tell you something. [Parvati] We don’t really know how to say it, but maybe we can ask for some help? [Ribu] It is very difficult. [Mooji] Just say it! [Sangha] We love you! We love you!
[laughter] You guys are in big trouble!
Big trouble! [laughter] [M.] They looked like,
I don’t know what happened, like somehow they blew up the Mandir,
or something. [Nitya] Thank you, Guruji,
we love you very much. [Parvati] We love you so much. [M.] We have a song in Jamaica,
and it goes like this, [music] ‘Linstead Market’
sung by Moojibaba and Sangha, a traditional Jamaican folk song Team meeting [M.] I wanted to see everyone together
as a team, as this year, it seems it is the largest team we’ve had since first coming to Rishikesh, so I didn’t want to miss out
on the chance to see you, and to thank you, for those who have come forward to support this season of Satsang. I feel very good that we can come ahead of time, to prepare to receive those
who are on their way here, and to support their satsang,
while at the same time, you yourself being fully in satsang. Each year that we come to Rishikesh,
or on big retreats, they are always unique. They are never a repeat. I just wanted to come to meet you,
and to say, thank you. Dhanyavad. (Thank you in Hindi) There are people who have come
from all over the world to be in this place,
and we are being served by you, and eating from your hand. We are grateful for this. I love you, and everybody says,
the food is excellent. Prem Leela album launch [Prem] In November we started going to the studio
to play a bit, then we decided to do a live concert. The live concert they’ve now put onto the album. [Prem] I used to write a lot of songs. I put a lot of effort into it, mind thinking. Three years ago on meeting him,
all of it dropped away. There wasn’t so much
personal wanting to do anything. And for a long time, like 7 or 8 months, I didn’t write any songs,
and then slowly it started to come back, this feeling of having a prayer,
but wanting to sing it. And it is a joy.
That is the reason we come together. The reason we sing is only for that joy. [music] ‘Moving with the Spirit’ by Prem Leela, from the live Prem Leela concert in Rishikesh. [Prem] We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. And this is the most beautiful family
in the world. We have one more song. [music] ‘Papaji Ki Jai Ho’ by Papaji Sangha, from the live Prem Leela concert in Rishikesh. [Friend 6] It is like we are praying.
He invites us to pray. It is so beautiful. We are not just singing,
we are praising and praying. [Papaji in video] Only you disappear now. Then you will see God is everywhere.
You have to disappear. If I disappear,
then who is going to find the Truth? That is thinking, that is the mind. So there’s a little struggle,
I was thinking, Aargh! Then I left and I felt,
Wow, this is not the place for me. It was my ego, of course,
who said, This is not the place, he is not really my teacher, and I should know, as there are all these western people.
Blah blah blah. That’s why I thought, I’m going to pack. I was packing my bag to leave,
to go to the train station. But I was still full of anger and frustration. Then I was too hot.
It was too hot outside, it was too hot inside. I felt I had to go out for a walk.
And I went out walking. And I sat down a little bit
under a tree in the town, and I was just cooling off. I couldn’t get out of this heat,
it was a kind of anger heat. Then I said, I am going to go back and pack. I just walked from here
to maybe where this sign is up on the tree. And at some point, Phooh! No noise, no sound. I vanished, actually. How can I speak of my vanishing? [laughs] I couldn’t find myself. That is what happened. I couldn’t find who I think I am. And there is just space. But I am here!
But it is just space. I was looking at my hand, like this, to see, but I saw that there was nobody
living inside my hand. And then I saw Papaji, I felt Papaji.
I felt him or I saw him, I don’t know, but he was like filling everything. He had said, ‘When you find the Truth,
you will vanish’. [Papaji] Let there be peace and love
among all beings of the universe, let there be peace, let there be peace. Om, Shanti, Shanti, Shanti. [Mooji] I did not come to India
to preach something about the future. I am telling you who you are, and I’ll stay with you,
until you come to that seeing completely. We have a little time, but it is enough. Wake up out of this identity of personhood. And this is possible, grace has come to show you, not only is it possible,
but freedom is your nature. [Mooji] You see these people are coming
and greeting me like this, but they are the God actually; it is true. It is my privilege
that I get to meet people like this because that is what I see.
I see God appearing like this. They greet, ‘Namaste. Thank you.’
But I am nothing at all. But what I see in you, you are shining God. [music] ‘Filling Up My Eyes’ by Anna Ling, performed by Anna Ling, Joey Murrell
and Lluis Martinez Ten Last day of Satsang [Mooji] Worship him, seek him in any temple,
in any mosque, in any shrine, in any stone, under any tree; in any place it is the same one. The same one shining inside your heart as This. This is my joy to share this with you. All journeys are implying
I am going somewhere, but I am here. I imagined I was away. This is the dream of existence. Now I realise, I am always here. It is a knowing, where knowing and being are one. They are not separate.
It is not a knowledge that you have. It is the knowledge that you are. There is a silence prevailing in you. It is not the fruit of your mind. You dwell in the joy of your own splendour. And yet, there is no cynicism towards life,
or towards the world, if you accept that grace and God are your teacher. He knows what each one needs. Trust that grace is calling you home. Thanks to all Thanks to all
Thanks for all Copyright © 2019 Mooji Media Ltd.
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